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I just started the download and I don't have a gold account.

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I own it for pc and could never get it to work.

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Do you need vr to play it?

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One of my favorite series, I hope it is close to the originals. I also wish the microsoft would make AC6 BC as its a true exclusive as well.

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I love being screamed at by tweens in cod even though I have the highest k/d in the room on team deathmatch. Online gaming is fun, but could do without the rage of idiots.

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I actually built a pc not too long ago that can do 4k, but not 4k 60fps. I have a 6700k and a 980ti and its probably more powerful than anything the scorpio will be.

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your youtube links aren't working. And I agree that 4k is a long ways off for either console. If the scorpio was 1000.00, then I would believe it.

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Or you could build a pc thats even more powerful than scorpio. Get a ps4 and a gamming pc and all bases are covered. I think that the scorpio and the xbox are not needed as all xbox games are now moving to pc. PS4 is still needed for its exclusives.

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Ace Combat 6.

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It was a time before it was popular. Still remember the first time I was invaded, made me a nervous wreck because I had so many souls. Demons souls should be #1 cause it started the series in the best way possible. And you could parry all day.

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Dark souls 2 has better pvp.

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Bloodbourne sure does flow better. Made my expectations of Dark Souls 3 Sky high, I was let down. I have a plat for every game except dark souls 1.

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When I finished Demons Souls the first time, I really wanted it to go to xbox so they could enjoy a game that was so different at the time. I talked to everyone about playing it. Dark souls was great until LOST IZALITH!, or what ever its called. Demons souls was a great game start to finish with no boss repeats.

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It isn't like that in 99% of america. I live in the country were the only gun fire is from hunters.

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I'm not going to buy scorpio cause I have a pc with a 980ti already, but I will buy the games. I see the games being both on xbox and pc as a win win. Its gonna kill their hardware sales, but software sales will see an increase. A ps4 and a pc is truly the best combo this gen. I need to unload my xbone soon! Now if they can do 360 bc on the pc through the xbox app, that would be sweet.

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I have the remaster as well, but I don't think they will give the pc version away for free. I hope I'm wrong though.

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I'm pretty much a sony fan, but the idea of buy once and get the one version for free is very appealing to me. I have a great pc and welcome the xbox exclusives with open arms. My main concern is the cheating on pc if the games are cross play online.

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I've ran into many cheaters on Dark Souls 3 on pc. Pretty much destroyed the experience for me.

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The problem with that is pcs will always have the ability to be much more powerful than a console. Graphics cards release yearly and intel releases new cpus every 6 months. Bought a 980ti 2 months ago and now the 1080 is out.

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These games will be on the windows store on windows 10, but I really hope they are on steam as well.

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