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I hope so. I want an Alan wake and Quantum break 2 as I loved what they did with both games. QB is not for everyone though just like heavy rain.

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COD always outsell other games in the same gore dose not mean its a better game. I do agree with the guys above though GT dose need a new look and feel. GT5 was a mess and I did miss 6 because of the new gen but seeing the videos so far of GTS I am not hyped for the game. Turn 10 did mess up with FM5 but made up for it with 6 so I hope PD do the same with GTS.

As for Forza Horizon 3 I cant wait this game looks and plays amazing and looking like it will be my game of the yea...

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I agree with you and I expect to see a drop off point in the Xbox one at some point but Ms could have 2 to 3 consoles on the market. Xbox one Xbox one s, Scorpio but when the 4th one comes out this is when the they can they say the Xbox one is not supported for new games but people have the option to upgrade to the s or Scorpio or even the one after.

People seem to forget its not the console that makes the money it's the games. This is part why Ms are making cross plat...

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I don't think people are seeing what Sony are doing with the pro. They are pointing this console at gamers who want the latest and greatest so to speak as well as the VR users. Yes the ps4 can do vr but it's better with the pro.

What will be interacting is to see where Sony go next. Microsoft have already said there will be no more console gens for them as they are looking to make every Xbox forward and backwards compatible and said the life of the Xbox one was made...

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I have tried VR quite a few times but i just don't get exited about it. It's kind of like the Wii mote or Kinect in a way to me. Yeah its cool but after a long day at work do I want to be putting a head set on to play a game? If mates are round it takes the fun out of local gaming with being able to chat see them and wind them up like we do now.

It's just not for me as I said its a cool idea but I just don't see it being the next big thing in gaming.

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I think its funny how we all differ. I went

Amiga 1200
Amiga 32
Wiiu/xbox one

I tend to buy a console for a game rather than saying xyz is the best.

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Looks cool but I'm still not sold on VR and it will be interesting to see what the publics' reaction is when it come out.

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It depends on how you look at it. Name a better line up of games for the Xbox or 360? I cant think of any. It also depends on what games you want to.

Last year i wanted star fox on the wiiu, uc4 on the ps4 and forza 6, quantum break and halo. So for me the Xbox line up was better.

This year i want Pokémon on the 3ds and recore, gears and horizon 3 on the Xbox one. Now to me i have more excitement about the 3 Xbox one games than last years line up ESP...

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Well done MS. A lot of people on this site keep saying games being on Windows 10 will hurt sales of the xbox but I have always said it will help the sales as MS are now putting out exclusives. Cant wit to play ReCore tonight and Horizon 3 at the end of the Month.

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Finally someone sees what Microsoft are doing. Also Microsoft have come out and said they want to build a console that is forward and backwards compatible going forward. So that means when the xbox after Scorpio will play all the games you own plus new ones that come out but Scorpio will carry on playing new games that come out in a lower rez but if you don't want to own a console as your into gaming on pc then their games are on Windows 10 to. That's a win win for MS as there are an ...

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Cant wait for this game really looking forward to it as I have got bored of the YOY games. Nice to see some new IP's hitting this gen and hope the game sells well. Day one for me.

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@gearSkiN have you ever played horizon games? They have never been above 30fps. That said its never needed it as what pg do with the games I have never noticed its running slower than forza Ms.
It is 60fps on pc I think though.

Can't wait to get this game. September is going to be an expensive month for me with this recore and FIFA plus the start of the UK ice hockey season

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I agree. I know they were the ones who set the standard for COD but when TF was shown off I had the thought I now get from playing TF2 beta that is will be just like COD. TF was not like COD and I loved it. I was one person who did not want a single player mode and enjoyed the MP side a lot. But now it seems like everyone who called out TF has got what they wanted and that is to be just like COD.

I think ill stick to Halo 5, TF1 and BF1 as my FPS games.

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For me it feels to slow. The 1st titan fall was fast but this one dose not feel the same at all. Still unsure if I'm going to pick it up or not yet as its dropped down my wanted games list

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I don't mean it plays like Burn out/NFS I mean it is that type of game. Its a fun open work racing game not a sim like GT or Forza MS.

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Haha I love comments like this. For me I think Forza Horizon 3 will be the best racing game this year if not this gen. 2 Was amazing and still play it now but Horizon and GT are not the same type of game. FH is kind of a burnout/NFS type of game. GT and Forza are the two sim games. For me I am more a Forza fan as did not like GT5 at all and missed 6. GTS will also be another one I miss. As for it being pushed back that's become standard for PD over last gen how long did it take for GT5 to...

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Sport on plus I don't know anyone who has a PS4 or Xbox one that dose not have gold or PS+. Marking a bigger deal of this than is needed.

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I wonder what the % is of consoles traded in (Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox one ect) were.

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No its just MP but a lot of fun.

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I cant wait for this game. Still love the 2nd but WOW its amazing what's been done with the 3rd.

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