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I think Japan is the key to the switch. If they like it I see it selling very well there and then in Europe and US it gets a decent amount of sales it could do very well I'm just not sure how it will sell in Europe and US but that also depends if they drop the 3DS to if they drop this and it is the all in one console then sales could pickup even more.

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What about the PSV? that got little support from both. Sony get things wrong to you know.

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I said from the start I did not think the PSVR was going to be a hit. I did not feel a buzz from people like when Kinect and the Wii was shown off.

I think Sony also messed up a bit making the PSVR for the PS4. I think on this one they would of been better following Microsoft path with it and wait a little longer to see what's happened or even teamed up with HTC/ others who have a VR head set to make it work with the console as the biggest issue with PSVR is it can onl...

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@affrohop so your telling me if the Switch was just the same as a PS4 or Xbox one you would pick on up over the switch now? Come on people need it to be different for having a reason to pick it up.

Nintendo know the main market for them is Japan. The switch fits best for this market as it is a portable console as well as a handheld. The US and Europe loves its home console and again its a home console with a portable side.
Yes its not for everyone but the ps4 and ...

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For me a console dose not need to have access to any of its previous console games but it would be nice if the switch had all of them accessible as I like to keep some classic game and Nintendo have plenty of them.

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So what is it you want to see Nintendo do? For me all I see is people wanting a Nintendo badge on a xbox one or PS4 case.

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Good to see it getting some 3rd party support. Not an NBA fan but I really want to see a 2K NHL game again for me I cant get into the EA ones since the change to using the sticks.

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I keep seeing the words inferior on the switch. SO dose that mean we should not get a PSV because it is the inferior product on the market?
Should we not of picked up a 3DS because it was the inferior product on the market?
Should we not of picked up a PS2 because it was the inferior product on the market?
Should we of not got the PSX because it was the inferior product on the Market?

Stop with the inferior bs people. Yes it has not got as much po...

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@Firebird360 well if that's the case that's pants. Maybe we will get a 3rd party wireless headset but a who know. Ill be finding out my self on March 3rd.

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I disagree I loved the wiiu for me the worst home console was the Wii. For me I spent more hours on my wiiu than the Wii and has some classics. Can see why it has been dropped though even if I am not happy about it.

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finally true games come through. For me I have found this gen (Xbox one, PS4) Less exciting than last one (PS3, 360) in terms of games. I owned all 3 last gen but have a wiiu and xbox one this gen and I'm only interested in one ps4 game so far this gen and found my sell less and less excited about 3rd party games to.
The switch has me excited though and I'm hoping the PS4 Pro and Xbox scoripo can do this to and its not just the same old same old.

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@Pancit_Canton did you really say that the PSV "gaming library are far superior than Wii U and the Switch combine"
Wow really its really not. Don't get me wrong I was hyped for the PSV got it on day one at the high price with a high price memory card but even after the 1st 16 months I found out the support for the console was very poor and the software made for it never delivered.

The WiiU on the other had had the support from Nintendo and has had s...

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@Utalkin2me to me it is read as if Nintendo are copying Sony. Its the wording that dose it. Might no of meant to be negative but that's the way it comes across.

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@ocelot07 I agree I think the game bundle should be offered for all consoles but none of them included a game for the console price as such. It is what it is though.

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No the PS4 and xbox one cases are Almost Identical you mean :-p

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I might be wrong but did Sony do one with a game? I know Microsoft did in Europe with Fifa but I don't recall Sony or MS doing it with their 1st console. That said I think 1 2 Switch should be a game that comes with it to show off the joy cons like wii sport and nintendoland showed off wii mote and game pad on the wii and wiiu.

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Sounds good to me means paying less. We always get shafted in the UK due to the 20% VAT.

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It must be but how dose news like this get approved on N4G or is it because its negative against the switch?

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Wow I cant believe they are Almost Identical I mean how dare Nintendo do that. People will make news about anything.

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I'm thinking the same as you. The switch has a headphone jack on it so surly that can be used for chat when in handheld mode? As for when using the joypads IDE expect the pro controller to have a jack to but I did wonder about the joycons. I could be of with the 1st two points but have to wait and see.

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