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Always something to complain about....before it took minutes!! to load a web page....pressing Back button on the Browser by mistake was really a BIG mistake's been a while since then....

Looking forward to this game...I really need to take it easy with this one to enjoy it...I will take some days off. #1.1.24
For some reason I feel SONY is trolling us with that "delay"...ND always delivers in time, it's either strategic move or Shu is just about to troll everybody during E3...we'll soon get the answer.,, #1.2.1
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That's how it works when you have exclusive games coming after each other, during last gen PS3 was releasing almost a exclusive game every month.

They cannot promote Bloodborne in April right? This month is Bloodborne's

However, at the Subway here in Stockholm I still see big posters promoting The Order 1886. They are huge and pretty awesome. They take a whole wall at my station, 3 after each other. I guess they will be gone soon. #1.1.4
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Journey and Braid had no problems with that.

The game looks terrific, I wish I could play it. #1.3.3
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haha, I'm trying to give first hand info here..not my kind of stuff to get into banal discussions, you sound pretty young...what real man cares about how you dress?...but maybe young male generations are more feminine thanks to all the social media pressure..."Likes" on selfies here and there LOL

Why I would lie?...the game is (finally) out soon and sorry but it will bomb #2.2.3
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Exactly! Read my comment above #7.1
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I fear it will probably dissapoint you, almost 2 years ago I overheard a conversation on the Stockholm Subway, it was an Avalanche dev complaining to a buddy about this game being a mess and in development forever...he said that all the stuff he programmed might not even in the final product as budget catched up and the ambitious vision changed...many stuff felt updated to today's standard...simplely a game that should have been released a long time ago...I don't think it will live up... #2.2
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PS3 controllers didn't need batteries either (built-in lithium as well) and that was 2006 :-) #1.1.5
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Don't care about friends as they don't pay my games. I'm a gamer and so are my friends hence we meet online anyway on the best console to game on this gen. #1.1
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I have yet to play a game that is 4-5 hours long...really guys, any game is short if you run through it but that's rather your problem for not enjoying games...I always look around, always suspicious of even boxes LOL...I take it easy, go around, shot at the wall, at the floor, etc

Designers and devs creates a world and some people just run through it because they have a backlog of games to play or want to get online asap to keep playing their favourit FPS with buddies...... #1.2.2
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Visual difference yeah but I want a VG that plays smart and that has nothhing to do with any Zelda, MSG game...they didn't need a 4K to tell an awesome story or gameplay, I think 4K is ok but just as part of normal technique evolution nothing that kills gaming experience in "lower" resolutions #1.1.24
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And that's exactly what everybody expect when acquiring a new look as they should.

You are spamming with that link (don't klick on it, it's just spam, report him instead)
Reported. #8.1
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Immortal, Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters. #1.1.4
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KZ2 looked indeed better than the trailer shown then and still one of the best looking games on any console that gen...where is the lie??? #1.2.2
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Agree. I never understood why the game didn't get better scores from the "respectable" gaming sites and why so many sites bothered in reviewing it just to give it a bad score or justifying it because it didn't have online!!! when you think about it is like medieval times way of thinking...I couldn't believe that many actually demanded MP :S

...well I guess it just came out on the wrong plattform was just too risky to hype... #1.3.2
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When they get the freedom to act, when they have the capacity to give life to a character via motion-captured it can make a difference for the story telling of a game but when mainly only their name or looks is to be used without any deep story telling then I guess it is better to put that money in dev instead.

I cannot imagine King Bohan existing without Serkis general, all actors were great in HS!

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Who cares about last gen really? I have a PS4, still in the package....I need to play the last PS3 backlog games first...once done, never look back, it's fu***ng next gen!!!!! #1.1.12
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What was that? Peace? This is about console wars, what were you thinking about? Haha #1.2.1
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I don't care about any technical jargon, I'm just a gamer and ND always delivers awesome games. That's it. #1.1.16
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For me is just another luxory game PS4 can release, they don't hype it, just one more exclusive, reminds me of the PS2 era... #1.1.11
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