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"looking forward for the future of gaming, specially Destiny, and for bungie to re-incarnate Marathon"


THey are not hackers... #1
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waste of talent?? You don't need no talent to ddos a machine, you'll need lots of machines though. #4.2.1
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this has been going on since yesterday, Twitch, Blizzard, Sony and others have been under attack. I just really hope a breaker blows up for them, if they are all in one single location. #3.1
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To be clear, this is not "Hacking". DDOS is so easy to do, that a kid with a lot of machines(virtual and local) can do, if he knows how to used cmd. #2.3
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Phil Fish, nothing but a drama queen, attention whore. Someone please get rid of his one hit wonder ass. #1.6
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yeah, 900p 60fps, or 900p and 45fps locked #8.2
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I would actually prefer if the witcher ran a very smooth 30fps locked without dropping, then to have a 1080p game which drops frames like crazy, I loved Witcher 2 on 360, but the frame drops made me a bit mad. #2.2
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What's the point on having all this graphical power, if the games are going to be boring and repetitive on gameplay like Infamous and Ryse.

Graphics isn't everything. #1.5
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Marc Whitten did more then the Mattrick cancer did. Now his gone, to make Sonos a better place. #1.1.11
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Everyone won, except SE, which had a shit storm, and EA, EA can just go fuck themselves, I feel sorry for all the devs under EA. #5
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yeah, 30secs build up... for this crap. #1.1
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I guess people with this mind set would be ok if sony takes FFXV for exclusive, or the next Hitman is exclusive for XB1. What kind of thinking is that?

There shouldn't be exclusivity in third parties, as simple as that. SE dug a deep hole, their next move either moves them away from it or puts them in it. #3.1
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Hey guy, the people that are complaining are not all sony "fanboys", I specially don't care if MS creates a new IP or pays a studio to create a new IP, but this, taking a title that was always multiplatform and making it exclusive to them.

Third party games shouldn't be exclusive or there shouldn't be exclusive "DLC" for a specific platform. This business practices are wrong, either from MS or Sony. #1.1.8
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yeah its out, and it just made me shit my pants #1.3
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Can you buy an Xbox one for me? I'm on debt thanks to college and can't get one. #2.1.3
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totally agree #5.1
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I'm not buying it even if it releases for PS4 and PC, Square enix has lost my respect, just like ea.

I've played the entire series, since I was a kid, it was my favorite game. Guess this is goodbye Lara, cus I don't have the money to shell out for a new console. #1.1.19
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Again wrong, Wii U did not sale twice as many copies as PS3 and Xbox 360 combine, PS3 actually surpassed the sales of the Wii U. X360 and PS3 have almost 600k copies while the Wii U has about 360k copies sold, I need to know where are you getting your info from.

You are so negative, if this is successful, it could mean the launch of the trilogy on the PS Vita. Stop being negative. #1.1.4
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Dude, NukaCola is referring to the fact that ID@Xbox won't allow a game to release first on another platform, before or at the same time as Xbox One. If a dev comes with a game, and its releasing first on another platform, Microsoft wants devs to hold the release and launch that game at the same time as the other platform.

Also, this game is probably coming to Xbox one, so I wouldn't stress about it, there are exceptions to that policies. Outlast is an example. #3.7
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"Look at the installment base of the PS3 and the 360 and then look at installment base of the Wii U. The Wii U sold more than the PS3 and 360 combine."
- Gordonkinght

Are you high?

There are way more iOS devices on the WORLD then there are PS Vitas. People who own phones are more likely to buy this $10 game from the app store then a casual or a core gamer buying a Vita to play this one game.

Edit: FYI the X1 and (some time i... #1.1.2
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