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I can't wait for them to announce the Jaina and Johanna action figures. #1
...and the hype-train begins! We do know Patch 6.2 is the last major content patch, which makes GamesCom a candidate for a new expansion announcement, followed by heavy details at BlizzCon. #1
If the BlizzCon Worldwide Championship will allow the use of TGT cards, that's going to be the most exciting eSports tournament of the year. Crazy cards and combos. #1
Added link to video. This thing must weigh at least 2-3 tons. It is 100% metal from what I could appreciate upclose in person. #8
Actually, this is only the default face the developers gave the animators to do as they wish with the 3D bone structure.

Players will have different faces, and hair styles to pick from. It's customizable. #2
I wonder if the Queen of Blades will be sold. The collectible that has sold for most is the Frostmourne sword replica ($20,700). #2
We'll see. It's just speculation based on a January 2013 rumor and the very iconic blonde hue. That's not a common blonde hue in real life. It's sort of going on the orange spectrum as pictured in the Arthas (human) image provided in the article.

The question is ... do actors dye their hair 12 weeks before filming? I assume in 12 weeks his hair will be nigh twice long, and he will need to dye again and again to cover the dark roots. #2
I wonder if that Queen of Blades artwork for $12,000 will be sold. The Frostmourne sword replica (# 1) was sold for $21,000+ a few years ago. The hardcore fans with big wallets do exist. #1
These guys are really good at math and how to use the cards to accomplish crazy things. #1
The bald guy is Tyrael. He chose to become human. #3.1.1
Awesome cinematic. Blizzplanet confirmed the Blizzard press panel was recorded. The video will be uploaded soon. #1
Very tempting toy to grab, but my wallet is going to cry. #1
At the end of the panel, Blizzard developers answered questions from the audience during a Q&A session. Some questions dealt with merchandise while other questions addressed World of Warcraft PvE and PvP gameplay. #1
Can't wait to check out the features. This launcher has a lot of potential for all Blizzard games and upcoming games. #1
Would be nice to have this promo a few times throughout the year, or a whole season. #3
Very interesting interview. Keep them coming. #1
They actually contacted Blizzard Entertainment or are in the process of. They wish their approval, but yea it's a big concern of fans to find out if it will get the cease and desist order, or get their blessing. #3
I so look forward to watching this film. Diablo Lore fans really like to read the rich stories surrounding the video game. #1
I can't believe someone would auction this. Whoever gets ahold of them, I bet it would be very treasured and meaningful -- and maybe cause divorce (yikes). #1
I guess Celebs might be interested in paying the high dough. Lot of celebs play World of Warcraft. #1
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