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it was awesome, but there are great devs that can outdo this soon

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move to JPN then

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are you absolutely SURE it took 10 mins?

could it have been 8... or 10.365? you know, i believe in FACTS and not guesstimations

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if you're actually logical and understand technology...

the answer is:

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the only people who actually cared about XIII going onto Xbox were the hardcore FF fanboys. (i wasn't even one of them)

otherwise, it was a wasted attempt to bring resolution to Xenophobia among the Xbawks generation

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good read.

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i'm actually surprised i don't see more guys mackin' on them.

isn't that the whole point of going to one of these things?

oh, crap... i forgot... THE REAL WORLD

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I blame MSFT & Steroids

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You foolish children look at numbers.
You pride yourselves of it, believing its a status thing.

in the end, you're the first to go.

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"Why So Serious?"
"Why so serious?"
"Y so cerYUS?"

become numb and you shall find peace, or else keep bending over & BELIEVING it hurts

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it's kinda worrisome when a dude chooses a virtual reality (gaming) over a real life (though paid) girl in a gaming outfit.


(Anual Gay Pride Parade starts soon in Toronto, I'll see y'all therrrrre!)

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CAN anyone give me a fast track to get banned on the entire NewsBroiler site?

k, thnx


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Kinect connects to the reality of Xbawks owners.

it's basically revealing that Xbox owners never actually touch anything like... a girl.
no wonder it's so appealing (AND LIMITED) heh

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STFU, k thnx. no wonder i've never liked ur games much. blood, destruct & killing. GoW was ok, but u didn't write the story. We can't all have talent.

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i can't make MSFT fanboys look more stupid than they are! PERMABANNED! :D

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Xbox gives me a reason to buy McDonald's to make me more fat.

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fanboys are stupid

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"Bing" news taught me that you can't just buy your way out :P

you're fat because you eat poorly

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if i can get perma -banned, it makes me realize people can't take the truth o_O

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science says that "twitch" hitting is bad for romantic relationships

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