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"why Uncharted has to end"

hmm because its a ripoff of a better game?

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"The Last of Us is Not a Great Game"

no its a stupid game

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u know lol

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lol you obviously know nothing about emulation.

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they cant you have to have a life to get one of those dude.

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lol too bad you morons will never get next to the real thing.

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"The PS4/Xboxone are essentially PC's"

yeah inferior severely outdated pcs.

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"Here Is Why Darksiders 2 Does Not Run At 60fps On PS4/Xbox One, Would Have Caused Drop In Resolution"

Lol wow these consoles are complete garbage if they cant even run a last gen game.

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you idiots better buy these games or else there wont be any other ports of this game.

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yeah besides tomb raider is the better more important game :)

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"What a load of BS.. They rebooted Tomb Raider with uncharted elements in it.. I really hope Naughty Dog rips them off on purpose so they know how it feels to steal someone else's work."

how are u supposed to rip off a awesome game? tomb raider came first dummy. The perfect scores speak for its self.

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"You're right about one thing, the sales do speak for themselves. Uncharted 3 (not even considered the best Uncharted) outsold Tomb Raider reboot even though it was available on every platform, and Uncharted 3 was available only on PS3."

I was talking about the total sales genius, and the tomb raider series easily outsells the Indiana jones rip off game.

lol generic sony game

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yeah that's what he has always been is a indiana jones rip off, and that's all he will ever be.

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Tomb raider is a superior game, and the sales speak for themselves. Laura is a icon while nathan drake is just a generic character, and the games tech is light years ahead of any of the uncharted game. If the uncharted games are know for their stories which nobody really cares about in games today then what happens to the game when you beat it? You can always go back and do other things in tomb raider.

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"Xbox One Exec Responds to PS4 Price Cut, Losing Call of Duty DLC Exclusivity"

the short version....were fucked

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lol are u a retard?

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I couldn't agree more, and its basically like a cod game without any real action.

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What do i think? i think its garbage. I just played it for a few minutes and i couldn't figure out where to go, and when i did i was killed instantly.This was after i unloaded my entire clip in someone, and they survived then killed me in 2 shots. Anyone that pays actual money for this crap is a idiot.

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These consoles are pathetically outdated.

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"Why did the PlayStation Vita fail?"

Does this really need to be asked again? ok why did the game gear, turbo express, neo geo pocket, lynx, psp, and nomad fail? hope everyone understands now.

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