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I was thinking the same. Ide love to see a 3rd person shooter that has great MP. I think this is one thing that is missing from the WiiU. I know people hate COD and I'm not the biggest fan but when BO2 came out on the wiiu it sold really well for the amount of consoles that were on the market at the time and I still pop it in every now and again and never struggle to get a match.
If they could do something like this but with a twist like splatoon ide be all over it.
I am...

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@Shubhendu_Singh I am with you on this. I have said for ages now that the WiiU will still be around for 18 months to 2 years. I think Nintendo know the fate of the WiiU and will just support it with its own IP's and look to push the NX as a successor to the 3DS. I know people may also disagree but I am starting to wonder if the PS Neo will be the Vita replacement to.

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I missed Grid 2 so ill give this ago and don't know much about the other two but ill add them to my collection.

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@OtakuDJK1NG-Rory wow Nintendo's sales numbers are mad. I don't think Microsoft and Sony exclusives can match what Nintendo have in terms of sales. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo do next though.

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@endi123 I have to kind of disagree in terms of how Nintendo is seen as a kids console. If you look at what kids of the current gen play around about 70% if not more play COD, BF, Fifa, AC and the same yoy games. It seems to be more and more adults that have grown up playing on a Nintendo console that but their consoles.

So that being said Nintendo need to break into the COD, Fifa market to have a change to become a big seller in its console. That said Nintendo's own I...

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I'm still thinking the NX is going to be a replacement for the 3DS. Nintendo can afford to ride a few more years out on the WiiU esp if they bring some big name games like Metroid, Zelda and some great new IP's like Splatoon. Give it 18 months after the NX is out and bring their next home console out that is more powerful but links with the NX. That what I am thinking they are working towards. I could be wrong but I'm sure we will know more at E3 is time.

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@hvd222 this may seem a bit random but it is an xbox excusive as far as I can see. I have done a search on Game, Steam, Zavvi and Amazon and not one of them are selling Quantum Break on PC. The only way to get it is through the store which is park of the xbox division. If this is true then it is still an xbox exclusive as you can only get it through the xbox side of Windows?

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Already have done and cant wait. I know its different but I love alan wake one of the best games for me of last gen and cant wait to get my hands on this in 4 day.

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I disagree. I agree with you on the Live TV part. Apart from Sports I don't really watch live tv I use SALTS for everything on-demand but I still don't see VR being the norm for Cinema or homes. I think it has a place but for things like theme park rides, shows ect but I don't see if replacing TV's at home or in the cinema. You cant do things out side of the VR experience and because of this I cant see it being the next one device for home. It takes the social side out of two...

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I think this is a great move by MS. At the end of the day consoles are becoming more and more like pc's in terms of the hardware. If you look at what MS did with the xbox one you can see this was thought about when putting the xbox one on the market running windows 8.1, Hyper-V and Xbox os in one.

Also if you look at the path MS are talking about in terms of making a console backwords/forwards compatible this is them starting to tell us about next gen which I see the xb...

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I dont think it is dead at all the line up of games coming for it are great. Plus I dont think the NX will replace the wiiu to I think it will be to replace the 3DS and then in 2 years there will be a new console to replace the wiiu but will also be part of the nx. I am also wonring if the NX will play wiiu games to but have to wait and see haha.

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What I am confused about is no one has said this is real to start but also Nintendo did not say their next console was a home or handheld console. Wait for the device to be announced before saying xyz about it. People are just to quick to say negative things without any facts or details.

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XMessiah23x I'm with you on that. For me the xbox one and WiiU are what I went with. I have not had any game on the PS4 that makes me want to drop the cash for it. I do want UC4 so I may look at getting one when that comes out but nothing in the pipe line has me as excited as the games on the xbox one and WiiU.

Its each to there own though. Some people want VR which again I am not excited about.

As for the PS4 outselling the xbox one I always expected th...

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@Perjoss I agree with you. I'm all up for emulators for older consoles but not current gen. For me I always by games new as I think the developers should get the £ for the games rather than the shops ect.

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I noticed that. That mean the UK has more than the US or the demand in the UK is not very high?

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@Griever I can see some form of buttons to. I winder if they are under the screen but maybe raised. Hard to tell from this pic though. I am going to call this fake or not something Nintendo are looking at releasing or I would hope not as I am not sure what to think of it.

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Ide love to see this happen and the more I look at it the more I see + sides for the gaming industry. We know hardware dose not really make that much £ for who ever makes it so having on platform in terms of cross network would be massive. Having All games on one platform would mean more £ spend on software and that's only better for developers as I think we would see more sales of the smaller games and less going missing like we saw last gen. Even adding things like VR into thi...

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Wow I am at a point where I don't know what to do with my games. I have way to many games to get through on my WiiU and Xbox one I don't know if to just scrap them and get the new games or get through them and hold off getting the upcoming ones. Dam getting old. Loving the look of the Starfox game though and for me the WiiU is still very underrated.

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@Hitoemi your spot on that's the way I see it. Ive been a gamer for a long time now to and at the moment VR dose not excite me but it is still young tech and could go one way or anoter and the next few years will be intresting to see what happens.

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@Death your spot on. As I said in another post that just because people on this site are saying PSVR will be a hit dose not mean it will be. Look at when Move and Kinect were coming out people said Move would wipe the floor with Kinect and the Wii. It was the same with the PSV and 3DS people said the 3DS would be a flop and it was all about the PSV. At the end of the day we really don't know what will happen with PSVR just like we don't know how others will sell to.


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