Playing some Resident Evil 6


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This article needs a little improvement.

"There is confirmed multiplayer mode as well – four players can work together in online or offline mode."
Multiplayer mode was already confirmed for Luigi's Mansion Dark of the Moon

"Next, there’s also a new installment in the Mario RPG series – unnamed as of now."
It was named in the announcement - Mario & Luigi Dream Team and it's part of the Mario & Luigi series no...

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Troll for hits much? Two sentences?

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For sure, it was just an image to make light of the touch screen controller rumor that has been floating around for the PS4.

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I'm confused at what the article is trying to portray. Is it trying to say the reviewers have been payed?

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That's crazy!

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I hate that feeling when it's 3am and you can't figure something out. Then in the morning you do it in like 2 seconds and that feeling you get is the WORST

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I honestly liked it a lot as a $15 download. Probably wouldn't get it for the Wii U though. Played a good dose of it on that console and it runs like poop.

Here is a good review of the game though!

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Was the guide to long? The YouTube video is only 2 minutes long?

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i don't see any actual videos when i go to the site

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Your not leaking if it comes from Nintendo

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Ahhhh I see what you did there!

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I guess i just don't understand the reason to walk 34 miles. If you want to walk you can, if you don't want to and are, you are probably doing it wrong. There are plenty of cars, or hang gliders, or boats pretty much anywhere you go. Plus it's a beautiful island and there is TONS of stuff to do so who cares?

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Ammo was amazingly scarce! I thought that was awesome. It made you pick up a ton of different weapons and not stick with the same set up the whole time.

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I'm confused. What exactly are the extra costs?

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I guess I am confused, the author mentions that Legend of Zelda needs to evolve and then cites a bunch of Ocarina of time mechanics. At the time Ocarina of Time was one of the biggest switch in gameplay mechanics possible bringing zelda into the 3D space.

Even in the same generation as ocarina, Majora's Mask was a wildly different game. The mechanics and the story where nothing similar to Ocarina

Then moving forward with the Gamecube Wind Waker completely...

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I cannot believe half of the comments in this post. No where does it say that the Islamic gaming community is rioting or anything like that. All they said was they wanted the picture removed from the map. It would take two seconds to take it out so what is the big deal?

Islam is still a relatively new religion compared to others. Christianity had times that brought the whole world to war over religion. You know if there was a picture of Jesus, Buuddha, Shiva or other gods doi...

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Resident Evil 6 was not a great game, but...

Pretty sure none of that is DLC. The difficulty level is unlocked through beating it on professional mode. Also pretty sure all of the costumes outlined in the article can be unlocked in game for doing certain things... This article is trolling capcom. I understand that in the past there were some shady DLC's, but this is not one of those cases.

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Cool video. This must be really helpful for people just starting out borderlands 2!

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We also talked about the Wii U in the podcast

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Ya no problem man, We are working on figuring out how to do video. Only problem is we are spread out all over the place. 3 of us are in Michigan and One is in the UK.

Just curious, would you personally be interested in a video podcast if it just was 4 skype windows?

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