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I am wondering if it will be an old IP from the original Xbox that makes a come back or something from one of the studies like rare in the massive ips they had back in the day. Alittle like they did with ki as no one saw that coming. For me I'm happy with the ips the Xbox one has had so far but I see why people want more and for them to grow they need more. Interesting times for all 3 as the switch is on fire at the moment. Sony is doing well with the PS4 but need to re sell the psvr as i...

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I agree. For me I think it was ahead of its time but you cant blame sega for trying. Ide still love them to be in the console business but we will never see that again so I just wish they would bring back some of their old ips love to see them team with Nintendo and give it big name games as well as some of the amazing ones they had in the DC like JSR, Crazy Taxi even the old sports games but again that's a pipe dream.

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Hi good shout also looks better than I thought. If each want this to sell well on the switch they need to make it a complete game rather than a poor game like the wiiu or psv had

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It's each to there own I loved it. But I real hope we get to see a 2nd

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Please bring out an Alan wake 2. Even if it's multi platform as for me this was the best game of last gen. Not everyone will agree but for me it was. Loved the story and also the way you were drawn in. Felt alot more scary to play that. The rez games of last gen to.
Looking forward to seeing the next up though liked quantum break just did not get the same buzz as Alan wake and love to see a number 2 of this to but without the real life sceans.

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Your spot on there they are 2 markets but because of this this is the reason I don't see it being the next big thing. I also think things like phone vr don't help gaming vr. I know quite a few people enjoy got a Samsung vr with their galaxy last year and everyone said the same thing is cool but nothing to keep you going back and a few saying I already have a vr headset why should I spend £300 on another one that is just for games.

There are a few things I thin...

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Nintendo messed up with the wiiu in alot of ways and one was the name. I'm not saying the wiiu would of sold any different if it was called something else but when I told People about the wiiu they always said is that the add-on screen for the Wii. I'm glad the switch is selling well though great little machine and I hope it gets the support it deserves.

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Yes because 2 manufacturers have an issue its Nintendo's fault not that everyone else's TVs run fine and Samsung have released a patch to fix the issue but some how its still Nintendo's fault?

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@Unreal01 depends what games you are into. For me I want Forza 7, Crackdown & sea of thieves so that's my reason for having an xbox, I was not aware of Remedy being picked up by Sony?

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Aenea I'm not sure vr is not new and is only good for something. For me I see AR being the bigger one but only if it can become glasses size device. Each to there own though but for me I just don't see vr being the next big thing.

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This is still a big worry for vr. Having to buy the brand it's self and the addons and the extra add-ons for some games. For me is part of the reason vr will not be the next big thing.

Only time will tell though.

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Razzer I see what your saying but this is Nintendo we are talking about anything is possible maybe even a portable switch without the joycons but can be plugged into the base will come later as we have heard about in the past.

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I could not get into PC or The Crew. Horizon and Forza 6 have me hocked though. I am still on the fence with the new GT game I felt burnt by gt5 not being finished when it came out and having premium and none premium cars/tracks. I am hoping they correct it in the new game though and things are looking good but that said I'm waiting on Forza 7 to see what this will also be like but that said with GTS and Forza 7 out later this year and MK8D already out will be a great year for us racing f...

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Yeah I tend to use it on the TV but my other half loves to play it as a handheld. I do wonder if them offering it in 2 SKU's down the line as I see it also working plus costing less.

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I agree with you on this although this makes me wonder if Nintendo are looking at doing a Switch only SKU and that would be interesting.

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Your spot on. The switch ticks all the boxes in terms of what Japan want in a console but also what will work in Europe and USA. Yes it's not as powerful as the home consoles but it's more powerful then any handheld but works in both modes. I use mine docked more but my other half loves to play it portable. I think as long as we see ips every month or some form Nintendo and 3rd party's the switch will go on to sell very well.

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Alot of is love that idea but I think we all know it will never happen there is not room for 4 console's unfortunately.

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I never got to 100% of the 1st or 2nd. Struggling with 3rd due to now being an adult expecting a child haha but I agree for me pg have set the standard for open world racing games. I think the way forza 6 and horizon 3 trained out both ips are on the up. I would like to see something alittle different now though maybe a rally have from them or something like Mario Kart but on the lines of split/second and blue just so we get a new IP every year but some of each every 3

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The more I see of this game the more I want to pick it up and its not a game I was excited for on the Switch but after the last direct I think ill be grabbing this game in the next few months.

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I'm with you on that. Even though I'm not a big ps fan I'm loving what all 3 offer and also how all 3 do very well. Living the switch they need to get the MP sorted out now but I think it will be good when it launces and looking forward to seeing what ips come to the switch

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