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"looking forward for the future of gaming, specially Destiny, and for bungie to re-incarnate Marathon"


Some games need to pass on the torch, Halo needed to end at the third one, and a new series in the same universe could have been born, but Microsoft wanted more halo and Bungie decided not to renew their contract.

If Bungie had stayed in MS, and MS would have let them have the freedom they wanted, Bungie would have tied in all the series, Marathon, Halo, and Destiny under the same universe... because some things in the 3 series are to similar to be coincidence.
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I've played for the 4 days it was available, I explored what was left to explore in the Alpha which is the same content, most of my time spent in the beta was completing bounties of the vanguard, while dropping once in a while in pvp. They added some more content for the pvp which is mars and venus maps with the Iron Banner event, but left the pve with the same content as the alpha, just a few mission story which of the 2/5 where already in the alpha.

Its a "Beta&quo... #2.2.3
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get bent. #3.1
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It was amazing, but they focused the Beta on pvp a lot, and it still has the problem from halo of double melee beatdown, and some lag issues, but overall it feels really nice. I've been playing Bungie games since Marathon and all I can say is the game will be another hit. my only complaint is that there is not enough to explore in the beta, just Old Russia again, they put the moon on the map teasing it :P.

I just want Sep 9 to arrive quick! #2.2
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THx for this. #4
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I disagree, most people and casual audience already own a piece of hardware that does a better job then the Xbox One because it was designed for that purpose. This days the average casual consumer has a dvr, smart tv and music system in they're living room. So most will go for the console that was advertised for games, instead of the one that was advertise for all in one, because why would you get a piece of hardware when you already owned three thing that do the same and do a better job... #4.2.1
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Have you ever played an Elder Scrolls game? I love them for the freedom it gives the player to do what you want. Most players say "Oh the game is not challenging enough", Play them on the highest difficult from the start, its tough.

There are still games out there that are fun and complex, bring a level of difficulty and are challenging. It depends on the preference of some people, but I agree with your point of games being more casual. #5.8.2
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Exactly, When it says "Americas" it doesn't mean just North America, its North, Central, South America and every little island on the western Hemisphere. #8.2.1
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I was disappointed with the "no customization" though, Polyphony Digital takes a hint and allows at least custom paintjobs and some level of customization in GT7, I love circuit racing but I like my cars to be unique to me. #1.2.4
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Can't wait for No Man's Sky, I've been following Hello Games since their reveal. Game looks freakin' amazing, I love exploration in games, LOVE IT! I think I will sink 200 hours of gameplay in the first 2 weeks. #1.2
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I would gladly drop $60 for any "AAA" that's worth it, But I don't find games like generic fps worth it, or have a really short campaign. I didn't find Wolfenstein worth it, only a few hours of campaign. Games like Borderlands, Elder Scrolls Series, Fallout, or any other game that surpasses 60 hours of gameplay is a worth buy for me, they definitely are worth my $60. Main reason I rent games before buying, Bethesda are great developers, but not as much good publishers. #4.4
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You've clearly haven't played wow as an avid player, I use 22 keys just to play, and an additional 12 from my Razer Naga, now count how many buttons does a Xbox or PS controller has and get back to me.

I've played FFXIV and it does mmo justice for a console mmo, but I can't actually play it on my PS4 with the pad, its too difficult for targeting mobs, adds attacking other player, and its very bad trying to heal with the pad. I p... #2.3.3
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WoW will never work on consoles, the amount of buttons and key-binds necessary to play outstandingly, plus the very needed add-ons support. Everyone knows WoW needs add-ons to work properly.

I've been a WOW player since BC, and I'm still an active player. #2.3
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Vault 11 was definitely creepy, the experiments ran on most of them we're creepy as hell. #2.1
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Bugs are always present, chillax bruh. #1.2
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I'm disappointed with the no customization though, I would have liked to do my own paint job and body kits.

Guess I will make my judgments when the PS+ version comes out. #6.4
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+1 Well Said fellow gamer! #4.1
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Am I the only person who think that a big budget doesn't necessarily means "AAA"?

I look at Minecraft, No Man's Sky and other low budget games as "AAA", because its their content I value over the money that was spent. I see games like Titanfall and other generic fps's and I don't see much value anymore, I feel those game have fallen to "AA" or B-list games, and most of their content is short and not re-playable.

... #2.3
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Looks real pretty, incredible that this all originated from a Half-Life 2 mod! #1.5
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I got a nice set, that I have pinned to my Desktop, I'm gonna build a rig, and I have a the approximate budget, $650. This is actually a waste, APU's don't really bring anything to the table, I've been playing on APU's now for a long time, and hate them with a passion.

My Build consists of this:

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