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Give it a few months, its probably gonna end up on steam like Dead Rising 3 and Max the curse of brotherhood did even though they were supposed to be "exclusive" to the Xbox one. #66
they shouldn't say exclusive unless its actually exclusive, this time exclusive BS needs to stop because Microsoft gamers aren't getting a value yet their perfectly fine with this. #41.1.1
Ori and the blind forest is listed as an Xbox one exclusive... Its coming to PC too so that's a lie, same with Inside. #41
And Capcom wonders why we were so angry when Megaman Legends was cancelled. #20
Titanfall wasn't an Xbox exclusive to begin with it was on the PC, why do people seem to forget this. #1.1.20
Oh god, its Bad Rats for the Xbox One!! #24
What about the thousands of gamers who don't have access tot that? Very few people can get that unless you live in los angelease. #117.1.1
This seems very fabricated, This kind of thing can be done on the PC without any problems so long as your gaming rig is good, Theirs no way for us to tell if these PC's are high end or not. even if the cloud is able to do this how many people can take advantage of this on their xbox ones without a top of line broadband internet connection( they cant). #117
Guessing you havent played a pc game before #1.1.5
The game can be fun but the shortness of the game especially for that price is criminal, imagine if this happened with something like Bioshock Infinite. #2.2
Now if only we could get a method to chat with friends. #6
Finally, But the real question is what sort of new content will their be? #1
Is the game even good? #5
Hopefully someone who can do something worth a damn with Bioshock gets it, Id like valve to do it but they cant count to 3. #6
At first before reading this article I though for a second the reason flappy bird disappeared was due to Microsoft buying the rights off of him for windows exclusivity. #1
Lets hope more will come #1
How is cinemablend biased? People not likeing the Xbox one seems like common sense here. #1.5.1
So because the article leans more towards the steam machines and shows clear hatred towards Microsoft means that what their saying about said device is invalid? Their is a reason people don't like the Xbox one. #1.1
The lighting really makes a huge difference here, also the textures are really jagged in the xbox one version. Then again it barely do 900p. #4
You could build a good gaming rig for $400, At least when it comes to desktops, laptops are a different issue altogether. #4
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