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Destiny 2 has already been rumored to be coming out in 2017, now whether it's a full fledged sequel or just a major add on to Destiny is the interesting question.

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game is a solid 8-8.5 for me, I'm level 16, I've noticed the main missions have started throwing more purple and yellow bar enemies at me requiring a more tactical and thought out approach as opposed to going in guns blazing. DZ I went in once with a group of people, found it relatively barren with just higher level purple/yellow enemies.

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PVE almost certainly can but Dark Zone I think will be tough without a squad

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wow that was fast

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let's hope in their quest for 1080p/60 they don't forget about story and gameplay, cough...Rage...cough

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They are both 1080p/60 but both use dynamic resolution with the xbox one using it more aggressively.

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Well I'm biased towards loot based games (Diablo, Borderlands, Destiny) so these are my reasons for being excited:

1)TPS RPG is a breath of fresh air
2)Matchmaking for everything (looking at you Destiny)
3)NYC 1:1 recreation is pretty damn cool
4)Crafting and weapons/gear/skills are fully customizable, in fact I'm not sure what you CAN'T customize.

This being said, I'm still cautious after the year 1 Destiny debacle.

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enough of the timed exclusive DLC nonsense, nobody is buying a console because of a month head start on DLC

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30 days? hardly matters.

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they had some good sales for it over the holidays

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5g = 5ghz band on wifi which can transmit higher data transmission rates and less congested traffic, the PS4 doesn't support 5ghz wifi, only 2.4 which almost all devices use is what I meant to say. I've run the test speeds and 5ghz is much faster then 2.4

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only hardwire for me as well, ps4 doesn't support 5g wireless which is the faster signal from my TWC router so I have to use wired or get 10mbps :|

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I thought the Taken King was a huge step forward but since then we've just gotten crickets from Bungie. Not good.

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lately for me, arkham knight with all dlc takes up 78gb, GTA V, the Witcher 3, fallout 4 and MGS V all take up a ton of space. I have a crazy backlog of games I need to finish so I have to keep them installed. Most of them are also digital purchases and I'd rather keep them installed rather then having to download them again. Physical games I usually delete off if I'm done with it or don't have the time to play yet.

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wow 6.4gb? That's great, I hope games are getting smaller and smaller in size otherwise I need to upgrade from 1tb to 2tb sooner rather than later

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ubisoft mishandling something? I am shocked!


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It is definitely better than where it was at launch, the multimedia features I really wish PS4 had some of them. However the hardware limitations on multi-platform games are the main reason I don't feel the need to own one yet despite the solid exclusives.

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Still an underdog, this article offers nothing, yes it's better than where it was at launch but still underdog to PS4.

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They key word is "aiming" for platform parity. I've heard this from developers before only to have the PS4 version end up being the better looking one so I won't hold my breath here. My prediction is 1080p for PS4, 900p for Xbone.

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Could careless if they're both 1080p/60 fps if the game sucks. Ghosts was 1080p/60 fps on PS4 and the game was terrible, I don't play graphics or framerate.

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