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For me so far this gen Nintendo have the better games in terms of quality. I have found alot of games have been over hyped and under delivered for both the Xbox one and PS4 yet none of the next gen Nintendo games have. DK, Mario 3D world, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Wonderful101, Windwaker and more have all been amazing and very enjoyable games and not over hyped yet on the other side I felt let down by BF4, KZSF, Watch Dog, TitanFall Destiny among others. It looks like Horizon 2 will be the 1st... #1.1.1
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Haha I know. I do find it funny how people don't break for bends.

As for the game I said yesterday the video I saw I was not that impressed but this video was better and shows a bit more. still not sound so don't know if its improved over the video I saw but the game dose look stunning. Still don't think it will top Horizon 2 for me as I really am enjoying the demo and for me the 1st game was the best racer I played last gen but looking forward to trying driver cl... #5.1
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It may of just been the videos ive seen that the sound is not the best on. I also take it back about the car sound. I should of been more specific on what I mean. I don't mean the car sound as in the engine but more the screeching of the tyres and general noise of the road form different types of surfaces.

Like said I want to try it before I say if I like it or not but I just feel it has been a little over sold like a lot of games so far this gen. #17.2.1
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I don't know who but I'm still not sold on DC. Yes it looks nice but from the videos I've seen the sound is not the best and the cars look to handle like buses. I am still going to give this game a go but I do think it will go down as another over hyped next gen game like we have seen with destiny, Killzone, Ryan, Titanfall and watchdog.

Before anyone starts to say I'm a fan boy ect that is just my view on it do far this gen I've felt let down by a lot of... #17
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@Mikelarry Ide say Horizon 2. For me it was the best racing game I played last gen. The 2nd looks to build on this and after playing the demo yesterday I have to say its looking like this is going to be my game of the year and even the gen so far. PG really know how to make a game with cars fun.

DC looks a good game but I don't think it will give the same amount of hours Horizn 2 will and it really is a massive open world racer with lots to offer. #1.2
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If you have not played the 1st horizon game I would suggest picking it up some time if you have a 360 still. For me it was the most fun racing game I played last gen.

As for Horizon 2 it looks like it has built on from an amazing game and made it even better. The music looks a great line up. 200+ cars, The Graphics are stunning, Weather too and the handling of the cars is spot on for the type of game it is and most of all its a fun game but can also be made serious too.
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I agree I cant wait for Horizon 2 this is going to take up all my time when im not playing hockey haha. #7.1
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Your spot on. Some of the best games last gen were missed by a lot of people because of not having the hype some games got instead. I never go for hype I look at what I like the look of and by that game.

It will now be interesting to see how long this game stays in the top 20. But on a + note good to see people moving over to the new gen. The back end of this year is a great time to move to the Xbox One, WiiU and PS4. #3.1
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He is right as long as it sells more its good for anyone. Look at the psv its not selling well and that was because Sony messed up with it and the line up of games is also poor. Yet I remember this site going on and on about how it would out sell the 3ds.

MS messed up with the Xbox one and the numbers show that but Microsoft are also trying to make things right again with the updates, exclusives and more. Sony did the same thing last gen with the ps3 it got off to a slow sta... #2.3.1
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I agree. For me the racing game I enjoyed the most last gen was Horizon. I can't wait to get me hands on Horizon 2 this game really looks to build on the 1st game but take advantage of the Xbox one power,

I am also looking forward to seeing how it looks on the 360 and there is a big difference in the 2 consoles but if they manage to add weather into the 360 game and make it fully open world like on the Xbox one then the developers have done a great job there too. #2.2.1
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Who said anything about DC. What is is with people like you having to bash things they are not interested in? Just because you like some more than something else dose not mean its the best.

DC is a different game than Horizon 2. Yes they are both racing games but one is a open world game and the other is not. DC only has 55 cars Horizon has 200+

Rather than be a fan boy trying to tell people that your dad is bigger than theirs try and see we are all differe... #2.1.3
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Your spot on. Microsoft are in the middle of a big change where Windows Phone, Windows RT, X32/X64 and the Xbox one all come under one code.
There are talks of phone being dropped from Windows Phone and Microsoft now have the best touch UI imo on the market and they are now working on putting the input devices back on top the OS to bring over the business side of Windows to 9. #8.2
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You also forgot f1 2015 as well as project cars. For me its all about Horizon 2 loved the 1st and wow this one looks amazing. the graphics are stunning and its an open world racer too. Bring on Sept 30th can't wait to be playing this game. #1.3.3
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Sweet I'm tear 6 that will do nicely. I was going to try and get through Mario kart 8, splinter cell, megs V, pikmin 3, Mario 3d world, DK, KI and forza 5 before picking up a new game but horizon 2 just looks too good to wait for as for me horizon was the best racing game I played last gen. #7
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I don't think MS should abandon Japan but I do think they should look at brining back so IP's that Rare has rights too that would sell well over there and also look at have a ravel to Mario and LBP (Project Sparks could be this) Also Microsoft is kind of starting form scratch with the Xbox one as the last head of the xbox division did not do a very good job as selling the xbox ideas or brand very well.

I think Phil will also help improve the Xbox image in Japan but I... #4
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I agree. For me I'm not over excited about too many games this last part of the year but one of the 3 games I wait for is Horizon 2 for me horizon was the best racing game I played last gen and set the bar but looking at horizon 2 it sets it even higher. Add Halo Collection and super smash bros to my other 2 gases and I can't wait to have them all. #1.3
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I agree for me the DC is the best console I've ever owned followed closely by the Amiga32. The DC was way ahead of its time I remember playing MSR (infact I still have it) and plugging it into the modem to grab the weather from the country you were racing in.
JSR blew me away in how good the graphics were and the great music.

Its a shame Sega went under with this console as this was not the console that sent it under it was the Saturn.

I do miss... #1.4.1
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I agree. I have xbox music pass and really enjoy the service and adding this plus DLNA too makes the xbox one the one device it was going to be at the start. Good to see the improvements each month. I know MS gets a lot of stick but what they are now doing with the xbox one is great. No bring on Halo Collection and Horizon 2. #15.1
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Nice price for Worms think ill grab it tonight. #3
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@NexGen & kalkano I agree with what you are saying but this is what most people want from consoles and how consoles are used. VR looks amazing but it is like 3D its not needed and the price will be too high esp for gaming. Gamers want practical devices and VR is not for the reasons above.

You need to remember a lot of gamers are pickup and play gamers and they don't want to be messing about with extra kit. #1.2.3
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