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After The division, I'm #neveragainubisoft

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If anything it justifies Square for taking the money from MS and laughing all the way to the bank when they released the PS4 version and it sold well.

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Didn't realize this franchise which has been dead for years had rabid fan boys. I guess everything does these days.

I haven't played the game myself but reading that there's no improvement at all on PS4 Pro from base PS4 just screams lazy development to me.

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I'm not, inconsistent performance where they can't even get a stable 30 fps is unacceptable to me.

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agree with this, no need to rush it, Scorpio is going to be more powerful, just deal with it, keep putting out great games until 2019, then introduce PS5.

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Just watched a DF video on it, there's no PS4 pro's enhancements in the demo, so not sure what this article is talking about.

"Additionally, the demo build offers no PS4 Pro support - something we hope to see sorted out for the final release."

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Capcom being Capcom

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Half of the games listed are coming out for other platforms. Gears 4 is already out

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sweet, hope more developers can try to give us these kind of options on the Pro. I always wanted an option for 60 fps at a lower resolution.

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except we have the last of us 2, God of War, Uncharted Lost Legacy coming up. What does xbox have? Wait for E3?

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you want performance? Get a PC, your argument makes no sense.

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and probably with all DLC.

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as a PS4 Pro owner I must say this stuff is impressive. Might sway me to finally own both consoles.

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yes 3d audio support!

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in 2 weeks? No.

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that upgrade looks pretty good!

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