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"War.... War Never Changes"


Another great episode! This is really starting to get me more hype than I was before for next gen! #1
More games need to bring back the Space Location! #15
This next gen has me all sorts of hyped up! #3
PC > #1
I've seen a lot of PS4 titles get delayed, it makes me wonder if Sony asked these companies to announce that they'd be ready for launch but knew they'd delay only to get the PS4 pre-sales. #6
This was a long and very well written review! Thank you for this. #1
Another awesome video Emily, thanks for the news! #1
This game looks serious! I can't wait to get my hands on it #3
Excellent tutorial! #1
I haven't touched the console scene since PS2 so I am not in touch with any of the exclusives for PlayStation. Though I hear and see that most of the exclusives for the PS4 are looking might fine.

As far as the controller situation goes, I rarely use a controller on PC. But when necessary I tend to use the Xbox controller and since mine isn't broke I wouldn't really go out and purchase a new one just because.

When I switch over from a Keyboard to... #1.2.1
As a PC Gamer, I have found myself drawn to the PS4. I don't really know why, but that's the one my wallet would pick; if I were to pick one. #1
Excellent job again! Keep it up! #2
It was extremely sad to see Tom Clancy pass but his legend will live on forever. #1
Since when do the people inside the game of GTA "play by the rules?" By any means necessary to the top is their unspoken motto. So, if someone finds a way to exploit the system or to take advantage of something, they are doing exactly what the characters in GTA would do, they'd make use of what they had and use it to their advantage. #13
It seems like you were one of many! :( Sorry to hear that, has it made you not want to play the game anymore or not as much? #7.1
What is the difference between grinding in any other game? If there is a way to grind, you grind. You can either choose to grind or not to grind, saying its not the proper way is rather arrogant. #10.1
If you go on Rockstar forums you should be able to find plenty of people looking to team up :) #6.1
Would you say the most destructive weapon in game is the tank? #2.1
In general I never understood Pokemon, video game or card game, just pokemon in general. And my never understanding of Pokemon and the love for it that people have is because when I was growing up MTG was big. With that being said, from what I have been hearing and reading, people have been saying that Pokemon has been getting stale and I remember when MTG got stale, which is why I stopped playing, even when they came out with another computer video game much later in their life cycle. I apol... #1.5.2
I think people are looking too far into my question haha. Let is be known I want the Pokemon franchise to continue and with great success, it is a game that has a niche and brings new people into the gaming community and makes our industry better. #1.4
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