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Why wait? I just want to play Ace Combat 6 and not buy another 360.

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If it were ghostbusters the video game, yes nice addition. But its ghostbusters sanctum of slime. Still waiting on Ace Combat 6. I feel like their backwards compatibility will never live up to fan expectations.

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Couldn't try the game yet cause it wouldn't work with a xbox one controller attached. Went back to dark souls 3.

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Steam players get it at 6pm due to it being released the same time across all time zones. I wonder if the ps4 will as well.

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Sick of the dark souls 2 hate. Not the best in the series, but still a great game. Every souls game deserves a play through.

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Its already been the longest month. Can't believe we cant do a worldwide release in 2016.

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Playing the xbox version on a 4k screen? Couldn't hook up a pc that can actually do 4k?

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I've used my xbox one controller more for my pc than my xbox one.

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It was very smart of them to sell the BC games, Just wish they would bring Ace Combat 6 to BC.

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Why is it here today then? Who approved this today and not yesterday?

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Prices on website do not match prices on amazon.

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These articles that appear maybe once every 3 months is why I come to N4G. Great read as the author is only a few years younger than me so I can relate. Nice to have something to read besides flamebait BS.

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Pretty sure it was windows 10. Kept saying the nvidia driver stopped. He stopped the stream everytime it crashed. He looked it up and seen that its an issue in game, not with drivers or os.

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Watched a stream last night and everytime he went to a bonfire, crash. He looked it up and its a known issue. Watching another stream now with zero issues. I can't tell what class he is but its not magical at all. Stream last night was with a mage class.

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Pc version crashes to desktop if you light a bonfire with any class besides a knight. Hope that issue gets fixed asap cause I'm getting the pc and ps4 versions.

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This game cannot release fast enough.

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I just want some ps1 bc. A pretty low powered pc can do it, so could the ps4.

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I'm a person with a 2k rig. There are more of us than most people think. Computers are hobbies to people and being able to play Xbox exclusives on a pc brings value to Windows 10. Seeing how buttery smooth frames are on pc is hard to ignore, I'm talking above 60 fps. Consoles are great, but the pc can match or be better in every way. Exclusives are what defines a console, that one can't miss game can make a console very successful. Just because pc gaming is more expensive, don'...

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If Microsoft would just put their releases on steam, I would consider them. I have a one that hardly gets any playtime as it is. If the exclusives go to the pic, I'll get them there for better frames and resolution as long as they are steam releases. I also hope that the Xbox app will do 360 emulation on pc, but that's a pipe dream. I upgrade my pc every two years because I enjoy building them but most of the time I'm replacing components that are still good. I can't let go of...

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