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I have also looked at this further and it has been verified twice that the most he would get is $150 refunded.

Thankfully, it appears ownership of this issue has been taken by an escalation agent but the transcript above was worded in such a way as to indicate he would get all $600 at the completion of the investigation. The user confirmed he was told this was not the case.

Extracts from the reddit post...

Update 5 - RESOLVED:
I rece...

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Kreate, as we put in the post, we had contacted Sony for comment yesterday, to no reply and the first I knew of the transaction log was when hellothere1977 posted it.

If we had received a reply of that nature, it would have been included, without bias.

I would agree, this appears to be evidence that Sony are willing to refund the entire amount, even though the wording is kinda wooly to begin with. As such, we have asked our contact in Sony to verify and we ...

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Nice. Always good for a small, community run site to be made to feel welcome at N4G.

Fact is, we work for free. No ads, so clicks mean shit to us.

Just like most of you, the writer read about it and put together the peice himself last night as it was something he cared about and had an opinion on. (Hence the opinion tag, but you know that since you have read the article to claim we have blatantly copied a piece that has appeared here).


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Have to disagree x-ender. It had its problems but a lot of the mechanics were brilliantly implemented for this genre of game. (Pawn system/grappling in particular).

Its biggest issue was religion in its vast swathes of wilderness moving from one area to another and its decidedly lacklustre storyline

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I would happily accept multi-factor authentication if Sony introduced it. Most firms do it now, why can't they?

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