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I am still confused by your comment.

"dc is on a whole different level. Sure fh2 is open world, but dc has better most things, from track design, on screen cars, weather and general feel. It's only my opinion, but i'm suprised at how good fh2 isn't. It feels cheap in comparison to driveclub."

How is DC on a different level. DC is a arcade racer (has more of a feel to Ridge racer than anything) Btw that's not a bad thing but that'... #6.1.3
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? how is FH2 far behind driveclub? Horizon 2 is an open world game DC is closed. There is less going on in DC so they can improve the graphics as its all one area of game.
If you talking about quality FH2 walks all over DC in fact imo I don't think any racing game comes close to quality as fh2. It even looks amazing and its an open world game.

As for Project Cars it looks good but im still not sure if it can compete with Forza MS and GT just yet but lets hope we s... #6.1
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I don't think it will be that high. Ide say it would be along the lines of 45% PS4 35% xbox one and 25% wiiu. The xbox one is doing well in the uk. #3.1.1
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Wow what a game that was. If it was not for Darling I think the Predators would of come out with the win he was outstanding #1.2
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Are well if its out in the fall it will be a xbox one buy for me as Forza 6 is the racing game I'm most excited about this fall. #3.1.2
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Look forward to watching I. I think it will be a good series and the playsoffs are shaping up to be a great one too. Cross my fingers Predators can do well in it but winning it I think will be a bit too much for us this season but if things carry on the way they are going we could have our 1st cup in the next few seasons. Here is to a great series though. #1.1.2
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ooooo I forgot this was on the WiiU. Hmm do I get the xbox one or WiiU version that is the question. #3.1
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Ooo just after my Bday. may have to look at picking it up. #3.1.1
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Looks good. Still unsure if I'm getting this or not it depends on when it comes out as I don't have the same time to game as I did when I was younger and have a back log. Still getting through Horizon 2. #3
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I don't know I would not wright them off. They have dipped in form the latter end of the season but if they can pull it together and Pekka is on form they could go far this year. (BTW I don't know last nights results so don't post I'm watching it tonight when I get in as I live in the UK) #1.1
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One thing I don't like about GT games is when you play outside the car (Which I don't d too often) but to me it looks like the road is moving left and right not the car. Looking forward to seeing what they do with GT7 though 6 still looks good compared to Project Cars. #4
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I cant wait to see the next forza game im expecting big things with the next forza. 5 was fun Horizon 2 is amazing and cant wait to see 6. #2
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Ide love a remake of this game but ide also love to see an new 3D odyssey game. #1.1.1
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I'm glad psv owners are getting chance to get this game on the PSV but why could they not also bring it to the 3ds as well seems this is where this game started? plus there is also a big difference in sales too. #7
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Its all about choice. For me I see AR being used more than VR and for games I am not really excited for VR or AR. Yes they both have + and - points but for me its just like how 3D is. Its each to their Owen though. #11.1.2
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@johndoe11211 did you even thibk before you put that. DC is a good game but have you played Horizon 2? It is by far the best racing game of this gen for me (Even beating Mario Kart 8) It has 100s of cars and races. Day/night and weather cycles. Open world and the game is massive. DC has nothing in terms of what it offers Horizon 2. Yes it look pritter but it is a closed game where you can only drive a path of each leval and things like trees dont even move.

Horizon 2 is a mor... #4.1.7
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@abzdiine do you keep up with news regarding the xbox one? A lot has changed since Phil took over and the xbox dropped more or less everything TV related and went gaming again. The xbox one has changed massively over its 1st year on the market. #1.1.12
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I think you are spot on but I still don't see VR being a hit. For me AR is looking the better product as more can be done with it but I still think we are another 5 to 1o years away from AR being in a lot of peoples lives. If AR can be put into something the size of day to day glasses then I see if being a hit if it cant I don't see it being. VR for me is not going to be a hit for home gaming. Most people esp kids multi task when gaming and having to put on and off the head set all th... #11.1
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I agree I think Halo 5 will make a big impact on the FPS gore like 3 did for the 360 really looking forward to Halo 5 add Forza 6 im a happy xbox one gamer. #4.1
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What this guy and tbh alot of the new heads are doing at Microsoft is amazing. For me Microsoft are really starting to cerate amazing software and hardware. I own a surface pro 3 and for me nothing on the market touches it as a all in one device for my needs. They now have the surface 3 on the way too. Add that to windows 10 and the changes they are making to the Xbox one, you can see Microsoft making the right changes. Even windows Phone 10 is looking good they just need to bring some killer... #3
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