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That's correct, got it a month ago with my EU PS+ and you get both, play it on PS3 save it to the cloud and continue playing on the go via PS Vita by just loading your PS3 from the cloud and viceversa

It's not only cross-save but also cross-play between PS3&PSV #1.1.8
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actually old news, they just needed a date but it was already known it was coming to both consoles #1.1.4
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I wouldn't worry too much about unbalanced MP, unpowered weapons and so on...this is BUNGIE, one of the few that use betas as they meant to be, too improve gameplay, they will fix what is needed to be fixed, they will support this game and the most important, will listen to US #1.1.27
That's pretty awesome and a dream come true, agree! #5.1.5

343 is not Bungie, Bungie accepted after some years that the the demo at E3 used an engine that was never possible to be run on the original xbox... so they scrapped it and started from scratch, tried to catch up with development which resulted in rushing Halo 2 to the market...

I always wondered what that Option to play co-op with a friend was doing there if it couldn't be rushed it was that they couldn't even remove that opti... #5.1.3
Yeah, it's all about Halo 2 for me too, that's the hook and it works I guess :-)...1,3,4 won't suffer radical upgrades but rather standard, they are already in HD.

It's just a pitty Bungie is not longer working together with MSFT, we could insted had gotten a remake, Bungie could have had the chance to deliver the Halo 2 experience promised by that infamous E3 with X1 they could have include all the stuff they wanted then...

I love... #5.1
Yeah, I met all my friends on PSN MP by jumping like crazy in front of them or shooting at their feet instead of killing them to show them I was a friend...that's how we comunicate on PSN.

Anyway, I don't think servers are worse on XBL than PSN, only if they apply(without warning SONY/MSFT) some automatised stress test then we can compare. #1.1.24
MSFT will kill core-features of XBLG on X360 to force people to "upgrade" blaming to some technical difficulties to keep both X1 and X360 services alive...just like Major Nelson said you can't just turn off DRM

The question is if those X360 will follow like sheeps or will stop and check the "other" option, games in pipeline, pros & cons, etc #1.2.7
Who forced whom? SONY gave a date (next week) MSFT not... you cannot include a 3D update last minute just due to MSFT announcing it without any particular the press is for MSFT for those that care about this feature...I don't even have a PS4 yet LOL...soon, with Destiny! #1.1.17
Since last gen, MSFT started all this sales figures BS #1.1.10
Yeah, agree, mainly when it comes to Bungie, ND or similar awesome devs.

I'm finally upgrading to PS4, Destiny is kind of the start for me, launch period is behind now. #1.2.1
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I guess the disagrees from members it's due that the best way to hand out codes is "contact me if you want a beta code, first-come, first-served"

Doing like this you are asking people to eventually enter up to 4 codes just to find out all of them are already used. #1.1.6
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Haze yeah, was bad. "Remember your promise to merido" was repeated 100 times during the game, I can still hear it....

Lair wasn't that bad but rather fun to play. Problem was that it was too early to demand from people to use the sixaxis controlls, SONY should have made a tutorial about how to hold the controller as most of gamers tried to use it as the Wii-mote and that just didn't work.

The sixaxis should always be like in a laying positio... #7.2
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Neither SONY or devs refered to Haze as such, the first Killzone was refered in that way by the media, not was rather forum folks, Halo-haters that called Haze a halo-killer.

What is a Halo killer? FPS that sales the most? then COD is that game in that case which just show that it doesn't mean a better game.

I take Halo and the late gens' Killzones over COD any time of the day. #7.1.1
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PS+ offers way better deals today, it's what makes MSFT improve their offerings which still are kind of lackluster in comparision so I don't see SONY doing anything that it's not already done. #2.2.3
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In scandinavia they sell the EU X1 (X1 not yet released here) för 10% lower than recommended price and PS4 10% over the recommended price, retailers stealth increased the PS4 price after a couple of months.

I wonder if the X1 without Kinetec will turn cheaper(here) than PS4 which would be ironic. #1.5.2
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If this is true, then it's wrong from SONY, if the game is so close why PC? Doesn't matter if similar specs

That's why it sounds strange, that close and running on PC? Why? It doesn't sound like SONY #1.1.28
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Yeah, I don't have much time to game anymore but the great thing with LBP is that I can pick up it anytime and experience something new, user created content is great, my kids loves LBP! They can make levels with their favorite teddy bear's pics in, when I have non-gamers people over and show them LBP they don't are blown away! For them a game is a FPS, they just feel forced to try it and you see a smile in their faces all the time.

The game is pure magic. About... #1.1.3
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For me the the positive things were SONY did't mention drive club at all and announced a new game FROM SOFTWARE, I'm sure at Gamescom GG and Quantic Dream will announce new games as SCEE is the closest partner there. We have yet to hear more about Shadow Beast.

For TGS they are saving for sure some AAA JRPG, GT announcement? CAPCOM's Deep Down...what else do you think?

Still lots left to be announced, about MSFT have no idea, more than Fable, show mo... #1.1.27
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A new SKU after barely just some months is not really the exciting news early adopters expect about their investment, regardless if it's a PS4 or X1

Games should always be the top news. #1.1.4
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