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I've ran into many cheaters on Dark Souls 3 on pc. Pretty much destroyed the experience for me.

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The problem with that is pcs will always have the ability to be much more powerful than a console. Graphics cards release yearly and intel releases new cpus every 6 months. Bought a 980ti 2 months ago and now the 1080 is out.

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These games will be on the windows store on windows 10, but I really hope they are on steam as well.

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That announcement would have been better if they actually showed a console or what its capable of, what we got was a concept, it felt like it was announced prematurely.

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The fact that the one game that showcases the tech is missing from e3 is pretty telling. No news on its progress?

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They didn't say cloud once in their presentation. And Scorpio more or less confirms that the cloud will not be used in games besides game saves. Why would they need to release a new console if the cloud could help the original one with future proofing? I feel the cloud compute idea is now dead.

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About to say the same thing.

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I play mercy almost 100% of the time and i'm good with her.

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Dark souls on 360 climbed in price quickly when bc was announced for it. Seems like every bc game used price goes up.

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I just want ace combat 6. It's a true exclusive to the 360 and the last true ace combat game.

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How do you rate the sites now? Terrible site.

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Could have gone without the bs farming of items for trophies. 2 broken covenants.

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Why wait? I just want to play Ace Combat 6 and not buy another 360.

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If it were ghostbusters the video game, yes nice addition. But its ghostbusters sanctum of slime. Still waiting on Ace Combat 6. I feel like their backwards compatibility will never live up to fan expectations.

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Couldn't try the game yet cause it wouldn't work with a xbox one controller attached. Went back to dark souls 3.

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Steam players get it at 6pm due to it being released the same time across all time zones. I wonder if the ps4 will as well.

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Sick of the dark souls 2 hate. Not the best in the series, but still a great game. Every souls game deserves a play through.

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Its already been the longest month. Can't believe we cant do a worldwide release in 2016.

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Playing the xbox version on a 4k screen? Couldn't hook up a pc that can actually do 4k?

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I've used my xbox one controller more for my pc than my xbox one.

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