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20-24 FPS LOL just bad optimization...there is no excuse other than that. Stop with the PS4 is 50% more powerful and X1 has secret sauce. Plain as the eyes can see, this game is piss poor in the optimized dept. #31
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you got tons of disagrees when its fact...sorry people, but its a fact. People have to send in their receipts via the app.

as for the kindle fire, I like it for the price when it came out then realized that the OS was a hybrid...doesn't run everything from the store. #6.7
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I hope you are indeed correct that their new system is backward compatible. The reveal next year will tell us if we get our wish. #3.1.4
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My opinion is that digital sales should be 15-25% lower than retail on new games. I truly believe that the next iteration of consoles will not have optical drives and everything will be digital. There will be those who resist, but the market is leaning towards it more and more. I myself prefer digital, but there are those who will reject the idea and get out of console gaming...which would be ironic since Steam and Origin do so well. The main problem is always going to be storage. I see... #3
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Oh yes you are correct. Even before i read the article, I could see it in the title of this article that should have never gotten approved. #38.1
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I personally dont see Gamestop around for more than another 5 years. They are going the way of BlockBuster and Hollywood video stores.

I've bought 99% of all my titles digitally this gen because I cant be bothered with all the freaking boxes anymore. With a collection now topping over 500 games over the years, I have no place to put them anymore. Right now we are at the fulcrum of where more people are going digital, its just a matter of time before consoles get shipped... #6
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I myself digitally purchased this title with my 10% off with EA Access. #28.1
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I remember this..mode 7 was hardware scaling and rotation if I remember correctly.

and as for the apology..i did not read where he said he was sorry...he said I have to take responsibility for that was indeed a programming trick for more colors if I remember correctly too. #3.1.4
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Looking at your comment history, I dont believe you #13.1
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Yup, exactly...concerned trolls, flip, spin and make it seems like they killed puppies in front of school age children...relax people, its just a advert....and I've seen plenty of TV spots and advert space with TR.. #14.1.1
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How can I get a disagree for answering the question? This is what is going to be with the PSVR in order for it to do what they want it to do. The president of Sony is quoted. #1.2.2
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From what I have read, they have that little extra box that will be tethered to the headset that gives it the extra muscle to achieve the output they want. Other tidbits: #1.2
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It must have mattered as it was the most requested feature. As for me, I love that I will soon be able to remove the 360 out of the TV area. #7
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Because James Earl Jones was too expensive? is currently contracted to Disney for Star Wars Rebels? Is currently finishing up the latest installment and did not have the time to commit to Dice? #3
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and I wonder why Sony's product manager never mentioned that the Nathan Drake Collection has already fallen below Gears of War: Ultimate Edition despite releasing more than a month later...guess we'll never know #27.2
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I predict with my minds eye that it will be priced accordingly to how the PS4 and X1 are priced when it releases. So if it's PS4 and X1 at 299, then the NX will be 299 to compete and take sales away from the other systems. Betcha also, that they will only make enough to create an overwhelming demand for it...Nintendo is notorious for creating shortages on it games/amibos or systems. #9
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It also says something when it was the most requested feature. MS listened and guess what..we have BC and for that I am quite happy. My backlog of 360 games over 10 years is huge. I will be able to remove my 360 in the coming months and make room for new toys. #4.2
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hahahhaahahahahahaha pre pubescent fanboys signing a petition for a video game girl character that's hanging out of her costume to slap her butt again. LOL I find this funny. #13
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Though I agree with MC about mentioning it, DF should not have sensationalized it without further testing. Seems it was indeed a random bug in the code..just look at all the videos out there disproving it. They made it seem like it went to 0 FPS because the system couldn't handle it...sites wents viral with it. Then in comes NX in the exact same scenerio and nada. Then here comes DF to kinda say, yeah, we messed up..Yes they both suffer from frame rate and was damage contro... #1.2.2
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MS said from the beginning at E3 that its up to the publishers. #5
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