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I'm really looking forward to this game. Already have my pre order.

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Your spot on. Technology is different now. Also having a console upgrade every 3 years is not to bad as long as they continue to be forward and backwards compatible. If you think about it ms could even offer a base model of a console with a small hdd or no hdd in them to as you could move for external hdd from one console to another and all your games on it.
As long as the xbox one gets support for at least 5 years with all games I see this working. Its also a way to push us towards...

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@christocolus your spot on. I have no interest in VR just like I did not have in Kinect games outside fitness and dance. Yes VR is cool but I play games to relax after a hard week at work. I don't want to be putting a head set on to play games. VR will be a device that people go wow at the start but then don't use.
I have a friend with an Android VR headset and his kids loved it when he got his S7 for about 2 weeks and now they never bother with it.

VR is ...

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Haha I agree. I am still not hyped up for VR but yeah the ps4 can play vr games. Tbh the xbox one even the ps2 could run vr games but the graphics would be basic.

Like I said for me I don't see vr being the next big thing but you never know its happening and only time will tell.

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I think its time for all 3 to go 3rd party as such. For me it would benefit the industry all together.

I still want to see a console that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sell but all 3 of them offer a store/app you can get their games from but they all work on each others console.

People will disagree but think about it. Mario kart is the best selling IP on all its consoles, the same with Halo on xbox and GT on sony. Now add people to that list who can only...

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This is part of the problem with gaming today. People rate games on looks. For me its always and always will be about game play.
I still have a NES, Amiga32 as well as other consoles and when I have pulled them out to play a game with younger players all they say when I turn it on is it looks crap they don't want to play it. Yes we have some amazing looking games that play amazing to but not every game has to look amazing nintendo are a prime example of this.


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I agree. I am 32 and have a brother who is 24 and 18 and my 24 year old bro plays classic games with me all the time as I have an Amiga32, Mega drive & N64 to name a few but my brother who is 18 won't play them as he tells me they look pants and he can never win to which he hates. Give him a game like Cod and he loves it and is not bad at it but give him a game like Sensible soccer or the chaos engine and he can't do it.

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And they all said nintendo were doomed. I do think with what microsoft and now nintendo are doing we will start to see less exclusives in terms of hardware and more games on more hardware. At the end of the day we all know software is where the money is made.

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I get what you are saying but I do see Sony Nintendo and Microsoft making their games/services accesses to everyone.
For me ide be up for all 3 offering their services on each others consoles. Ide still be up for MS, Sony and Nintendo making hardware but it did not matter which one you bought as you could play all their exclusives on but think about it if there are 100million consoles sold that's 100million target for your IPs. Just look at Mario Kart sales on all their consoles ...

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R00bot im with you on this. Im not saying it will have a wiiu pad for it but if you can use your wiiu game pad and the wiiu pro controller with it im up for that. Plus for me being backwords compatible is one thing I want from the NX. If it will play wii wiiu games then this is only a plus. But I think the NX will have a controller along the lines of the Wiiu Pro controller.

Its going to be interesting to what Nintendo bring to the table. Microsoft have started to show thei...

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I cant wait for this game. For me BF is still one of the best looking next gen games out there I cant wait to get BF1.

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I know a lot of people say on this site say this is bad move for MS but if you sit back and think about it its not. I don't want or need a gaming pc so consoles will always be the choice I go for I'm not going into why as we all have different needs but for me Ill take a console over a gaming pc any day.

Now that still dose not change anything for people who want a console for games like halo, Forza ect.

The other thing is people say they prefer t...

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For me I think all 3rd party games should be cross platform but Microsoft Sony and Nintendo have exclusives that you can only get on that console. For me what's to lose?

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Interesting as I also think there is a SNES one the Windows 10 store.

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@vulcanproject I don't own a pc and don't want to own a pc. I have a Lumia 950xl with a NexDock to use for my day to day things like online shopping, email checking, Word Excel ect as well as editing my Website all through Continnum on my Lumia 950xl so to me Scorpio is a must buy for me. I don't want the hassle of having to use a KB and Mouse to play games/watch media. I have a xbox one with a Koid box and 2 paid apps for TV Shows and Movies.

Just because you d...

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I hope VR will be an option. Im not a vr fan and never want to be playing a game with a head set on. I have had every hone console of Nintendos but if the NX is just a VR machine it will be one I wont want. Time will tell though.

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Ide love to see how many of both have been sold. Im still not into the VR hype and I don't think it will be the next big thing even on the ps4 but knowing the sales of them would be interesting.

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I think in terms of power and storage it will be betwen £450 and £500 when it comes out. If its that price then im more than happy to buy one.

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I think people have now moved on from the home fitness. I had the nike plus on the 360 and it was a great work out to do at home but as i look around fitness bands seem to be the in now and this has moved people away from.conaoles.

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I'm getting bored of all the power talk. Yes for Nintendo to get more 3rd partys on board they need to phave a console more ag the lines of the PSN and Xbox Scor but I don't want to see a Nintendo console that is jt the same as the other two. Its wat makes Nintendo different. I want a different way to play games and I hope Ninendo can offer some new way to play but also make it easy for the 3rd partys to games like COD Fifa ect on the NX as it will need this to stand up againt the 2 n...

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