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Well, there goes "Persona is Playstation exclusive".

Now that P5 has been announced can we stop overreacting and pretending to hate this game?

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That is awesome and all, but I REALLY would of love to found this out on my own. May need to go on a complete internet blackout for the next few weeks.

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Added it to my list of Wii U indie games to buy. There's already too many...

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You got to remember how small Japan's population is in comparison to other regions. 38,000 may not be that much here but in Japan it's an impressive number especially since Wii U sales have been in the 2000 range for months now.

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And unsurprisingly all the Wii U doomsayers are nowhere to be seen. Keep up the self fulfilling prophecy guys!

But to be honest this does surprise me as I pretty much wrote off the Wii U in Japan (though that has more to do with Japan's disinterest in consoles as of late). I know the first Wii Party was a huge hit in Japan but didn't think it would be true for the sequel, but looks like i'm eating crow. Again.

Now the real question here is if this...

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Short, sweet and to the point. Love Kamiya.

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Was Bryant Gumbel too edgy?

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Yep, Nintendo fanboys, after all they made a video a few months back talking about how awesome Teraway was. Yep, fanboys. It's not like they have a difference of opinion and instead of being a bigger man you label them as fanboys because how dare someone have a difference of opinion, nope not at all. God console launches bring out the worst in people.

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I don't get Nintendo sometimes. They put online multiplayer on games you'd never expect them to like Kid Icarus Uprising and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. But for games you'd think they put online in, like Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U or Super Mario 3D World they don't.

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I hate watching new footage of 3D World because it makes feel like a f**king idiot for doubting this game back at E3.

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This is actually a smart move. Give the dev team more time to polish the game and really, let's be honest, it being released so close to 3D World would probably hurt it in sales. Not to mention what's coming out for the Wii U in the first few months in 2014? Exactly. We don't want another "please understand". So spreading games out like this is a good idea. With that being said i'm a DKC fanatic and hearing this was a huge punch to the gut. Oh well, at least 3D World...

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Nintendo, I known you can tell because i'm on the internet but i'm applauding you. Granted this is something you've should of been doing since day one but better late than never. You dropped the price, you're working with retailers now, all you need to do now is advertise the thing.

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And keep in mind this is WITHOUT Pokemon. Reading this makes me want to go to IGN's "Why the 3DS is doomed" article from 2011 and laugh.

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I don't want to sound negative, but in the Monster Hunter community the Frontier series is viewed as the worst. Despite Japan loving Monster Hunter the Frontier games never did that well (probably due to Japan's complete disinterest with MMOs). And my Japanese is a bit rusty, but when Frontier was announced for the Vita there were a lot of people on the stream laughing. Not saying it won't do well or move a few Vitas, but every comment on the IGN article is saying how this will mo...

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That wasn't a Nintendo plug-in. Etrian Odyssey only works with two screens. If Sony were to buy Atlus, that would mean no more Etrian Odyssey as you can only do it with two screen (PS4 with Vita as a controller doesn't count as it would require people to buy a separate device just to play it and no company would be stupid enough to try that... unless you're Nintendo). I'm a big Etrian Odyssey fan, so I wouldn't want to see the series go the wa...

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No, no just stop with the whole "Atlus should go with Sony/Nintendo" rhetoric. The only people who would benefit are fanboys who can brag on forums that they got Persona 5 on "X" system. You know who would not benefit? Half the fanbase. If Sony were to buy Atlus, half the fanbase (the Nintendo fans) would lose, and if Nintendo were to buy Atlus, half the fanbase (the Sony fans) would lose. Also, that would mean no more Atlus USA, no more distributing and localizing games t...

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I don't know how I feel about this. Sega's been pretty shoddy with localizations lately (Yakuza 5, Phantasy Star Online 2, Valkyria Chronicles 3, anything to do with Shining Force) so the prospect of a Etrian Odyssey or Trauma Center staying in Japan doesn't sit well. On the plus side though, maybe Atlus games will finally be released in Europe... not two years later... and with a game breaking bug. Oh and the prospect of Atlus making games for iOS or digital only games? *Cringes*...

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Aren't sports suppose to be recreational activities. Not sitting on your a*s playing Shin Megami Tensei IV all day trying to finish that bullsh*t chalice of hope quest- ...okay maybe i'm not one to point fingers here.

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And yet again more third party developers taking away features from the Wii U version and will then cry when it doesn't sell well.

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Another "Nintendo is doomed" click bait article by an armchair analyst with as much credibility as a blind man doing play by play? Put it in the pile with the rest...

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