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Moonman I agree. I hope Nintendo keep doing dlc like this for their games as so far the DLC from Nintendo has been great. I do hope they bring all the battle arenas back as DLC though this would be great and make it the best Mario kart game imo as this is what stops it from being the best Mario kart game made. #1.2
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Your sport on. Microsoft tried a few years ago to do what Sony are doing with medal centre but then noticed that they were better off dropping their own bits and working with the big names. For example sky, bt, virgin, freeview etc in the uk. And also giving the apps to the services like Netflix, prime etc.

What Sony are offering will not work in most places as most people (for example in the UK) already have a TV services like above or IP service like Netflix, nowtv and wont... #1.1.1
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Its not my game of the year Horizon 2 gets that for me but I agree titanfall is a fun MP game and keeps me going back to it when I want a change from racing on horizon 2. Only issue I see is once the MCC MP is fixed its going to be hard for me to pick between the two. #4.1
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This is a good idea. Ice gone all digital on my Xbox one and if this means stores start selling games less than the Xbox market place for the codes ill start buying from shoos again. #5
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I agree. I thought that Sony would come out top this gen with the psv but the games line up is far better on the 3ds imo. #6.1
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I think part of the issue is more to do with how its main market has gone in Japan. Japanese games have seemed to of abandoned home consoles and moved to mobile gaming so in doing this jrpg games have gone this way too. I think for jrpg to become big on consoles again there will need to be a big influx of this type of games on a home console as only having one or 2 people will not jump and buy a console but to have quite a few of them they would.

I think this all depends on t... #2.1
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I agree. Nintendo's games always have quality on their systems and they also tend to be the best looking games too.

I have relay enjoyed my wiiu so far it did lack some IP's at the start but 2 years in and I own too many games for it I've not got through yet and some I want but need to get through others 1st.

I hope the sales of the wiiu start to pickup over Xmas as it is a grate console and to me if you own a Xbox one or PS4 and want a 2nd consol... #3.1
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Depends how you look at it. The Sony had a massive price drop on the ps3 in its 1st year and they took a big hit on the hardware side but all the gens before this one the consoles were sold at a loss plus it also helped the ps4 sales pickup.

People also forget that this is also missing Kinect too which is £150 on its own so part of the reason why the price can be dropped so much.

I am wondering if Nintendo and Sony will soon drop the prices of their own... #4.1
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I wonder if This is the start of a disk trend to try and get people to buy disks over digital games.

It would be interesting to see how many people own a Xbox one and ps4 and how many disk based games vs digital games they own in terms of paid for naps as part of Xbox gold or ps+. I know I own 2 disk games forza 5 and Titanfall. Forza 5 came with the console and titanfall was a present. And I own 7 digital games. #2
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I agree. Gears and halo 3 were what seemed to start the big MP games for me last gen nothing at that time came close.

I miss the all night gaming sessions I had with these games but that's what getting older dose to. #1.4.2
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I think it depends on what type of gamer you are. I was not a massive fan of the Wii. It had some great games but it did not keep me wanting to go back to it where the wiiu seems to do that for me. Games like pikmin 3 dk Mario 3d world, Mario kart 8, windwaker HD and more imp have been some of the best games so far this gen and beat yoy games like cod, FIFA, ac Ext hands down but like I said it depends on what type of games your into. #3.1
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@LetoAtreides82 it all depends on what games you are into.

For me at the moment in time I own more wiiu games than I have for my Xbox one.

Also I have lost interest in alot of 3rd party games this gen too as all we seem to get from them is a yoyo game like FIFA, ac, cod, bf and more.

For me I like playing different IP's and the one thing Nintendo have over Sony and Microsoft is Exclusive IP's

Nintendo now need to star... #5.1.4
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Well this just shows how desperate Sony are too going off comments made above.

Haha love comments on this site some times I remember getting my psx with 5 games for £200 I love offers like this great time for people to get an Xbox one and a ps4 looking at the deals. #3.3.2
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@DivineAssault I can see your point but I bought the 3ds, psv, WiiU and Xbox one on day one and the only one I regretted buying was the psv.

I have had massive amount of fun with them all just the support for the psv dropped off and I ended up selling it as it did not have games I wanted.

But the other 3 had price drops new models and more but I never regretted buy them at the price I did as I wanted it the day it came out.

Its the same with... #2.5
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@MasterCornholio I would not be surprised if more and more publishers start to black it. I don't think Sony will for their own IP's but I see some of the 3rd party IP will start to block it. The 1st was COD now Fifa and im sure more will follow.

Its a same as its a great idea but we will have to wait and see what happens over the next few month. #3.1.6
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I know but the wii was the best selling console the beginning of last gen so be interesting to compare it with them all this gen. #3.1.1
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Interesting reading but I wonder what the difference would be if you put the Wii and WiiU numbers in there too. #3
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@Utalkin2me Yeah I do at the moment Hockey has taken over my life out side work but once things settle down ill be having some big gaming sessions haha.

@Lilrizky yeah I really enjoyed the Demo cant wait to pick it up. #1.2.3
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I agree. I really want this game but I have too many games and too little time to play them.

At this moment in time I have Mario 3D word, Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD, Mario Kart 8, Splinter Cell, Heal MCC, Forza 5, Horizon 2, DK and MGS to get through but once I have got through them ill be picking Bay 2 up I played the demo and was hocked. #1.2
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Really hope they fix it soon. Ive said I am not playing sp until Xmas as my bro wants me to play it on mp in legendary mode so I'm wanting to jump into mp as I loved halo mp. Only plus side is I have lots of other games I need to finish so I'm jumping onto them at the moment but its still frustrating. #12
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