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They are still a little pricey for my liking. Also, depending on what level the cost also goes up. They didn't publish that information so 199 might be the right price considering that prices between TLV, Nand, evo and V Nand.

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the article is complaining about something without offering a solution ....we call that whining....The solution I offer is to just play the game and enjoy it.

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guess I fall into that 22% that doesn't game on their phone.

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I bought it digitally so I could get both. I play on PC and x1.

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Wow, somehow you turned this into its MS'S fault..good job

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I looked at it on a 4k TV and its blurry and foggy, tone it down to 1080 and its stunning.

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Its also not as fun as the first one. Too many things got nerfed and the Titan selection, though better, just doesn't feel like the last one.

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This is a duplicate story complete with the same website.

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not a single thing other than the Map Packs

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another year and yet another pass from me on this game. Bring back the simplicity and the fun factor and I will purchase it again...3 years now I have not bought the game....I tried the Beta and was sadly disappointed. I never purchased anything in game other than map packs.

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tried to use paint to cap the photos but it wont let me. I am guessing they are upscaled, but it does look sweet at 1080p

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I am looking at the screen shots in 4k on my 4k TV and they are good, but the issue I see is they are a little bit blurry. better than 1080p for sure, but still a little blurry/foggy. If I set the screen res down to 1080p they are incredible.

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Some of the very same people in this thread are praising Sony while they were bashing Microsoft for bringing out the slim version. You cant have it both ways people...

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I agree, it worked great for me. Not one single issue. Many of the issues can be alleviated if people just updated their system. Keeping the OS up to date is also a very important.

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As many of the very same people in here have said I didnt buy a new console to play old games. I think this console is going to sell like hotcakes because it is a portable console. They can try to sell it as a home console, but I think its not. Have they said that once the console is in its base it gains any additional abilities?

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How dare you apply logic.

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Trollverload at it again...hahahahahahahaha

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I still say Ryse is ONE of the best looking games on both consoles.

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I don't think they are ruining the game, I just don't purchase any.

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