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No code for me yet either, but I've been busy with Dark Souls 2. #1.1.7
Playing Lego Marvel with my son. I think its a really good game and has an open world to it after the second level. Easy trophies and achievements as well. I payed 29.99 for it for a ps4 download off of amazon, but haven't seen the price that low again. #5.2
Demons souls only came with a guide if you pre ordered the game. I still have mine and its worth a pretty penny these days. #1.2.2
Businesses get a volume discount if they order a lot of PCs. Some Businesses even rent PCs. #4.1.1
They also said they recomend a wired connection. #1.3.4
So glad I bought mine day 1! I also bought a ps4 day one and don't feel bad about it. Should have waited on the one. #1.7
When titanfall succeeds, we will see more multi player only games. The price I really doubt will change. #3.1
I can't believe someone else noticed that it runs better on ps3. When I started playing the ps4 version, I noticed some things that's just weren't right. I also stutter on large conquest maps and getting shot through walls happens sometimes. My stats and guns also did not transfer from ps3 to ps4 and I was very pissed about that, ea said there was nothing they could do about it. #2.3.1
Writes an article and doesn't comment in the comments. LTwriting is looking for easy hits. #29
My boss seen that I had a vita, asked what games i owned. I have cod cause of the bundle and he wanted to try it. He gave the vita back after 10 mins. He is the biggest cod fan i know and he couldn't stand it. #1.1
My xbone gets a lot of use, as a Netflix machine. #11.2
Most of the people playing BF do not play the objective. Every game is like TDM. #3.3.2
My stats didn't transfer from ps3 to ps4. I am salty with ea and bf right now. But it still is a better game than cod. #3.4
I didn't spend too much time with the new socoms, for obvious reasons. I do wish more games would allow a vote on who stays and who leaves. #5.1.1
Can people be voted out of games? We always voted people out in socom 1 and 2 for glitching. #5
With all of battlefields problems, I would rather play it than COD. I really haven't had as much fun with friends in a long time since we all agreed to give battlefield a shot. I bought battlefield 3 but none of my friends would give it a chance. #3
I remember having a hard time in FF3 (FF6) finding the chainsaw for Edgar. having to talk to everyone in zozo for the right time for the clock was a pain in the ass. I loved that game and am grateful youtube didn't exist back then, cause i would have solved that in seconds. #2.1
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I have 4 pcs in my house, doesn't mean I'm a no life hacker. #4.2
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A xbox 1 for a 4 year old? I bet that is an excuse to play it himself. #13
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I ran multiple cat 6 lines through the walls of my house. All you see is wallplates that you can plug into. All wires hidden and run to the basement to my rack. I can do the same for others but I am not cheap #2.2.3
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