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Wow 1-2-Switch – 1.22 million & ARMS – 1.18 million that's amazing numbers did not think both of them would reach that many sales. I'm looking to pick them both up later on in the year as family games.

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I need to get splatoon 2 amazing game but not got though other games yet and MK8D is addictive online all the time with it.

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@all above I have moved more or less digital on the xbox one last disk I got was forza 6 and that was because it was £25 in game when I was getting another game. Now I just look about but often find a game on amazon digital for less. I got Gears 4 for £25 and the VIP Edition of horizon 3 for £30.
I also shear my Xbox with my brother who is in a different city to me so when he buys a game I get it and the other way round so even if we do pay £10 more for a game it...

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Haha thanks all I was half asleep when sending that message need to remember to reread my posts especially when sending a message from my phone.

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I see where your coming from about the swatch I am not a massive hand held gamers owned a psv and 3ds but did not use them much but the switch has impressed me. So far having Zelda, MK8D and Splatoon 2 are 3 games not to be missed and it has come in handy when I have been on the train to London a few times.

Each to there own though.

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I agree with you. The switch plays to what Nintendo are all about. They could make a none dock switch maybe which has a smaller screen and none detachable joypads but I do think this could cause issues with the motion controls.

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Whats with the disagree? Strange strange people on this site.

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Haha that's brilliant he looked wasted. Cant wait for this game though.

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Yeah I was unsure about Zelda to but for me the best game of this gen tied with horizon 3. The switch for me is an amazing consoles and it feels like it plays right into Nintendos strengths unlike the wiiu.

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I don't think we will see any more Xbox only games and why would they as opening it to pc gamers gives them more people to sell it to. Ide love to see a banjo game. For me I prefer Microsofts way of making the Xbox one play 360 and Xbox games as I think we have way to many remastered games this gen and less and less new ips coming. Ide love to see both sony and Microsoft throw out some old ips but new games not remastered as both have classics and we all know how many Nintendo have to.

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For me I don't think Nintendo made a bad game for the wiiu. It had the most exclusives out of all 3 that I wanted but it just did not get the 3rd party support but I also think that Nintendo messed up by calling it the wiiu. Alot of people thought it was a Wii add on.

The wiiu was a good idea but I do think after owning the switch and wiiu the switch is the console the wiiu should of been.

I also think the 3rd party's were to blame on the lack of...

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Don't feel sorry for me I love the console. It has more games on it so far this year that I wanted that the PS4 and Xbox one. That's me though not everyone is the same but really don't feel sorry I don't know anyone who has regrets after buying the switch.

As for the app I've not used it with a game yet but had a quick look and it looks like it's in beta and for me I'm going with that I expect Nintendo to do quick updates to it though like Micro...

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I agree with the xbox bit but how big is pc gaming in Japan? I do wonder if that is part of the reason ms are doing cross play with pc. If (And its an if because I don't know if it is big or not) it is big there then creating a game for a pc and using the windows 10 api to port it to the xbox could help get more on board with making games for the xbox.

Its all if buts and maybes as I said I don't know but if anyone can answer if pc gaming is big there be ace.

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Erik7357 I get what you are saying. Just grabbed the app and it looks like its still in beta mode at the moment and I'm good with that as there is plenty of time before we are charged for using Nintendo online and time of the app to improve.

People will kick off but at the end of the day it is what it is at the moment. I'm going to give it a try when I get home and see what its like for my self.

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I love this website sometimes. People are always moving the goal posts. When the xbox one and ps4 were announced that the ps4 was the better console because it was more powerful. Now its the other way round people are finding a way to did the xbox one x because it has more power than the ps4 pro. Come on people get a grip buy the console you want.

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I'm sure a patch will come but for me not really an issue I don't do much on my phone when playing games as I am playing a game everyone else can wait for me to finish what I'm doing haha.

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@Yi-Long your looking at the wrong game if you want that look at the horizon series you won't put the controller down if you do. So far horizon 3 is my game of this gen amazing work done by PG. That's said can't wait for forza 7

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The other thing is people keep going on about games ok the PS4 has more exclusives and they are some amazing ones to but where are the vr games? I thought this was the next big thing in gaming?

It's funny how people twist things to make Sony seem perfect but they are far from it. All 3 have issues but are also doing other things right. Enjoy your console and let others enjoy theirs and stop trying to spin things.

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@BeOpenMinded I am with you on that. For me this time round Sony's PS4 pro had the pr nightmare as it was their go to console for vr but that seems to be slipping by the way side now so it begs the question to none gamers what is the pro for. Sony need to get out and change the marketing for the pro to get sales up imo.

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Wow to the above. So now we defend anything come on. I was not defending anything in my comments. Also to say gaming is bigger than. Ever well where have the gamers gone.
The 360 PS3 and Wii sold over 260 million last gen and we are no where near that now so from what your saying it's smaller not bigger.

Art the end of the day all 3 are selling well at the moment and log may it continue. I'm not fussed who sells the most or the least I will buy the consoles...

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