32x was the best system ever!
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Wish I could upvote your comment 30 times. 8 just needs a remaster and my FF library will be complete.

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I am currently playing the multiplayer and its pretty much the same thing as mass effect 3's multiplayer. The player base for it though is tanking and it takes forever to find games sometimes. I only played the single player till you get the tempest and it wasn't that bad. Bought the deluxe version off of amazon for 14.00 around a month ago.

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No benchmarks. Not really a comparison.

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I think they are gonna keep the base game going and just do season passes each year. You absolutely need friends and a mic to succeed at it.

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Still enjoying seige to this day. Still a great number of people playing and its going on its 3rd year. Dev is also supporting it with new operators and maps.

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It killed andromeda as well.

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Still no Ace Combat 6, its a true exclusive.

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Just what is mom doing on the net to make that much bread?

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Its sold out.

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Do they still work with the pc dongle?

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They list super ghouls and ghosts. It is on the usa and pal versions.

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Thats because all tvs were 480i tube tvs.

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It was literally 1.00 on steam before they took it off the store over a music license. It included all dlc.

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It is if you pay it off right away. I use it and get free stuff from it. I'm going to buy the game anyway, so why not charge it then pay it off in a few days. Never charge something you cannot pay cash for, except for a big purchase like a house or car. My credit rating is over 810 btw.

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Thats what gaming as a service is. Its where its headed and its eventual downfall.

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I am not lying. I have no issue with the games I play. All Final fantasy titles run great, vagrant story, ace combat series, tekken series, intelligent cube and many others. Why would I lie on a message board? Really don't care if you believe it or not, but ps1 games run great on newest release of retropie on a raspberry pi 3 version b.

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I can play any ps1 game flawlessly on my pi 3. If you have issue, you probably don't have the ps1 bios in place.

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I was able to get 4 including one from Europe. I've been telling friends and family that they can buy them from me for 85.00. It feels better to sell it at cost to someone who really wants it to play, and not to scalp. I have played mine maybe 1 hour total, its a great item. Also, don't give the site clicks cause he pretty much is bragging about selling 7 of them on ebay.

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What resolution?

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The xb1x uses a card similar to the rx 480.

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