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But Lord Emperor Gaben would never do this to us...

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>4chan isn't bad, it's just /b/
>it's just /b/
>just /b/
Lol wut... Because /pol/ and a bunch of others aren't bad it's just /b/

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I already Pre ordered from steam. I can't wait much longer... I feel like Cartman when he was waiting to buy the wii...

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I'll take Skyrim and Dishonored for $24.99 each!

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It says 2yrs of $14.99 a month. That's a total of about $360 for two years.

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It should be $15 for the PS3 owners since that's really all they can play.

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They don't ship to the US :(

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Console gaming v PC gaming...I've heard this argument over s billion times.why do these arguments keep on getting approved??? Its the same thing being said over and over and over again.

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I Pre Ordered BF3 and bought premium first day... Now I find out they are doing this! WTF BROCHACHO!!! I DO NOT APPROVE OF YOUR CONDUCT!!!!

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I'm still unsure but I think it looks 10x better than MW3.

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Honestly I kinda like BO II looks different. I'm not liking the fact that FPS is going into that futuristic warfare thing though. Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Planetside 2, Blacklight Retribution, Black Ops 2 are all futuristic FPS.

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His fault for playing games for 4 days straight. The game didn't say play for 4 days straight and it will help you accomplish "X" in life.

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Between WarZ and DayZ I don't really know which one to get. DayZ is supposed to run on the Arma 3 engine. My i5 and GTX 270 aren't gonna like that :(

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Why is this guy just now playing Saints Row 3?

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You forgot that the only thing you will ever fight are dragur and dragons. and some more dragur. oh and did i mention the other dragur you will fight?

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@WitWolfy makes sense now :P

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Or like saying it's strip club's fault that men like big boobs.

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I really like the idea of Skill Games.

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3 years ago??? That means the PS3 and 360 would have only existed for 3 years? What company is going to make a console and then make a new console in 3 years?

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Lol what? Catch up to Wii levels? Is you for cereal my homie?

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