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Yeah, MGO looked awesome, kicked the butt of COD that got lots of attention by that time, COD 3 was fun but MGO had just the pace I like, and in general got me to chuckle often, it was cool to take screenshot and share it with friends

Still have MGS4 wallpapers on my PS3 with ingame screenshots of my run through the game.

I just hope no Konami-ID this time, that is what killed the fun #10.1
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First EA acess and now this, it appears to me MSFT did't ditch all plans and stuff about DRM...will they introduce it later when gamers are "ready"? Where MSFT itself will decide that of course as usual...wait and see.

This means retailers ser the price...could lead to more competitive prices but also the oposite...moms,dads, beloved ones won't care paying higher prices as they don't have a clue about real pricing..I guess best price would still be on XB... #1.1
Any developer that makes a game that uses the best each platform can offer power-wise will deliver a better game on PS4, it's just the more powerful machine this gen...I thought that was pretty clear today for everybody. #1.1.13
MSFT never did that last gen, never, the opposite , braging about sales all the time, PS3 was a BR player, had no games, etc

Since Yoshida started with Twitter and being close to fans EVEN DURING HARD TIMES, MSFT wants to be humble now, all of the sudden, PR crapp #1.9
DS was awesome #3.1.1
And? #9.2
I always end up with a headache when trying to find that difference that is obvious to everybody...I guess one must be really into graphic engines to understand...I'm sure that with that knowledge you can really see the faults in each version but sometimes it feels people see what other tell them to see...well well

Gamescom week! Let's better enjoy that:-) #7.1.1
Sometimes it feels gamers have developed super powers through the years...I might be in the minority but I always have hard to tell or describe/see the difference between graphics in one platform or the other...To me everything looks always fine, it's a matter of the configuration of the equalizer during the 80's :-) #7
To me those are still exclusives as I don't game on PC like many others. Not interested in any of those games, though. #2.1.8
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Can't you upgrade to 1TB for 50 bucks? Sell the old HDD to recover some money?

Easiest is to delete data of stuff you won't play anymore, game data is always separated from save data so you can still keep your saves if not already in the least I don' play 10 games all the time, it's always 3 or 4, the rest wears off or done with them after SP and some weeks with half baked MP #1.5
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Sony did made it easy to upgrade HDD in both PS3 and PS4 by designing the console for that, SATA HDD, to just swap them, providing utilities to backup/restoring system data and so on without voiding warranty. Kutaragi said from the beginning that storage needs would increase as time goes, so no point shipping with built-in HDD, he was an engineer, genius and visionary.

On the other hand the same can't be said about MSFT, X360 not possible, on X1 only if you are a tech ne... #1.3.1
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LOL got it :D #4.1.2
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Not sure why it wouldn't be popular here? Could someone explain to me? What nordics like according to the masses?:-) #4.1
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Does the PS3 or X360 have more games to offer to old owners? Haven't played anything on PS3 for a while but looking forward to play soon KIllzoneSF, Infamous SS, DriveClub, LBP3 and other nice MP

First year of a new console is always rather slow, no surpise here really #1.1.33
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I would keep it, there will always be good games to play on both, play the best of the best, rather than pretend to be hyped for certain games just because there's no more to play. #1.1.18
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I guess they aim to a different audience, the "streaming folks", the commodity of just playing without being forced to invest in a console and PS+ subscription and all the "hassle" around it, maybe for us gaming is crystal clear but not for those not being 100% dedicated gamers

Just like games for phones, what I have seen is nothing for me...but why do I think like that? because I've been gaming since stone age but for many it's a new experience...... #1.1.6
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EU sales figures for next Q will be even more impressive as stock got stable across Europe as late as last month in many countries.

I will be getting my PS4 when Destiny releases and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

on a side comment:
I hope Wii U do better, had the chance to try one and I thought it was pretty neat and a different offering to what the other consoles offer, Wii U makes a good combo, they just need more 3rd party to believe in ga... #1.1.6
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That's correct, got it a month ago with my EU PS+ and you get both, play it on PS3 save it to the cloud and continue playing on the go via PS Vita by just loading your PS3 from the cloud and viceversa

It's not only cross-save but also cross-play between PS3&PSV #1.1.8
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actually old news, they just needed a date but it was already known it was coming to both consoles #1.1.4
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I wouldn't worry too much about unbalanced MP, unpowered weapons and so on...this is BUNGIE, one of the few that use betas as they meant to be, too improve gameplay, they will fix what is needed to be fixed, they will support this game and the most important, will listen to US #1.1.27
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