Playing some Resident Evil 6


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That kind of is what we came too, but a lot of people are strapped for cash so we go in to both games so people can decide for themselves!

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Awesome guide collection!

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have another guide that shows the actual locations too!

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I don't think he argued that photo realistic graphics means that there can't be good writing. He is arguing against the statements made from 2k Games and Crytec. He is saying that emotions can be portrayed in multiple ways and graphics are not, and should not, be the number 1 concern of a developer. They should be more concerned with the overall game, story and mechanics than just putting out a game that looks amazing.

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It's satire...

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Any feedback would be MUCH appreciated, this is our/my first video review!

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Offf C+ outta A? Little harsh but understandable from the written review. Keep up the great work!

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I was looking for something like this!

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Very true! I'm hoping that maybe the community takes it upon themselves to create a ton of cool homebrew games. Then It could be a cool, like, cult classic kind of system.

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Ya that is pretty good, but that is no where near the detection needed to actually play Street Fighter 4 competitively. There still was some wonkyness in the punches. The guys that play that game hardcore are literally hitting 10-15 buttons almost every second.

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Ya that's the thing, I was super pumped when I heard about the Ouya. Then my buddy smith from the site started hounding me about it and I'm starting to think twice.

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outstanding, sobresaliente, معلقة, 突出, 未解決の, remarquable.

There is 6 versions of outstanding. While I understand what you are saying about the name that is kind of the point. Asking someone to change their name is like asking someone to change their identity. It just doesn't happen like that.

It is just pretty presumptuous of you to come out and say "change your name" and that may be a language barrier or culture barrier. To me that's like i...

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I just feel like you are being little bit optimistic about the ability of the kinect. I'm not saying that you are wrong. Maybe they have perfected it. I just know that out of all the kinect games the detection has been off. Not always off, but off a little bit. In a fighting game that just doesn't seem like a good option to me. It's only an opinion

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What do you guys think the "handheld" trinket is in the video? I think it was the Vita but they haven't announced it for that yet!

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I had Assassin's Creed fatigue before I saw this gameplay!

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Meeee tooo!

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Sounds pretty good. Some of the people on the podcast did seem a little soft. Might want to bump them up next time!

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I agree with you totally! I wrote an article about it a couple weeks ago :).

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I think you may have misinterpreted that quote. What I was trying to portray there is that Sony is not releasing enough new content lately. I wasn't trying to say that they where underestimating the smart device market. They are underestimating the need for new content to be published on their new handheld.

The points you make about Sony preparing the mobile market side of their business is correct in my own opinion. Sounds like they are bringing out a ton of cool stuff t...

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