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Yeah mine could be that long tbh but I will see how things play out. Not to much 4k about at the moment so it's not a must for me at the moment

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I'm the same I also don't recall a bad Mario game in terms of a main Mario game.

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Ide love to see a new PD game and for me this could sit well with halo to in their fps gore. Love a real banjo game and also like a battle todes to but I am not sure how well that would be i think they need to make it a 3rd person like gears rather than a side scroller.

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Yeah im going to be a 1080p tv owner of the Xbox one and I'm glad Microsoft have not forgot about us users.

I will jump to a 4k tv in the next 18 months but not yet bit good to see Microsoft adding things for us old tv users haha.

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Wow @jinger stop with the negative thoughts. What other handheld console can you play this game on?

Also ide expect about 3 hours battery life for a game like this botw dose and that's plenty of time for a handheld game how often do people game for more than 3 hours in a row on the move and also don't have some sort of power source with/near them.

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@bloop your saying you still don't like MK now? I don't believe that. Ide also love to see PC on the switch I also feel SM owe the wiiu owners something for doing them over last gen but I just don't see a sim type racer coming to the switch which is why I also own an xbox one.

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Sounds good look forward to seeing it.

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Not played the demo yet still trying to get through 6 and horizon 3 but from what ive seen some big changes but in little ways like things moving on the car and the effects look more real. Both PG and Turn10 do an amazing job with pushing the xbox ones power.

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Well what did they expect.

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Microsoft said the console was made to last 10 years please release read that. Both Sony and Microsoft came out saying they expect to replace the PS4 and Xbox one in 5 years when they came out.

I like you got a day one Xbox one I also got a day one wiiu 3ds and ps. Now Nintendo don't support the wiiu and Sony stopped most of the support of the PS3 in its 1st 12 months.
Also the Xbox one will play all games that are on the Xbox x and Sony Brought out the pro a y...

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Microsoft never said the xbox one will be supported for 10 years they said the console has been built to last for 10 years.

You could also say sony have done the same in making the new ps4 and then the pro and then VR and then not supporting VR. No matter what people say you can swing things how you want just like I have done.

At the end of the day the tech world is a fast moving one Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all trying to find their own feet and ...

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I agree. I was holding out for a video like this to see the difference. I'm not updating my console just yet (Due to having a little one) as I feel it looks good enough on the xbox one to grab this game just for the xbox not the x. What Turn 10 and PG can do with the xbox one power is amazing though.

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The 10th Rider I agree. For me that's all I get from people how have used vr in wow thats cool then you tell them the price and they lose interest. The thing with kinect is at the time it was cool and the 1st set of games were not like anything people had seen before dance central, ea fitness and kinect sports all worked well and with it being full body tracking you did not need to hold/buy any extras like move or Wii motion plus remits and at £120 people could justify the price even...

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@guitarded77 Yeah I got the same reaction as your self the I must of never used one or I hate sony ect.

I just did not feel the excitement was there for the product and I also fell the pro should of had better hardware to show it off as well. It is each to there own and I the same as your self have got products that have not made the mass market I even got a Zune which for me was a far better product than the Ipod but it is what it is.

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@septic I said when people on here were saying the psvr will be the next big thing that I did not think it would be. If you speak to general gamers they are not interested in VR. The masses want Fifa, COD, GTA ect and none of them have a VR mode.

Don't get me wrong VR is cool when you use it but it dose not make you say I need that in my life and because of this I still don't see it being the next big thing in gaming.

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@slappingOysters you do know Forza MS and Forza Horizon are 2 different games don't you? Also PC and Forza 6 came out the same year so there has been the same time between the two?

Good to see PC2 getting good reviews though for me I did not like the 1st but this one sounds like it is the game the 1st one should of been. I will look to pick this game up some time toward the end of the year.

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Spot on with your comment. I don't care who sells more consoles I always buy what I want but I like to see all 3 doing well and it changes from gen to gen which again is good for the industry as all 3 keep evolving with each gen.

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Sounds good to me. For me nothing comes close to the online side of Forza and having pc players on-board to only makes it even better.

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I think what I get from all the comments is both Halo and Destroy are good ips some people like one over the other. For me I'm just happy to see a different type of fps games that are not cod or bf wannabes as for me there are to many of them.

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Good numbers for both tbh. Yes Sony have great numbers world wide but Microsoft are not to far behind at home is good for them considering the xbox one state over the last few years.

Will be interesting to see if the Pro or X can push on the 2 consoles later on this year.

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