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@nix tbh you cant compare pc and consoles as pcs are used for many different things. There is no dout the psvr is the best selling vr headset at the moment but 2 million is still way to small for developers to jump on sony still have work to do in the VR front and so dose everyone else imo.

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Its like that with all tech tbh. For me congrats to Sony they did everything right at the start of the Gen and have carried it onto the gen.

Now Both MS and Nintendo have hit back with the X and Switch it will be interesting to see if this helps them and where Sony go the back end of this gen.

I still don't think the attachment rate of VR is anything to shout about if the ps4 is at 70million and vr is at 2 million its not enough for the big developers...

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@darthv72 your right and Forza was the reason I got the xbox one over the ps4 when they both came out. I'm a big racing fan and I was willing to jump to the ps4 1st with Driveclub but when Sony said they put it back I got the xbox one with Forza 5. For me it was the best choice I made as every year its had a great racing game (5 was just ok) where the ps4 did not have as many.

Its each to there own but for me Forza MS being out every 2 years is the reason I stayed with ...

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Spot on and tbh WWE games don't looks amazing imo anyway.

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@Obscure_Observer I agree and this graphics argument is funny as for me no other open world racing game looks as good as FH3 and that is without the xbox x enhancements But sony have not made an open world racer.
Sony have not made a FPS game as good looking as Halo 5.
I agree UC4 looks amazing but there is noting Microsoft have done that is similar to this you could say QB but this is not the same type of game as the action and shooting are different to QB.

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You could be right with that one but I also did not think the 2nd game was as strong as the 1st one to which did not help with sales

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Tbh they screwed them over with TF2 putting it out the same time as BF1. I also felt TF2 was a step back from the 1st. It's the little things in the game I did not like. For example the black screen just before you are in the titan it made it feel disconnected from the game where you did not have that in the 1st it was one action shot in the titan and carry on with the action.

I also felt it was a less run and gun game to add you had to use the walls building ect to not...

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Movefasta1993 that's the thing about gaming we all have our own views. Just like how I perfer forza ms over project cars or GT. I perfer botw over horozon. Halo over Bf & Cod. Split/second over blur. Play what you like and others should do the same.

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@automatic I agree people seem to think the only thing that matters is the number of consoles sold. This is not true we all know games and services are what makes the £ for the companys. Game sales are now harder to track with more and more people going digital so the only way to know how well a gaming department is doing is to see what the takings are.
Console wars are just silly and always have been. I have never got how people get so defensive about a product. (games console...

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@theking well tbh next month and following months after we will see if the Xbox x hype has worked or no. Xbox now boasts the power and 4k advantage and if it gets the games promo to could work out well for them but the next months we will find that out. Great numbers for sony and Nintendo though but love to know how many PS4s are sold to PS4 pros

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Well done Nintendo and the Zelda developers the best game of 2017. Cant wait to see another switch Zelda game that takes advantage of the switch power as this was a port and a great one at that of the wiiu version

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Yeah your spot on. For me I love how all 3 are going different ways as it gives more reason to own all 3 going forward.

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That's why Microsoft are making games on the pc to as they know this is where the £ is. Plus with the cross play this will also push digital sales for people who want to play on both.

Interesting times in the gaming world with the new consoles and be interesting to see if sony can turn around the pro sales if Microsoft can up the xbox one sales with the X and if Nintendo can keep the hype going for the switch.

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I love questions like this. For me its the Switch, Xbox and PS4 but that is due to the type of games I like and less time to game with a little one but it will be different for everyone else.

One thing for sure is all are worth owning and have great games.

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I'm sorry @Ab341 at what point did I talk about the xbox one x? I am not down playing VR at all it is what it is at the moment which is not big and only wanted by some core gamers and not the masses.

I am all for VR being a hit as new way to game is always a good thing but as I said the way I see it from the outside in VR is just not the next big thing esp in the masses and the way the gaming industry is if its not a hit they drop support for it look at Kinect 2, Move e...

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Yes 2 million is good because of the price but compared to the install base its very small and this is what the developers will look at. I'm not being a fan boy on this I'm looking at it how it should be. Yes PSVR is leading the VR space but to say its a success/a hit its not.

Even Sony them selfs have gone quite on the VR side of things and are pushing the pro as a 4k console with nothing to show off they have VR support. For me its starting to feel like the PSV w...

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It depends how you look at it. PSVR adaption rate is stall low compared to ps4 sales. Yes its the best selling VR on the market but at just over 2 million install base compared to 66 million PS4's sold developers will still not look at developing AAA games for it.

Its still a wait and see with VR imo as sales are still not there but they could be.

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I'm with you on that. I did not get pc2 as I felt cheated by the broken 1st game and wanted to play a demo of the game 1st before getting pc2 or FM7 and after playing both Demos it will be FM7 I'm getting.

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Your spot on but I do think this is the start of Microsoft pushing on the Xbox brand. I see Microsoft changing the Xbox brand as a service where you can use a pc or a console and they offer a low cost in the Xbox s and high end in Xbox x but also offer the same ips to windows 10 users and this should help push the ips on both pc and console as we all know the Xbox is the better console for shooters and racers which the pc is also known for but also other big rpg games and a few other mlg game...

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Ooo is there a demo of the game now. This is what I wanted to do before picking up this game as I felt let down by the 1st. Ill give it a try tonight but for me it has a long way to go to beat FM games but be interesting to see what its like.

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