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Though I welcome the game for single player, this game has no private lobbies where you can party up with your friends like CoD 2 did and everyone there afterwards. You had to piggy pile into a game that your friend was already in and hopefully all of you made it in so you could play together as a team against the public. That is the downfall of this game. Its the only CoD I ever traded in and will never own again :(

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oh isn't that cuteeee...they need to go to their safe place...hahahahahahahaha

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Think I won't worry about sales and who wins what month or striking back....Think I will just play the games instead of concerning myself with things that do not matter to the majority of the gaming public.

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Welp, nothing really hits me this month. First month in a while I didn't download something.

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I'd just like to play the game :D

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that could and may well be the issue, but I was going off the video....and well, you see the responses.

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ok, I'll respond one last time for just for your little juvenile mind to wrap around. So I am a known XBox defender? ...Please elaborate.... I guess your opinion must be fact? My comment history does not bash a single PS4 game...fact..if the game doesn't please me, I say it.. and I say the textures look get over yourself

..oh since you think I don't own the take a look: 5d ago 1 agree6 disagreeView comment

answer the question instead of deflecting am I trolling?

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Gears has nothing to do with this article and I like it without the darkness and shadows that covered up the detailed textures.

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please explain why its trolling. Seriously, How is it trolling? They removed details by making it darker and foggier. Its my opinion.

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How is this trolling?? I am looking right at it and the details have been lost in the video. I'm not trying to bring the game down, its an opinion and if its not the same as yours, that's not my problem.

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yeah, the textures are worse on the 2016 one. There is so much detail lost with the darkness and shadows

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ahahahahahaahahahahahaha looks like Luke Perry

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just like your website

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exactly...slim v slim

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First of all its not the Neo, its the Pro.. and one is going to convince me to buy something other than myself.

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Hey I know lets blow this up to make it seem like MS is taking huge jabs at Sony...oh wait /s

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I see your point...its for the clicks. I'm not upgrading my PS4 to the Pro at this point in time. I did purchase a XBS for my oldest up at college with madden so I kept my OG Day one at home so I could still play.

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I read the title and thought...why doesn't it say the PS4 slim?

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actually the scorpio console was leaked before ps4 neo. It was here on n4g as a matter of fact

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