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I normally just read the news and move on. I'm 35 and find it hard to have a decent debate on this site. I've been here since 2007 with the same account. Still love the site, not the commenters. I do miss mart at Xbox kings and the power of green, those guys were the definition of trolls. #16.1
I don't own a copy of the game and am very leery about buying a used 360 game because of the disc scratching cause by some 360 models. I just want to be able to buy a digital copy to play on my one. I think it would be very wise for microsoft to offer the bc titles in the store to buy. Another is Ace combat 6, really hope it comes to bc as it was a true exclusive. #1.2.2
Would love to see LO on the one cause I missed it last gen. I almost bought it but their was a lot of reports of the discs for the game being damaged in shipment by coming loose. Are these BC games going to be available digitally or am I going to have to buy a used copy. Really hope they sell the bc games in the store. #1.2
No super metroid wall jumping? #1
They did. The ps2 tiger woods games had a lot more content. I can't believe it took 2 years to make this game. #1.2
My thoughts exactly. Its a game for the fans. #12.2.1
That practice is pretty common these days. A polishing is all it really needs. #13.1
Same here. Anything besides turn based combat will ruin the feel of FF7. #1.2.3
Would like to see lost odyssey and ace combat 6. All those call of duty games in their list is not surprising at all. #1.2
It really should. The ps4 could easily do software emulation for ps1 games. #7.1
As much as I love 6, I really think they would screw it up. I consider 6 to be timeless and I still love the graphics of it to this day. 6 tells such a great story and doesn't need great graphics to make it a great game. #9.1
That's why I don't want remakes of 5 or 6 , cause that is what they would make. #6.2
I am torn between 6 and 8. I easily played 6 the most but I really love the story in 8. I would have to say 8 because the game just didn't age well. 6 has charm in its graphics and I still play it to this day. #1.5
I still have my ps1, ps2, ps3. I have an XBONE but my 360 died quite awhile ago. I was happy to hear of BC for 360 games because of one game that cannot be played anywhere else,Ace Combat 6 fires of liberation. I have all my old consoles cause BC isn't the same as playing it on its original console. I was a huge socom fan and trying to play socom 2 on ps3 was not fun. FF5 doesn't work well on my ps2. I hope the BC on the XBONE works out so I don't have to buy a 360 to enjoy the on... #1.5.5
Great video. #3
Same here. #2.2
Exactly what I was thinking. Still have my FF7 demo disc. #5.1
Actually beat father g before clearic beast on the first try. At the starting level at that. Clearic beast actually killed me 3 times before I killed it. #8.2.1
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Some people on my friends list seen the reviews and me playing it. They asked if it was a great game they should buy. I told them straight up "YOU DIE A LOT".
Its not a game for everyone, no game is. I wish I could help a friend out easier like the game lets on that you can. Keep ringing the bell with password on and nothing, same level as him as well. #5.3.2
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Just recently picked this up and can't believe how much I am enjoying it. Recommended it to some friends and they feel the same way. #1.1
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