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This may sound daft but I wonder if TR sales on PC/Xbox one had anything to do with the change in QB being on both. For me I am all for MS supporting PC/Xbox one with the same games. Even Halo. At the end of the day we all know MS will make more from a game on PC and Xbox one than they will just on one console.
I think this is the start of the Xbox/PC becoming close and if MS can push out by the game on one platform you get it on the other free this could work wonders for the xbox br... #1.1.10
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I think this is great news and I also think is MS looking at the last QB game sales PC/360 and also TR sales to. I also think this is the start of MS making Windows 10/Gaming and Xbox closer. #1.2.1
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Is anyone still playing this game on the xbox one with it being such a mess. I gave up a few months after it came out and sold the game now have forza 6 and never looked back. #1
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I agree with what you are saying in terms of memory in the consoles but what you need to remember that's great for what the devs are doing with an out of the box console but vr is an add on that also needs to use part of the ram to support what its doing just like move and Kinect did last gen. For me I still don't think VR will be a big hit when it comes out. I could be wrong but seeing what is said outside the gaming world about VR I don't think it will be as big as its being mad... #1.8.1
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I agree about the dlc map packs I think when I worked it out it cost me close to £95 for BF4 with the dlc as I got it all digital. The game was also a mess to. The one thing I wild say is they are still supporting the game today and still has good numbers so fingers crossed battlefront stays the same for the players to #1.1.7
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@SpaceRanger I have to disagree with you about MS bout the hardware.
The Zune as hardware goes walked all over the Ipod esp in terms of sound and the software was far better. It even had wireless sync. ide take Zune over ITunes infact I still use grove music pass today and I don't think xbox music or Grove are as good to use as Zune was but ide still take them over ITunes.

Then you look at the new hardware the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book are one of the best built... #1.1.26
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I am not sure vr is the future for me AR has more going for it than vr. Vr is great for gaming but I still don't see it taking over gaming as it is now. The gaming Base is one that dose not really like change if you look at the consol side if it. Nothing outside a controller has really taken off. You had the add ones for each console but for the next one they don't come with it or changed. Look at PS move, Wii. Mote, kinect, the Dream cast memory card to just name a few. The mai... #1.1
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I really like the look of that game but I'm not sure if it's the type of game I could get into or not. I also have an issue I have way too many games to get through as I have Pickmin 3, Mario 3d world, DKTF, Windwaker, Forza 6, hmcc, forza horizon 2 as well as some other games to get through and I have a list of games I want to. Think I need to have a few long weekends over the next few months and just use them for gaming. Getting older ducks Haha. #2.1.2
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For me this is why VR will not be a hit. I don't even see PSVR selling that well even if the headset is £150 which I don't think it will be I don't see the masses running out and buying one like they did with Kinect.

I could be wrong and we will see soon enough when sony release the headset. #2.1.4
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I think this is a good move by MS. If you look at what people buy an xbox one for. FPS more than anything else its been harder for MS to get new IPs out of the gates as well as older ones from the xbox. If you look at the IP's the xbox had and how many came to the 360 there were not to many. Alan wake for me one of the games of last gen was not a massive hit in terms of sales like gears was. This is part due to what games sell in the USA to Europe and Asia. If Microsoft can bring games to... #1.2.2
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I think it all depends on hat they a success. For me I don't see VR selling mad like the Wii or Kinect did. I think it has a market but I don't think it is with home consoles esp with the teenage audience. I could wrong but that is what I think as everyone I have spoken to about it have said they don't want to game with a device on their face and would rather relax in front of a TV. Time will tell though. #3.1
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@The_BlackHeart__ yeah as a lot of people don't have a very powerful pc to game on. Also I am a big pc user but dont game on them I own a WiiU and Xbox one as ide rather play my games sat on the sofa with a big tv than a chair and a 22" monitor so in answer to your question yes we do need the xbox one market. #1.1.2
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Tbh it all depends on the games you are into to which has the best in up of games. But for me it's gamers who will win in 2016 as both consoles look to have some amazing games. Im more of a fan of what the Xbox One offers over the ps4 but that is because I don't have time like i have done in the past to sit and play games.

Looking forward to seeing what Nintendo Sony and Microsoft have in store for us in 2016 as it's looking like another great year for gamers no... #1.3.1
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I find this Full HD and 4K talk funny. In the uk we still have standard SD for most of our channels and the so called HD channels are 720p or 1080i. BT are the only company offering 4K in terms of TV and that's one channel.

As for games most games on both the Xbox one and ps4 are not full 1080p and 60fps without issues. I think the developers should look at making their games 30or 60 fps without drops and 1080 before anything else. #1.2.2
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@Chevalier I'm not saying it has to be £100 device just something that works as well if not better. For me its one of the things I love about the Xbox one. #2.2.4
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Haha love n4g for the disagrees. Anyone want to say why they disagree or is it that everyone wants the next Xbox not to build on what this one is now?

@unholy_one I don't want to give that up too love not having to switch between devices when I want to watch TV, movies, NHL, music and gaming for me it works better than anything else on the market. #2.2.2
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I agree. If you look at what the Xbox one was like when it came out to what its like now the Microsoft team have done a great job with the software. I know a lot of people will disagree with my when I say this but I hope the next Xbox also has a hdmi in and voice commands even if its as an added option as I love the TV integration and for me can't see any better way of having my media centre set up. I want the next Xbox to be all about games 1st but ide love them to take the media side of... #2.2
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The biggest issue is people say the WiiU has a poor line up of games because of the lack of 3rd party games but for me the last 3rd party cross console game I bought was Project Cars. I have lost my interest in the 3rd party games they bring nothing new to the table and I'm sick of paying £40+ for a game that lasts 12 months before its stopped being supported and the next one is out or it is broken.

For the games I am into the xbox one and WiiU is my best match. I wi... #3.1
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@Herbalistic that's the thing its each to there own. For me at this moment in time the PS4 has nothing I want in terms of exclusives but the WiiU and Xbox one do. Its all what games your into to what you should get not what people say you should get just like anything in life. I have an LG G4 phone because it fit my needs better than anything else that was on the market at the time and I fenced a change to Windows Phone as I had had one for 6 years. I have a Surface 3 as it fits my pc nee... #1.10
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Love how I have 5 disagrees for putting the numbers of each console and do people not think gaming is not in a good place. Love N4G some times I'm sure people just hit disagree for the sake of it.

@Loktai I know they are not fully right but they wont be millions out on both and still good from both consoles as we know from NPD ect numbers the Xbox one is outselling the 360 in its life and the PS4 is selling better than anything on the market. #1.3.3
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