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Just do the world a favor and have them put down. I don't want the offspring of these fools walking the earth. #47
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This is Advent Children. #36
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Wait are Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts coming to PS3 or PS4 and are they also coming on XBOX ONE? #162
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Well what about the families with low income? They deserve to game as much as you do. Used gaming is a great budget for those who don't have the money buy games at full price. Take that away from the consumer then you're bound to let them choose a pirate means. I don't endorse or agree with that but I feel that is what is going to happen. #1.1
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For a game to get 1/5 it has to be broken, meaning that it is filled with so much glitches it's a struggle to finish. I think people are really over reacting at the fact the game didn't live up the the expectation of the demo. There is a reason why developers write "Final product may vary" which means even if the demo is amazing the game could change from what the demo was. #2
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I'm waiting for Zelda -_- #2
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I find JRPGS are long but most shooter games with the exception of Fall Out are short but I understand why as on average people of North America have a short attention span when it comes to story so most shooters will always be about 6 to 7 hours because any more and the player will forget the story and the reason they bought the game to begin with. #4
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Haters Gonna Hate #19
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They are going to really delve deep to revamp the series after the glitches and wanna be halo/gears of war that the 3rd installment of the series brought. #4
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I would have to say between $345 to $400, let's be honest, the state of the economy isn't looking all to well and there are many job losses happening so if PlayStation and Xbox really want to punch out Wii-U in sales they really gotta stick close to between $345 to $400 price range since Wii-U here in Canada is $299.99 #18
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I wish it would but call of duty has the highest fan base in video game history so no :-( #1
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Sweet, I thought they wouldn't come out with another one after people complained about the last one but I thought the last one was the best in the series, I hope they keep it the same as the last one in the 3rd installment. #23
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This will definitly outsell Wii-U and xbox360, congrats sony :-) #8
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I don't get it, Nintendo did this with Kingdom Hearts 3Ds and 365/2 so please you know someone got a big fat paycheck ;) #111
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Amazing review, my hat goes off to you, finally a magazine that is 100% un-bias. This game will officially be the great game this decade and of course 2012 game of the year. Thank you Capcom for always proving that originality and innovation in gaming is still alive when every other game developer has failed to this very date. Bioware, Naughty Dog, Epic Games, Bungie, Square-Enix, Bethesda, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Rock Star, Activision and Electronic Arts. It’s time you guys sat down and took note... #12
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Well Sony has had a disappointing year in revenue.... #4
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I thought resident evil was rated teen? #1.1.3
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Finally a game worthy of Game Of The Year for it's most original plot, most unique game play and world leading graphics engine. Maybe this time companies like Naughty Dog, Epic Games, Square-Enix, Ubi-Soft, Atlus, Eidos Montreal, Sega, Nintendo, SCE Studios Santa Monica, Bethesda, Insomniac Games, BioWare, Capcom and Blizzard Entertainment can all learn how to make a good video game with top notch online play. Let's all keep our fingers crossed these companies follow in the foot steps... #31
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I'm sure the game will come with Sony Move compatibility. Probably XBOX Kinect enabled for 360 gamers and who knows maybe even a WII U version. #6
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