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Yeah will we interesting to see where the next one goes although I don't expect to see horizon this year as pg said they were working on a new game.

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Nintendo are back with a hit this time round and it looks like it will have the games to keep the interest up where to me this is where the Wii failed and even though the wiiu had amazing games if failed on a sales point esp in confusion with the name.

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Nitrowolf2 I'm with you on this but I do think over time we will start to see games do what Microsoft 1st said but maybe quite a few years away. Ide love to see more developers look to use some software of cloud AI like turn 10 and Playground do wirh forza though for me this is a game changer when playing single player racing games and keeps them interesting and had to 2nd guess.

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What about the portable only version that popped up a few months ago maybe it's that when that is £150 rather than £279.

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People always find something to go on about its the state of the world now. People expect everything but dont know the ins and outs of everything.

People wanted a more powerful Xbox the x came along and people kicked off. People wanted a hybrid Nintendo console they did that and people were not happy.

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Well sea of theaves is out soon ide class that as one plus I'm really enjoying Forza 7 on my X and also be enjoying the enhanced version of horizon 3 and Halo soon. Each to there own though but for me the Xbox offers more games I want to play than the PS4 even with its more exclusives but the Xbox one has more of the gore I enjoy.

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I don't think it's people who can't afford a PS4 and more not having the PS4 as there 1st or 2nd choice console.

As for the game I can't wait to pick it up on the switch as for me this is the sort of game I want to play on the go.

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Haha did you really just type all that out?

As for a sim game ide love to see this hut there racer is Mario Kart and that's one that they don't need to change and the sales show this every console they have had even the low selling ones MK has sold amazing on.

Love to see a forza gt rival from Nintendo but I don't think it will happen.

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Sick of people saying this. How about films and TV programs they are more ture to life but then again we can't blame that.

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Lmao people need to get a grip. I play games for fun that simple not power not because it has 1 more ghz than the other or the rez is better on one. I pickup my controller and play the games I want. Love the Xbox one x but also love playing on my switch to as well as my PS3, dreamcast, game cube, wiiu, amiga32 N64 and SNES.

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People are also forgetting Microsoft have now said they are not talking about games until close to release date so this may also be why. Sea of theaves is also getting the hype at the moment because of the beat testing

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See this is your opinion not that it killed it. Sales alone show that botw was a hit but because you did not like it dose not mean it was a bad game or Nintendo messed up. I don't like cod, gta or rdr but that dose not mean they are bad games or that they were ruined by the publishers it just means that game is not for me.

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Yeah u agree but I'm wondering if this will be the hub for all halo games. With all new halo games being added to game pass by ms I wonder if this will be a relaunch for this game but as 6 7 ect come out they get added I to the main screen

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I'm wondering if Microsoft will do another push with this game and maybe add halo 3 to remastered for a re-release and add halo 5 into it to. More than likely way off but a you never know

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I'm with you on this. I had cds and mp3 as well as discs and movie files on a home server until 3 years ago where I now pay for a service to get all my tv films and music fixes and it costs me way less as well as takes up less space to. I also think it is also a good thing for gaming forward but also offering owning the software as well as rent then I don't see how anyone can put a negative spin on it as you get the best of both worlds

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Your spot on but also gamers don't look outside the big names like Gta, Cod fifa ect. We had some amazing games last gen and some that were different and under rated and did not sell well. Split/second and Blur come to mind and this is part of the issue with gaming today. Gaming has become like Samsung and apple in the phone world and people go for the hype and back to what they know instead of giving others a try.

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Can't wait to play this game and it will be interesting to see how well this game sells it will also be interesting to see how long in game pass it will be there for.

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I agree and I think this is where Nintendo always come out on top of the others.

I'm not saying every Nintendo game is better than every Sony and Microsoft or even 3rd parts but I don't ever recall Nintendo putting out a broken game that needs a day one patch ect.

I love some of the games we get now on all 3 plus my but the industry has become like the phone industry where people want the same games you like phones and they are cod and fifa. Ide ...

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I agree but then they would of been hitting a bigger price and price has a lot to do with consoles selling well see xbox one and ps3 on release.

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I get what your saying gamingunited but your also missing the point. Yes the ps4 and pro are outselling the xbox one and X but the X is selling more than the pro at the moment in time. That said there are big differences between the xbox one and the xbox x where the difference for the pro and ps4 are not that massive and people are opting for the lower cost console of the two.

Anyway all 3 are up yoy so if your a xbox, Sony or Nintendo fan or even just a gamer and don't...

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