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Most console games are 30 fps, most TVs are 60 fps. Let's worry about over 60fps once that's an actual standard. The fact that most TVs are at least 60 fps and console games aren't isn't the TV's fault...

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So you guys want the full game in the beta?

Bungie even mentioned they were gonna scale back what was in the beta for this game as to not ruin everything in early progression like what happened in Destiny 1

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It's already been shown running 4k/60 on PC at the Bungie event and E3

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almost 13gb, a standard game is like 60-70? Seems about the right size to me.

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this in a nutshell

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my personal guess is 2020 release, they are dominating this generation no need to rush towards the next.

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not mentioned as much but Respawn (TF2) and the devs for Gears 4 have been doing a great job with patches and free DLC.

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agreed, Yugioh VR would be effing awesome. Something I would buy immediately

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The Beast!!! Oh wait same rez and frame rate as the competition...

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Not entirely sure what added information this article provides. Pretty poorly written imo

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I have a Pro, support has been decent but very hit and miss from game to game. I can name the games that have been excellent (Horizon, Tomb Raider, ME:A etc) then other games that are not as graphically intense for some reason only getting to 1440p or no resolution boost (Prey). If Horizon can give me CB 2160p there really shouldn't be any reason why other games are only giving me 1440p. That's the main reason why I'm glad the X1X is coming out, I just want more consistent support...

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I welcome the X1X to the market, the Pro support lately hasn't been too good, we need multiple consoles to get consistent support for the better hardware. With that being said, unless I see massive perfomance/graphics differences between the 2, I will not be picking up an X1X because the only exclusives they have that interest me are Gears and Halo. Not enough to buy another console.

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While that is true, it's more on the GPU side then CPU, I think the CPU isn't too much faster on the X1X. So the difference might mean more native 4k games on X1X as opposed to more 60fps games but I'm not a developer so not sure how all that stuff works. This is all based on what I've read.

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so when a console markets itself as 4K and only includes a 1TB hard drive (i'm including the Pro here too), knowing how big some of these 4K assets can be, we're not allowed to complain? If every game is 100gb then a 1 TB HDD will hold like what 8 games? That's ridiculous.

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MW2 remaster is the one I'm waiting for but if they do something like this, no buy!

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I personally love the X1X price point and hardware, I would really enjoy getting one. If I see bigger graphics and performance gaps between it and the Pro I might really consider one but if it's neck and neck, I can't see myself buying one.

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All these Nintendo apologists voting you down is too funny.

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Dynamic and checkerboarding is also happening on your precious X1X lmaooo

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I think upgrades every 3-4 years will be the new norm

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720p? Think you're talking about Xbox One. Nice joke though loser.

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