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I don't game on any handheld..phones included. Would have passed on this device myself. If it played OG Xbox...then maybe. But probably not..I prefer to sit my ass on the couch and just game on a big screen #2
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Game is gorgeous. I want to see more and more gameplay. I'll probably pre order this game #1
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4 games a month free for X1 owners with games with gold. It's great they are doing this.

September may not be seller but they are decent titles. #2
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Let have a Vietnam or Korean War version of cod. Go back to basics. Don't make it anymore complicated than MW. Bring back the fun factor instead of brining on the frustration factor. #2
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What's funny is I still have my atari and those exact games too #1
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Absolutely agree. #22.1
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I don't see any real differences myself. I was really too busy playing and then lagging, hiccuping and getting annoyed. Both BETAS suffered from this. Both versions were in my opinion missing two things. They were simplicity and fun factor. Seems more of a cross between Ghosts, AW and an ever so slightly taste of TitanFall. Based just on the beta I made the right choice not to pre order. I'm not really impressed and will buy this used if I buy it at all. Would rather have had a... #1.2.13
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Wow using dx11 to boot..incredible !! #3
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Since they are minors and they will plea deal down to nothing, their punishment should include playing the last duke nukem forever game till they beat it...that in itself is one hell of a punishment. #10
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Fair review of this game. Passing has changed for the better in my opinion. #2
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me too, looking forward to it :D #2
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LOL..the new game about mowing the grass..thanks for the laugh, I needed it today :D #11.1
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Hhahahahahaha people pissed because everyone cant get into the preview flash..not everyone can get into a beta either, but where was the outrage this article is trying to portray? There really is none..sure some people can say oh man u suck MS I wanted in..but is it to the degree they are trying to make it out to be? No, just no.

As for windows 10....come on, been debunked already, weeks ago. #32
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All this over complaining over a free to play game? From concerned Trolls?

I don't care if its on STEAM or not. It's free and I want to play it. Those of us of the 78 Million who already upgraded to Windows 10 already have the store installed on our PC's. Those that don't, will just have to go to the MS Store and download it for FREE. #9
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I have also noticed the other reviews which were good scores have fallen off the hotter list or have completely gone to oblivion.

A couple of reviews from other sites that are bad, wont take away from the experience I am having. The game was prettied up really nice and runs just fine...their complaints just dont matter to me or the real fans of the series. #41.1
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From the looks of things, this game is going to be a treat to those who own the system. #2
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This game is going to push the system to its fullest when it releases. The resolution didnt matter just from looking at it in motion...everything from the textures down to the smallest particle effects screams buy me.

Oh and congrats to Remedy on winning this: Best Console Graphics award at SIGGRAPH 2015 as well a nod for Best Rendering Technology at the same event. #1.2
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whoops Yarbie beat me to it #9.3
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what was cool is that I could use my TI99/4a computer and the Coleco Adam were one in the same. I still have some of my games from that era. TI-Invaders was one of my fav's and once u dumped them to tape..yes cassette drive, you could play them on the adam.

Another note..Burger time and Donkey Kong on the Coleco rocked :D

Oh and take note I believe this was the first 16bit console (well not really but kinda)as the TI99/4a was a 16 bit home computer and... #1
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They added it because it was the number one requested feature. If that's not listening to your fans, I don't know what is. #9.8
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