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Guys the PS4 version is not a problem. Its a feature for the game to be cinematic. Because PS4 gamers are used to Cinematic aspect ratios and frame rates!

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Can't wait 24fps!

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Its not poor man 4k. Its true 4k which gets downscaled. If you have 980. You can play game with DSR and can record the gameplay [email protected] and upload to youtube even though you played it at 1080p screen.

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Lack of 60fps is ok with console players because they are ready to play game even at 24fps because it's cinematic. But for PC gamers 60fps is minimum requirment and 120 and 144fps are great fully accepted.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Ripoff

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I already own a Bugatti. Waiting for fastest gpu now.

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The game's story left all the fans in cliffhanger on what happens next. It is just a amazing story that cannot be told through movies. Ever seen anyone ask for Half life movie? Thats why

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Vita died coz it had no homebrew and piracy.

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The launch fermi's had 400tdp and still they are faster than current gpu and 20% faster than console gpu's

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From Nvidia 4xx series and higher and AMD 5830 and higher are already powerful than next gen consoles.

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Most of them will be Vapourware. Half of them pre-rendered cg and rest running on PC hardware where the final quality of the game will look no where close to what they showed in E3. And only 1 game will look original what they intended to show.

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Already posted here


Is dso adding fake votes from multiple accounts?

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I'm going to spend that 3000$ on 7 ps4 and start a gaming cafe and buy 2 of these beasts. :P

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I Lol'ed

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Long live N4G!

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X86 is a well know well developed architecture. Every developer knows how to program for it. Ps4 is not a custom architecture like PS1,ps2 and ps3 days. Ps4 is more like a PC thats why Sony chose to make it. This maxing of consoles needs to come to an end.

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Bullshit those 500$ steam machines have R270x gpu which has 20x the performance of ps4's gpu and it has a desktop class CPU instead of ps4's APU. The gpu inside ps4 is equivalent of AMD 5830.

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[email protected]'s previous comments is all about bashing Xbox and Microsoft. And says he bought a Xbox one and it was all scratched. All lies.

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Misleading article. Read the anandtech review. The ps4 browser uses full 8core CPU for browser while Xbox one only uses 2 CPUs based on power usage test.

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The game looks astonishing. The facial system is truly next gen and looks better than Valve's system. I might pick up Xbox one for this!!

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