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And I called it long before...handheld which hooked up to base to make it more powerful.

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not sure how one can be disappointed when its not finished product as its an early access. I'm positive more elements are going to be added.

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I'm not going to watch the video, but I will comment on the title...No they are not harder to animate, just ask the people responsible for Dead or Alive..nuff said

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and most of us PC gamers just enjoy our games no matter what online store we buy from.

1d 10h ago 1 agree2 disagreeView comment unfinished game is disappointing because it not what I wanted it to be?

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because that would take the pleasure out of playing the game when it releases?

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Once again here is TIm with conjecture and nothing to back it up. We get it Tim, you have a chip on your shoulder. Every time he is shown to be wrong, he moves his goal posts. I see no evidence that they are trying to lock down or keep things proprietary. MS said they will be launching through steam and other avenues. They have said it will be open and they have so far delivered on those promises. Please just keep moving the goal posts and keep complaining because nothing they do will obv...

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Please MS, please release a game that is not finished, lacking modes and certain gameplay that we want included. /s

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Call of Duty/Battlefield in teams...imagine being outside and having to fight off a horde of zombies? or another team that is nearby?

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Agreed..He didn't bash them....he just moved the goal posts when it came to UWP...which is what he has been doing since his first tirade about it.

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This person was a complete phone use while driving...absolutely no self could have been someones kid/relative they hit......and another one in Pennsylvania USA where the parent and the kid are blaming the game for the kid getting hit by a car. I wonder how many liberal lawsuits will be awarded over this...freaking pay attention.

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Best thing to do would be to IGNORE these people. They were never going to buy the game in the first place.

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Would love to see this, World at War and MW as BC games.

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When was the last time we all bought a video game and thought; I'm should not have bought this game because its not factually correct? Laughable....its fantasy, not reality...

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I just dont see the backtracking here.

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Agree :D and for those moaning about betrayal....hahahahahahah, just enough already. Who is forcing you to upgrade? New TV's come out yearly and not everyone runs out to get the newest one. You are going to get the best experience on the platform you have purchased. Neo and Scorpio will be better in terms of effects, textures and resolution.

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hahahahaha...yeah no kidding.

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Its a good D&D game. I've enjoyed it...and free to play is even better.

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Ahhh..just no

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I've got air raid and the Zelda game...I'd never part with them though, I've amassed a rather large collection over the last 45 years.

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