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It was meant for Europe, I don't see the big problem, at least not in Scandinavia, nudity is natural and shown on TV daytime, PS Vita is for rather mature gamers so I think it's a cool ad. #2.1
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The PS3 was a Bluray player and a powerful gaming console, a Bluray player-only device by that time costed more than the PS3.

X360 (399 USD) + HD DVD ext unit (199 USD) was 600 as well, difference is that HD DVD lost the battle and PS3 was still playing BR and games after several years while the X360 didn't and if you were luck (no RROD) would still play games.

I think early adopters of X1 got that, be early adopters, it's a pleasure and need for many... #2.19
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SONY has done this all the time, recall being asked if I owned a GC, Dreamcast, Xbox , etc

Which I did of course, all of them had great games #1.1.7
Of course gamers know about High quality design, WE ARE the customers, WE keep the industry alive and decide which studios are successful and which not much.

Every game we recommend is a vote for that studio to continue developing games.

They do games for US, and should think about US when designing a game. Many devs have been punished for trying new stuff which is unfair because many studios let others to take the risks and when the innovation comes they jus... #1.3.6
It's funny how MSFT has succeded in creating an own reality for its customers, people really believe X1 is like a whole new console

Still inferior HW and selling less than PS4, not a chance they will sell more than PS4 this Holiday unless they are willing to lose money on it

Wonder if the PS Experience event will just let clear which console is the must to get first when it comes to jumping to next-gen

I'm getting a PS4 this X-mas. I... #1.1.5
This X-mas SONY better be prepared with enough stock, people think sales have been great but the truth is that it' nothing compared to what comes, still lots of PS3 owners that has yet to upgrade, good news is that they are happy with SONY's game support to the platform today so they are definetely going the PS4 way.

I'm one of those, I don't have much time to game lately so still waiting to play GoW Ascension, Nino Kuni and Beyond Two Souls before saying good... #1.1.11
Do you come from the future? How's 2016:-) #4.1
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Sounds great but kind of turn off to talk about that right now...It's a year left to preparing for the X-defeat saleswise

SONY is releasing before that, what we know, The Order, a new MLB The Show, Bloodborne...and best version of MP...E3 will probably blow us away...MM, SSN, QD #1.1.13
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Yeah, I'm right there with you, Vanquish was a fantastic game! worth your money every second of it and lets you asking for more!

Not directly commenting EDGE's list but just wanted to let you know there's more like you that specially loved that game

When it comes to this kind of list, even in one platform I have difficulties making a Top 10, let alone across all platforms, it was a great generation and the most fair is a list pe... #1.1.30
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SONY surpised everyone with launching PS4 on february last year...would they surprise us launching an, so far, unannounced AAA for this X-mas? That would be just too awesome! #1.1.9
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LOL #1.1.3
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Don't care, don't play that game and will never do, a Metroid from RETRO studios sells the Wii U to me, just the amount of quality 1st party games from SONY is reason enough to get the PS4, many all-time favourites games of mine in that bunch...not even taking into account new franchises being introduced this gen

The Minecraft deal would mean for X1 that more kids will get the console, more HW, XBLG and DLC cash for MSFT and less AAA exclusives for the rest of the ga... #1.1.11
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I don't even think there's a Xbox Denmark

MSFT excuse for the delay in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Finland) was localization for Kinetec wasn't ready

X1 launched last week and still no explanation from MSFT at all, they treat their customers as little kids... #1.7
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...of THEIR lifes which might be something exciting for COD fans, not for console gamers #1.2
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I don't know man, I can't program a single pixel to move one position on X360 or PS4 so can't say he doesn't know what he's talking about #2.2.2
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Pointless getting both at launch so people get the one that so far looks the best investment for their hard earned cash, SONY has shown gameplay for many coming games while MSFT only CGI...just want to give the impresssion they are on par with SONY regarding 1st party games which we all now are not even close #1.23
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Yeah, MGO looked awesome, kicked the butt of COD that got lots of attention by that time, COD 3 was fun but MGO had just the pace I like, and in general got me to chuckle often, it was cool to take screenshot and share it with friends

Still have MGS4 wallpapers on my PS3 with ingame screenshots of my run through the game.

I just hope no Konami-ID this time, that is what killed the fun #10.1
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First EA acess and now this, it appears to me MSFT did't ditch all plans and stuff about DRM...will they introduce it later when gamers are "ready"? Where MSFT itself will decide that of course as usual...wait and see.

This means retailers ser the price...could lead to more competitive prices but also the oposite...moms,dads, beloved ones won't care paying higher prices as they don't have a clue about real pricing..I guess best price would still be on XB... #1.1
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Any developer that makes a game that uses the best each platform can offer power-wise will deliver a better game on PS4, it's just the more powerful machine this gen...I thought that was pretty clear today for everybody. #1.1.13
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MSFT never did that last gen, never, the opposite , braging about sales all the time, PS3 was a BR player, had no games, etc

Since Yoshida started with Twitter and being close to fans EVEN DURING HARD TIMES, MSFT wants to be humble now, all of the sudden, PR crapp #1.9
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