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I disagree about the best mario kart so far as for me the battle mode is where it gets let down and DD is still the best mario kart game for me but if Nintendo do make battle ground dlc for the game with would beat dd. That said still love the game and love the dlc we have had for it and the price is amazing too.
Great to see Nintendo IP's selling well and that Nintendo are still making money. I really hope Nintendo stay in the console market as for me their games would not be th... #2.1
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Your right I don't see MS or Sony doing this. I don't have any issue with Nintendo doing it though as millions of kids own 3ds systems and I can see why they like them. They are kind of the new pogs or football stickers from when I was younger in the 90's. I do have a pikachu amiibo that my brother got me with super smash bros as an extra but I have not really used it in any of my games but smash bro as its the only one I have it works with so far. #3.1
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Now you see I'm not excited about it I already have fable legends, halo 5, Forza 6, tomb raider, Mario maker, Yoshi, star fox in my list of games to get and I still have a load of other games to get through and not enough time to play them all dam getting old sucks and I know I will also want half of the games shown at gamescom too :-( may have to pull some sick days at work. #1.2
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I really whish I had not got the game on my Xbox one as it is a mess. I am a big fan of racing games but I hate when they are unfinished or don't work right on a console. I was excited for Project Cars on the WiiU and when they said it was not coming until later on I thought I would get the xbox one version as I wanted a new Sim game and thinking PC would be on the same lines as GT and Forza I was so wrong.

In a way in glad the WiiU is not getting this game as it will sav... #3.2
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@GordonKnight your spot on. I also don't think Nintendo have made a bad home console yet but what has hurt them more than anything is the 3rd party support.
To have a successful home console you need the full backing of the big 3rd party games.
In a way gaming has become a popular technology but it is run by the YoY games like cod, bf, nfs, FIFA, nhl, NBA, AC etc that sell millions each year and are the reason why a lot of gamers are buying consoles.

That... #1.2.3
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MS have already come out and said they don't see the 1st Hololens being used for gaming and I still don't see VR or AR as the main gaming device. The mass market don't want to be putting things on their heads when they get in from work and interacting with their game consoles. A lot of people game to relax and chill out after work and in the evening. Ok We have Move, Kinect and Wii Mote but they were used to get family's into gaming and this gen has seemed to of moved onto tab... #5.1
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I did think forza 5 lacked a bit compared to 4 but 6 looks to get the MS side of Forza back to where it was and you have to give it to both Turn10 and Play Ground they are both talented developers who do make great racing games.

One thing I don't want to happen though is have a Horizon 3 next year ide love to see a rally game from them next time round as I do miss the rally games we had back on the PSX and Original Xbox gens. #1.3.2
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By far the best racing game of this gen and I hope we see more games like this from PG. Add Forza 6 to this next gen list and what a franchise Microsoft have with racing.

We are quick to react to the bad side of gaming but people should let other people know how good Horizon 2 is and the game is massive too. #1.3
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I really wish split second sold a lot more than it did ide love to see a 2nd game this gen. #10.2
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@sprinterboy I know what you mean. I am starting to lose fait in getting a lot of games on day one due to issues. We have had so many already this gen that have needed some sort of patch a few days after it came out.
Project Cars was the last one for me and I have stopped playing the game because it is just too buggy for me as I have it on the xbox one. Ive also had to deal with BF4 and Halo MCC (although MCC got away with it due to me wanting to play through all 4 sp modes 1st) but i... #3.2
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Great deal on TR just picked it up as I fancy giving it a try as its one game I missed last gen. #5
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I have found that this is a problem with people nowadays they judge on the small things. People forgot he made the Wii and ds a but success plus he gave us some of the best Nintendo IP's too.

For me this is not a day to this man did this wrong and that wrong or for people to say who cares about Nintendo because they are x y z.

Its a day to remember a man who has given the industry some amazing Memory's and also stood side by side with his words on g... #2.1.1
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@Cindy-rella it depends on the games you are into. For me ive lost my love for 3rd parry games and at the moment its about the exclusives I want as last gen burnt me out with COD, BF, AC, FIFA, NHL ect. I have an xbox one and WiiU at the moment as they have the most games I want on them as I'm not really a fan of what the PS4 has to offer at the moment. Yes it has some great looking games like DC, KZ4, LBP ect but they just don't get me as excited as Horizon 2, KI, Windwaker, Super Sm... #1.2.5
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For me it made the game feel unfinished. It may of been more that GT5 was a mess at the start with frame rate drops and bad screen tearing but I just felt like the game was unfinished having cars that looked amazing next to cars from the PS2 version of the game.

I am not one who buys a game because of its looks but I do feel a game like GT or Forza MS there needs to be a standard of quality in them as they are sim games. It is each to there own but for me I just did not like... #2.1.2
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The same could be said for the YOLD on the PS3. I had a Fat Day 1 PS3 that got the YOLD which was not under warranty and I replaced it with a LBP Fat PS3 which also got YOLD and I then bought a Slim PS3. I had a day 1 360 that had the RROD that I had replaced by MS and I then upgraded my 360 to the slim when it came out with Kinect. Last gen was abit of nightmare when it came to Sony's and Microsoft's hardware.

So far My xbox one and WiiU have not had any issues and I... #1.1.9
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For me I think they should have a set number of cars in the game and not do premium and none premium cars as it spoils the game or it did for me with gt5. #2.1
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Im not sure on that as I did not think ms3 looked as good at 2 but that just what I thought. Dc looks great though and for me I'm loving this gen as a racing fan as Forza 5, 6, pc, dc and horizon 2 are all great games not to add nfs f1 and more to come soon too #8.2
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I agree they do but I do think Microsoft will look to hit this market next year rather than this year. If you look at how Phil is running the Xbox decision now he showed off the big name games at e3 that sell very well in the us. Gears, halo, Forza etc and saved some of the games that should sell better to the European markets like quantum break, crack down etc. I think Japan will be the last market they look to push in this gen as I do think it is a bit of a dead market for the Xbox one at t... #5.1
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I'm with wonderfulmonkeyman. I never buy a game because of how it looks. I buy games for entertainment value.

Also People say Nintendo are stuck in the past yet for me so far this gen Nintendo have not made a broken game that needs a day one patch or a game that is unfinished or even DLC that is over priced.

On the Xbox one and PS4 we have had DriveClub, BF4, Halo MCC, Project CARS and more games with issues than they should of had and some did not work... #1.1.6
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Your spot on. This gen both Microsoft and Nintendo have taken a back step in terms of sales and what Sony did to correct things with the ps3 has helped them have a great start with the ps4. Sony now need to keep this up as both Microsoft and Nintendo are now looking at putting things right to grab a hols in the market. Microsoft seem to have the right man in charge this time round and we still need to wait for Nintendo to show us what they have with the NX as they are happy to keep its curren... #2.1
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