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Hate to break it to you but all it did was put a 4k UI and possibly better shadows. Everything else is exactly the same including the performance.

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The division was already 1080p on PS4, why doesn't anyone do their homework before writing an article....

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sweet! Can finally jump back into this game on my Pro

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So is this comparable to Gears horde mode?

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this fool clearly has no idea what he's talking about, plays nothing like COD, no season pass. Nice try troll.

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says the fool who didn't play it

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Felt the same way. Really didn't like this festival of the lost though

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very misleading title, quoting old articles.

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go play your better things then

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PS4 AND 5 games? Pass. I'll just sell my PS4

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i have the pulse elites, I need reviews on this before I get it

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People are so hypocritical it's hilarious. Delay a game? Bring the pitchforks. Release a game on time and it's broken on release? Bring the pitchforks, it should've been delayed. It's a no win situation.

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another broken game at release, the new standard smh

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I thought overall it was a good console, problem is the no 4k blu ray for me.

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More than likely yes

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After the new Titans video dropped and the devs showed they're listening to the community this has my attention again

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I agree that the Xbox is also inferior but I won't hate on people who own and play it because of my personal preference

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Can't understand why you got downvotes.

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