32x was the best system ever!
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No socom 4?

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Anyone else playing the remaster noticing any glitches or other weird things happening? Fought iron golem last night and he fell through the floor, not off the side, straight down through the floor. Tarkus wanted that ass and was disappointed.

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You can slide down ladders. Hold Circle or B without touching the stick and youll slide.

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Nier automata needs far to play well on pc.

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Ps2 and ps1 would be great and could be done by the ps4. I'm a little irritated it wasn't done.

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We still use ours. Not buying a switch just yet.

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WW2 is full of cheaters and the anti cheat is worthless. They hyped up the ww2 pc release like crazy.

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Don't they say this every year, and every year the pc version is terrible?

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I want Ace Combat 6. Its a true 360 exclusive and its still not bc. My 360 died a long time ago and there really aren't any flight sims on this gen consoles. If it does go BC, I'm guessing it will be with the launch of Ace Combat 7.

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The prima guide for dark souls 3 sucked. I'm glad they went back to future press.

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i bought one. It was a great system that no one had faith in. Its also the one reason why I wont buy a switch cause I already own all the games for the wii u.

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Still no ace combat 6. A true exclusive.

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I'm the forth. Named after my great grandpa. I'm a iv, not a iiii

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It was given away free 2 years ago when it became BC. I picked it up but still haven't played it.

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Working designs games were some of the best games made that generation. I loved lunar and lunar 2. Sonic CD was included with my Sega CD and I view it as the best sonic game. Shinning force CD was also a great game.

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People still play this?

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Still play it daily.

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It's the same language as pc programming, I think they didn't use their time wisely and Microsoft still needed it to release. There are too few reasons to own a Xbox this holiday and Microsoft was launching this game no matter what.

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I miss this type of gameplay.

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Wish I could upvote your comment 30 times. 8 just needs a remaster and my FF library will be complete.

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