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Not surprising at all lol

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The author and some of these people on the message board should play the 4000+ hours required to unlock everything in the game, then and only then will you have a right to say this stuff is overblown. I'll wait for you guys to finish.

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It's these idiots that take away from the rest of us who are voicing legitimate concerns about games and their problems. No place for that, no matter how much EA/DICE have screwed this game up.

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Is this game that demanding or just bad engine optimization? Seems like it should be running at higher resolutions but I haven't played it so honest question.

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lmao excellent post

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This seems like a rushed comparison just to get to it out there first. Comparing the PS4 beta versions against final xbox/pc code lol. Also according to DF the Pro had NO checkerboarding in the beta so not sure what this guy is talking about. I'll wait for a real comparison by DF, this is a joke.

"Meanwhile, PS4 Pro resolution increases to a maximum of 1440p, though 1296p seems to be the most common result during regular gameplay. It's not the best upgrade in r...

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oh look the bigpappy idiot. How are those xbox exclusives going for you? How does that crow taste loser.

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Figured there would be at least one of you defenders of this shitty practice on here. Do you work for EA or a giant corporation or are just a stupid simpleton? It's one or the other frankly.

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"Even though it is possible to hit 4K on Xbox One X, VG Tech notes that it was rare to see this resolution on Xbox One X so don’t take it as native 4K game, rather that the dynamic resolution seems to work well for Xbox One X in order to reach the target of 60 fps."

Still a nice boost in resolution over the Pro version.

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I agree, when the choice is games running sub 30 fps and many times sub 1080p vs locked framerate and super sampled 1080p, it absolutely feels like they are leaving the X1 gen behind.

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I was referring to the Pro version, it already has a 4k mode. Why are they talking about 4K in a new Pro patch when it's already there was my question, had nothing to do with the X version but thanks for making your fanboy comment.

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RIP Respawn.

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The Pro version already has a 4K checkerboard mode so I'm not sure what else Bungie is going to do regarding the Pro version aside from HDR.

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The Pro version already has a 4K mode, I'm not sure what they're talking about here. Improving the 4K mode or they just misspoke about that version. HDR is the real game changer IMO.

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Ok so resolution difference aside why no higher resolution textures? After seeing what ROTR and Shadow of War devs did, is X support going to be hit and miss depending on whether the developer wants to go the extra mile for the X?

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Sorry PC gets to play the best version, nice try though.

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FFXV had a marketing deal with Sony but they've been pretty vocal about the X1X improvements. Think you guys need to just take off the tinfoil hats sometimes, not everything is a conspiracy.

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TLDR: Xbox One X version hits native 4k most of the time as opposed to the Pro version which averages 1628-1728p. X version has the same high end features found in the Pro and PC versions. No high resolution textures. Performance is fantastic across the board.

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