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Well, to be honest, it isn't just the sidequests, it's the worlds that Bethesda creates around their games. Even with all the glitches that happens, they are the best experiences of games I've had. First time I touched Oblivion, I was amazed. Been a really big fan of them ever since. #3.3.1
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I have about 800 hours in Skyrim with one of my characters, still play it from time to time, and mods make it have tons of replay value. I don't see the problem. You can probably blow through the entire main story campaign of Fallout 4 in 12 to 20 hours, but you wouldn't even have scratched the surface.

Funny part, most people complaining of long hours are the ones who have over 500 hours of gameplay in multiplayer games.

I love games where I can find... #1.3
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Them AC ports, worst of them all. #1.2
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It does though, if the enemy team is running Intel HD 4000 Graphics.

It's just a budget card for Budget people. I myself don't believe in low cost Cards that can handle big performance. Better to go big with a GTX 970 or R9 390. #2.1.1
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Its a Moba card, perfect for those who just want to play Mobas and Simple MMO's at a good 1080p stable 60fps. #2
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the game has been at $40 since launch, been on sale on most online retailers. #1
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I look at this game, and all I see is hollywood. Riddled of jumps scares and cringe worthy scripts. I couldn't even go through the entire video, because it was unbearable. Unlike PT, which had an incredible atmosphere of dread, had jump scares, but the atmosphere made it even worst. On another note, I hate Konami. #14
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The better version is PC... #2.2.1
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It's limbo... #1
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Neoan, the problem is not them selling it, the problem is them returning it to other retailers, and exchanging it for money back or another console/bundle.

But in all honesty, the retailers are at fault for taking a product without proof of purchase. #5.2
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You... you are going places. #4.1
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I bet the next CoD will be a time traveling title. Some guys time travel to the American Revolution and you are sent behind them to stop them. Like that awful game that once came out, forgot the name.

On topic: Wish this was available in CoD 4 and BO1, would have saved me and my friends from racial slurs. #5
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The face of Aloy looks so freakin' amazing! That Bow though, looks sick! I'm getting to hyped, gotta cool down a bit.

@Abriael - Totally agree. #3
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First of all, nice way of stereotyping people/fanboys, I see you yourself are a flying fanboy of the sony camp. Second of all, learn to use new insults, the "mommy bought you things" is getting old for you fanboys to keep using it.

My internet is the most reliable internet, beating comcast itself in the mainland. It's nothing to do with my ISP, or my friends ISP (which is a different one from mine). I'm the only person using my own internet...
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It's not just my area, just go to the PS forums, there are thousands of people complaining from multiple states/countries. You'll find lots of people complaining, this all started around 2.51. #1.5.1
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It's not my internet, nor any of my friends internet. It's always like this. BF4's spring patch on PS4 took us like 8 hours to download. PSN is so slow that a 84MB download takes 28 minutes, and it's on LAN not wifi.

While my steam, origin, and GoG are at regular speeds, downloading 1GB every 10 minutes. It's a PSN issue.

My speeds - #1.1.1
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As long as they fix the awful download speeds... it took me 4 days to download Driveclub PS+ Edition... I downloaded BF4 on Origin in 4 hours, with all DLC's, Sony should be ashamed. #1
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The clicks, they know the fanboys are going to click it, from both sides. They know how to bait.

I usually follow the page on facebook and twitter to see people make fun of them. It's hilarious. #1.1.1
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Kotaku in a nutshell

I love it!!! -

I hate it!!! - #7
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Care to elaborate? #1.1.1
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