I love Steam.
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I think it was Quake 3

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nVidia might own the PC market, but AMD has the consoles covered. Surely that's something?

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Alan Wake
Dead Space
Bioshock (!!!)
Metro 2033

I'm not sure a Half Life movie would work. It was designed to be a game in every aspect.

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MGS should be NO1
Also, where is Resident Evil ?

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Someone give me a god damn time machine! Never thought much about MGS series (didn't own consoles), but after playing Ground Zeroes on PC I was blown away. On the other hand: can someone give me a guide on which order should I play the games?

Edit: Oh god, 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes. This could be GOAT. Please don't delay on PC Konami!

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As a PC gamer three years stood out:

1998 (someone already listed the games)
for: Half-Life 2, Doom 3, FarCry, UT2004, Riddick, SW:BF, GTA: SA, Halo 2, MGS3, WoW, KOTOR 2, etc.
for: COD4, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Uncharted, AC, Crysis, The Orange Box, Halo 3, The Witcher, STALKER, GoW2, and more
All bloody great games

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Deus Ex - great story full of conteos
Half-Life series
Fallout series - great post apocalyptic portrayal
Star Wars: KOTOR - what an unbelievable journey
The Witcher 2

For me.

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It's not naughty gods or whatever, it's just the ps4 has nothing to play

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I had 2 day streaks with WoW, I'm not really proud of that, but damn, so many great memories.

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Pretty good list. I miss Fallout, UT2004, Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein, Crysis though.

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Wow, thats a far cry from the truth.

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Wow that rocks

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DX9? Really? That's so early 2000's

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I think DAO was pretty generic TBH with questionable characters. But the game was great because of the combat and content.
IMO, both TW2 and TW1 is better.

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It takes a lot more power to render a larger scenery. I'm talking about graphics here. I don't know about the animations, but the character models and the scenery looks amazing to me.

On another note: larger map and (hopefully) longer playtime, better graphics (I still think that TW2 has some of the best graphics ever), more freedom (no invisible walls), more variety, returning characters, horseback riding, improved combat over the second part. holy god!

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But The Witcher 3 is 8 times as big.

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You PS4 fans are so pathetic. Engaging your defense mechanisms when someone says a negative about your pathetic mediocre console, with 0 titles. Yeah sure, Uncharted looks good. It's a fucking linear game, with a map size smaller than my Rubix cube, while Crysis (it's almost an 8-year old game we're talking about) is total open world.

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That'd be great! I'm itching for more Carmack keynotes.

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