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very misleading title, quoting old articles.

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go play your better things then

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PS4 AND 5 games? Pass. I'll just sell my PS4

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i have the pulse elites, I need reviews on this before I get it

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People are so hypocritical it's hilarious. Delay a game? Bring the pitchforks. Release a game on time and it's broken on release? Bring the pitchforks, it should've been delayed. It's a no win situation.

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another broken game at release, the new standard smh

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I thought overall it was a good console, problem is the no 4k blu ray for me.

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More than likely yes

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After the new Titans video dropped and the devs showed they're listening to the community this has my attention again

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I agree that the Xbox is also inferior but I won't hate on people who own and play it because of my personal preference

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Can't understand why you got downvotes.

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wow that looked amazing

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i hope the ps4 neo has an improved controller, like an elite version the xbox has.

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wow lmao

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Sold out...

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Everyone is entitled to like what they want but those dlc prices are ridiculous and imo defending that is pretty shameful.

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Xbox is getting August because of the S and Sony announced a playstation conference in September to likely reveal Neo and now we got the Slim leak. PS4 will take the rest of the year with the Slim/Neo, if Neo isn't out this year, then the US sales might be interesting.

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can we get a new engine please

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30 minute tv shows in between the actual game parts? Come on man how can you even defend that?

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