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my 2nd comment is Battalion 1944...that is the game I want

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hahahahahaha thats what I was thinking also. Looked like space and space combat. Must have used one of those "insiders" as a source...hahahahahahaha

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I'm looking forward to the remaster of the MW...not too sure about this new s like Prepare for Titanfall...I'll reserve judgement for closer to release.

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Neither can the PS4, hence the add on box.

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MW was a damn good game..I remember playing the Beta and loved it and I couldnt wait for the full game. I would probably bag the new game in favor of the remaster

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I guess cursing is now allowed in the titles? I also see that it was supposed to be removed and yet it still got approved.

As for the game, still buying the regular edition..digitally.

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Wow all this matrix talk...I guess it is inevitable....MS is the "One"

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Im still saying its the 4k blu ray standard update with maybe psvr box built into it . Its not gonna be a 4k can just forget it..period...get over yourselves and look at what it would cost to just bring it to are looking at a $1000 console(at minimum) and it would only be sold to those that have to have the newest stuff when it releases.

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and I am positive there will not be 6 million available in the US...over the next 12 months after they go on sale, yes, but not at release

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I'm not sure how thus is a slap in anyone's face. You can upgrade or not.....and it's still a stop getting your panties in a wad until it's either confirmed or debunked....still leaNing towards just a bluray standard upgrade and nothing more

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UPDATE 2: Amazon appears to have lifted the Prime-exclusive restriction on video games.

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Please point out to me where he comments on the lack of games for the xbox one at the moment... he answered a question asked by a fan about recore.

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While a cool naming convention..does that make the rumored new XBox "The One"

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why did you get disagrees for stating facts? I will never understand when true facts are presented people ignore them and disagree.

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just a thought...those are online users, not total users..

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I'm still saying that its a slim version of the X1 and PS4k is going to be just the new 4k standard playback and possibly the PSVR box built in.

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Think I will wait for the actual official response from the developer.

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First it's not a 4k capable GPU or even 2k for that matter. It's just the new 4k standard for blu ray playback....that's it. It cant do 1080p 60fps for 400 bucks when it was new with decent effects turned on.

As for PSVR, time will tell if it's worth the value being asked for it.

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Guess you missed the memo about this game huh?

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Its coming along nicely. Pre alpha build graphics and it looks good. Cant wait to play the final product.

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