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Your spot on and ive said this for a long time. Nintendo don't need to sell 80 million consoles to make big money as they have some of the best selling games each gen that have legs longer than others on Sony's and Microsoft's consoles.

The one thing that has changes is how people play gaming. People seem to love FPS games and YOY fps and Sports games seem to sell millions but this tends to be the none core gamers who just want pickup and play games with their fri... #2.1.2
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It should be interesting to see how far Apple can go. For me their products don't work for me as IOS is too limited but I can see why people love them but I wonder where they will go next now things like the Ipod are coming to the end of its life. #5
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I still don't see VR being anything but an extra for home consoles or PC as most people like to multi task when gaming. (Using Phone, Tablet other devices, drinking, Eating ect).

With VR your closed off to everything behind you.

I still think its a great idea but I just don't see the average joe will rush out and buy the product.

That said with devices like this and what Microsoft and Google are working on it could turn out to be an i... #2.1.1
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@The_Infected The Surface Pro's are getting Windows 10 grades its Windows RT that will not get the full Windows 10. This is the Surface RT and 2 as well as a Nokia, Acer and Dell Tablets that are not getting the full windows 10 upgrade but Microsoft have not said what will and wont be updated on Windows RT.

I have a Pro 3 and ill be putting Windows 10 preview on it as soon as its out and cant wait to give it a try. #1.1.5
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@VforVideogames how am I trolling try reading without having blinkers on. Gamers are the winners as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all making great games but it all depends on what type of games you are into to what console you should get at the moment. It really is that simple feel sorry it had to be explained to you. #1.2.2
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Ide say gamers are the winners. It all depends on what games you are into though. For me the Xbox one and WiiU had more games I wanted last year and in 2015 its the same at the moment. This is not because I think the ps4, 3ds or psv are bad consoles just the games I'm into more are on these consoles. That said we are only in January and when UC4, GT and GOW come out on the ps4 ill be picking one up and completing my console collection.

No matter what is your console of ch... #1.2
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I hope your right about "I'm sure most of the beta was hardcore players" as I got hammered on the beta all the time. I go back to MCC and im fine with it.

Even though I got hammered all the time I still enjoyed the beta and it felt like Halo which to me was a good thing as im sick of the COD/BF type games. #4.2.1
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I agree Sony have been doing this since the PSP and PS3 but the issue Sony have is the remote play is limited by its devices where the xbox version will be on a bigger array of devices.

That said it gives me even more reason to go digital so I can jump between games. #4.2.1
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Your spot on but what people also don't realise is Microsoft offer other services too that the upgrade will get people to look at like Xbox music, Skype, Office 365 and more.

Plus it even half of the users who have windows 7 and windows 8 upgrade business can't throw the card there are not enough machines to create apps for that os like has been done with windows 8 and windows phone.

Ive signed up for the preview and when its released I'm going to... #2.3.1
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With this in mind you can now also see why MS wanted DRM at the start of the gen. If this works outside of the home as well as in the home I can see my self using this quite a lot. Its also a good reason to go digital too. #1.10
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I agree. I enjoyed Forza 5. It was not the best Game of the series but it was enjoyable but I'm really hyped for Forza 6 as I think it will step it up like it did from 2 to 3. I own Horizon 2 and for me this is the best racer I've played in a very long time and the game is massive.

As for Project cars I really want to see what they have done with the with WiiU version before I decide if I get it on the Xbox one or WiiU.

That said to far this gen us raci... #3.1.1
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Looks good. Anyone know where you can order the game from love to support some of the developers. #15
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N&B was a good game on its own but as a Banjo 1 and 2 player I do want to see a new Banjo game as it could be the Xbox's answer to LBP and Mario as such.

As for battle toads ide love to see that ip make a come back. #4.1.1
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I don't think Nintendo need to ditch home consoles. As long as Nintendo make a profits from the consoles they sell then that is what matters.

I don't think they will out sell the Xbox or PlayStation if they can't get 3rd party's on board but if they carry on making the great exclusives they are now for the wiiu from day one on there next home console I think Nintendo will be around for a long time to come. For me the Wii has been the worst of the home consoles... #2.1
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I love the its a kids game comment. If people look at what kids play you will see quite alot of them don't play any Nintendo consoles at all. If I just look at the Xmas just gone and what my work colleagues got there kids the main games they got them were COD and FIFA. #8.1
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DC and also The Crew dropped to £25 in most game stores in the UK so this is part of the reason too but good to see a racing game selling well would love to see more people playing racers than FPS games but I can wish haha. #1.2.1
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I did not think 5 was a bad game it (For me did not seem to hit the heights 3 and 4 did) but I also felt this with 2.
Horizon 2 for me has shows what can be done with the development time and we all know Turn10 do make forza MS games look stunning. I would love them to add weather to 6 though as I think this is one thing Forza is now missing.

That's said I now can not wait for more information on this game as I am a big fan of the Forza games. #6.1
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Haha I have a Lumia too. I really hope MS add the Tile folders to the xbox one pin screen as this would be a great way to organise the Apps and games we have. #3.1
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I agree it looks good. The one thing I would like to see is a folder list being created in the Pins screen. I have a Windows Phone and they have created a Tile folder where you still see live updates ect but your apps are all in the tile folder. For me if Microsoft add this to the pin's menu this would be great as I have too many games and apps so I cant get them all on my pins screen. #2.1
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Wow did I have to get this far down before I found a comment that was not being x is better than y ect.

I agree with you though my xbox one gets used each day for one of the following, BT-TV, Now-TV, NHL GameCentre, Netflix, DLNA from from my home server and also gaming. #15.1
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