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I think people have now moved on from the home fitness. I had the nike plus on the 360 and it was a great work out to do at home but as i look around fitness bands seem to be the in now and this has moved people away from.conaoles.

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I'm getting bored of all the power talk. Yes for Nintendo to get more 3rd partys on board they need to phave a console more ag the lines of the PSN and Xbox Scor but I don't want to see a Nintendo console that is jt the same as the other two. Its wat makes Nintendo different. I want a different way to play games and I hope Ninendo can offer some new way to play but also make it easy for the 3rd partys to games like COD Fifa ect on the NX as it will need this to stand up againt the 2 n...

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@timelessDbz I have to disagree with you on the Mario park. Galaxy, mario U, Mario 3D world and others have been amazing.

Sonic on the other hand have been hit and miss. BOOM was a joke and should not of been put on the market. Worlds was a good game. All stars games were fun but no mario Kart.

Sonic for me is all about speed but trying to put that into a complex 3d world is not easy to do. They kind of got it with worlds I just hope its something along t...

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christocolus im with you on this. FH2 and FM6 for me are the best racing games so far this gen and I cant wait to see what has been done with the 3rd game.

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I am the same Horizon 2 has been the best Forza game for me but 3 looks dam impressive cant wait to pick it up. Until then back to forza 6.

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Wow people over reacting as always on this site. It was a 3rd party game that was shown on pc not a Microsoft game.
But if we go off what people above are saying about MS not doing the right thing by showing this on pc is it the same for Sony?

Come one it is what it is. wait for the game to come o...

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People are forgetting this console is not for kids its for the hard core fans. The Xbox one is for kids.

If its £450 it's a steel but I don't see it being that low with what's inside. Could be wrong though.only 12 months to wait and see.

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Im saying £500 to £600 drowning on storage to as they could do a 500gb to 2tb storage with this like the xbox one. It will be u treating to see how they try and sell the devices together but I am wondering if they will call it xbox elite as the hard core of the 3 consoles on sale. One advantage ms have over sony and Nintendo is they can afford to take a hit on the hardware side but after the price of the xbox one with Kinect I see it being around that price for the small storage ver...

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Spot on

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haha I love how people say XYZ won. Lets be real and say us gamers won. For me Forza Horizon, Zelda and BF1, Recore and TitanFall 2 have me wanting them.
Its each to there own but to say Sony, MS or Nintendo won is just a fan boy coming out.

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Where did they say that? Plus we don't know anything about NEO as of yet so this maybe a small upgrade to the PS4 not like MS are doing with Scorpio.

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What is it with people saying MS is not in the business of making money? People seem to forget that a console takes at lest 3 years to make a company £ due to what goes into the cost of parts plus R&D. Now MS have changes as a company making everything fall into smaller parts. Windows 10 is the part that being them all together.

Windows 10 is running all their devices now. Phone, PC, Tablet and xbox.

That said Microsoft also make £ from ev...

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I never said games consoles are going away but I think the new console every 5 years or so is a thing of the past.
I think for the industoy going cross platform in terms of Multi Player is the way forward. It should not matter if you have a PS, Xbox, Nintendo console sat under you tv if you are playing games like COD, BF or Fifa as you could have the console you like the most but still play your mates on another console.

As I said there a...

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One thing people are forgetting is we don't know to much about Project Scorpio apart from it will be a very powerful console. For me I will buy Project Scorpio as I don't game on PC as I just want a console to plug and play. Yes it could have an impact on the sales of xbox consoles as people use their pc for the xbox/Windows exclusives but people need to remember its the software that makes the cash and the amount of people who come on this site and say they buy a PlayStation because ...

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@ricosuave I'm with you. For me (Fan boys notice the word ME) Microsoft had the better conference as the xbox one showed off more games I am interested in than what Sony showed off. The game I cant wait for is Horizon 3 though as again for me Horizon 2 has been the best racing game this gen I just hope 3 can top it.

I am also interested in Scorpio to as it will be the console I look to upgrade to. It will now be interesting to see what Nintendo do with the NX if this is...

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I was thinking the same thing. Don't like the look of this Res game.

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I see it being one game like on a PC but the setting will be at Max for the new xbox and the xbox one will have low settings. I'm not into the VR side for me I'm not interested but I will be getting Scorpio day one that's for sure.

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Haha I am in the same boat. I have a day one xbox one and I'm going to skip the S but that gives me 12 months to get a 4K TV and then save up for the scorpio as I am expecting it to be £600 at the very least. Cant wait for Horizon 3 though. I wanted rain again but the change in game play looks amazing my only grip with it is will it be as good as 2 as for me its been the best racing game this gen.

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Im hoping we don't see a FH3 this year. I want to see a rally game hit the market then FH3 followed by FM the year after that for me that would be a great way for PG and turn 10 to work. Still FM6 and FH2 are the best two racing games I've played this gen

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Haha I am not sure think I was stuck in the past when thought of the console numbers.

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