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I am around the same level, just having done the Bloody Baron and the stuff with the Crones, I'm now on my way to Novigrad (just exploring places first, of course.

Cheers for the heads up mate, will try upping the difficulty when I next play. #1.5.1
Playing it on Blood & Broken Bones because I enjoy the challenge. CDPR have been huge fans of the Souls games and it really shows here.

There is a simple way to do things really - aquire as many plans as possible, make as many witcher potions, oils and other such things. Stock up on food as well.

Avoid using lock-on in fights with multiple enemies - always stay free flow unless you're one on one. Dodge with monstes, parry with humans.

... #1
I should really stop reading this stuff when I see it on N4G. I very nearly bought Witcher 3 for PC but opted for the console version instead. Why? I didn't trust my PC to run it to the best of its ability.

So ordered the PS4 version, the one that the reviewers are playing and despite the lack of day one patch for them, they loved it, praised it and slapped on high scores. But then you read articles that completely suck the fun, excitement aod build up of a long awaited g... #37
I love the Souls games and I would never try and put anyone off playing them. Infact, I try and explain it's not as hard as they think, it's simply trial and error.

People that put others off playing a game obviously need to recommend it or shut up. Why would not want someone to buy a game you love and therefore give money the developers so they can continue to make awesome games you love? Makes sense really. #11
Hope it is another Ni No Kuni game. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one. Gameplay-wise it wasn't perfect, the combat had a few issues, but they were easily overlooked because I still poured a lot of hours into it. #12
He's good but I'm happy to say I beat him first time I fought him. Second I saw he had pretty much the same move set, I knew it was a matter of speed, keep moving and use quick attacks.

When he turns into the wolf then it was pistol away, extend the old Hunter's Axe and nail him with a few solid hits. #14
A tighter, more focused experience can justify a short game. The thing is, people throw their hands up and cry out it's a problem in gaming. Simply put - don't buy it. There are plenty of games, like open world ones, that throw in side quests and collectables that can pad the game out to 60 hours, making some players believe they've got more bang for their buck.

I hammered The Last of Us out in a single day. Should I be dissapointed that it didn't compare to t... #9
Rather surprised to see Shadow of Mordor in there. I thought it was a damn good game and one of the few I completed last year. #3
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Ha, Diablo 3 a failure? Whatever.

It was massive at release. It received a ton of backlash and Blizzard fixed many of those issues. I went back to it earlier this year, picked up the expansion later and I think it's great.

I don't even know what the other games are but what's the point in looking? All credibility is lost after that joke of a number 1. #7
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It's just a basic isometric shooter. We've seen these before, hell, we've seen THIS game before in the form of Postal.

It exists. That's it. Don't buy it and move on. So many games are based and sold on its depiction of violence and yet people are calling this a crime against humanity. Whether this game is released or not, there will still be violence in the world, there will still be school shootings and wars and other such things happening. #11
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Chivalry. Play a duel, have a good fight then BAM, they slip a feint in that throws you off and they kill you. I've broken several tables because of this #20
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I thought the threats were of a sexual nature and do not at all mention gaming. Anita is a culture critic and has looked over a lot of pop culture before turning to computer games (something she admits she wasn't a big fan of to begin with!)

But is it fair to suddenly dump this on us 'gamers'? Suddenly I'm made to feel guilty because I played Mario - a game that used to damsel in distress trope even though I'm pretty sure Nintendo weren't making it, ru... #2
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Gaming can go beyond simply telling a story like you would see in a book, film, or a TV show. The Last of Us told a fantastic story but was pretty traditional with gameplay. The key factor was the writing and characterization was SUPERB.

Taking true advanatge of a computer game story is to let the world tell the story. Interactive storytelling. Not pulling the camera from the player to show a cutscene. I think games like SotC, the Souls series and Half Life 2 achieved this we... #8
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This is going to be like my wait for Dark Souls. Looking at that game, waiting for it's release was almost too much. Then it landed and I loved it, loved the whole thing almost as much as I loved Demon's Souls.

This game will be my reason to buy a PS4, pure and simple. Some games are a 'maybe' but when I saw this game announced, I knew next year I would be buying one. #14
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There are so many games they missed. Also, is it fair to put in a game AND a sequel? Like Torchlight - Torchlight 2 and Dark Souls - Dark Souls 2. That seems a little unfair really...

But yeah, you missed out The Witcher, The Witcher 2 deserving a spot somewhere as does Path of Exile for simply being a fantastic F2P RPG that isn't P2W. #5
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It's hard to sum up this generation in a top 5. #4
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Sadly PC gamers have sometime to go before we see this on PC.

Don't get me wrong, I really want this on PC but you have to look at it from Rockstar's point of view. The current ad campaign for GTA V is 'buy it now Xbox 360 this Christmas' whereas at release it was mostly 'buy it now on PS3'. They're going to grab the last of those high sales for Christmas on the 7th generation platforms.

We are going to see a next gen port as well... #8
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Arrhh it sounds really forced! I'd take a guess and say a small percentage of players actually ask this stuff whereas most of the questions they probably get refer to bugs, patches and fixes. It's almost like IW are just clapping their hands over their ears going LA-LA-LA-LA ASK US ABOUT CLASSES LA-LA-LA #2
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I remember really getting into Warhawk. The learning curve was a bit steep but once you got into it, it became really addictive. If they brought a new one to PS4, it would be the first that would make me consider buying a new console. #14
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This is really terrible for several reasons.

1. No one should be harassed to such a degree. It's never fun. Oh yes, sometimes I have seen these stories involving other people in the industry and found them rather entertaining, like watching a drunken fight across the street.

2. This is going to be made into an issue of gender and will bring up more equality issues throughout the industry.

Read the comments in the article and there's... #34
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