32x was the best system ever!
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Just let people order it and make that many systems plus 500,000 more. Don't stop making it till the orders are fulfilled.

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Well said.

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I'm hoping for a dark souls remaster.

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Loved the chalice dungeons. I had a friend that went through the game with me, but he didn't like the chalice dungeons.

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How about a demons souls 2 that includes the first one. I believe many missed the first because they were 36o owners. Would love bloodbourne 2, but please no face sucking wizards.

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As much as I loved this game, I've played it numerous times on 2 systems now. It was even a PlayStation plus game on PS3. Looks beautiful, but a remake when a remaster already exists? Better be priced right cause ico was included in the PS3 remaster for 39.99.

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E3 was a disappointment in general this year. Most of the games from both camps were announced in the past or they showed multi platform games. I love e3 for mega ton announcements and didn't see any.

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Microsoft just thinks it can solve it's problems with more power. I say my Xbox one is a pos because there are no exclusives this gen that interest me. Last gen had mass effect, gears, left for dead, dead Rising, Ace combat 6 and a ton of 360 only arcade games. They just feel like they saw the sales and just gave up on trying to compete. Sony is kicking the shit out of Xbox and Xbox doesn't even care. The Scorpio is nice, but it's too late and niche to make any kind of difference....

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I just feel like they should have not released an xbox one s. The xbox one x should have been that next step and I think it would be more successful and welcomed better than it is. I have a day 1 xbox one and the conference just made me feel like its a piece of under powered shit. I spent 500.00 on this fucking thing and your games play better else where. I will play their games on my pc, not on their hardware.

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Witcher had so much content that it didn't need dlc, but got it anyways. Im at over a 100hrs played and still haven't touched the dlc, just soaking up the amazing story. Witcher 3 is in my top 5 games of all time.

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It kills me that 360 exclusives are not BC, but games no one asks for are. I want Ace combat 6 as its a true exclusive as well.

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Its not 6pm et, its midnight et. Never knew the sun rose in the west.

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Not possible without frostbite cause ea will not let them use any other engine. Frostbite was one of many reasons Andromeda sucked. Every game they put out is using frostbite.

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Could have been from the shitter.

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But the original was supposed to use the cloud for the destruction. Where did that concept go?

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Same here with andromeda. Can't just sweep that one under the rug.

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And crackdown is 30 fps on scorpio.

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It was amazing! But people were expecting most games to run at 60 fps at 4k. Forza did look amazing, probably the best looking games there. The wet roads really caught my eye. I am also a lauch day xbox owner and I bought forza 5 with its shitty crowds. It wasn't shown with shitty crowds at e3 and I bought it based off the showing. It was downgraded like crazy and I hope they don't do the same thing again. I wonder if any of the games shown were using pc to showcase the graphics.

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