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Don't miss it. Retired my fully BC (with PS3) PS3 after playing all the games I was interested in.

To want to replay old games in my new console would only mean one thing: It's not delivering what it should and I feel force to make it sound as it is a big deal and the main reason why everone gets a next gen console...To play old games...yeah...

A good feature during the transition period, first year maybe (like PS2 BC on PS3), but after that, no ...

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Just waiting for the price to be announced to see the big turn off, one reason I am a console gamer is that it gives me a standardized plattform at a fair price, cannot afford a high-end PC nor have time to keep up with all the new technique...I am old and lazy, give some nice console and games, that's all I care.

It might work in the US due to the consumerism but in Europe won't play that game. Not getting any NEO nor Scorpion any time soon.

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I DO NOT CARE, have a huge backlog of games to be played, playing MGS: Ground Zeroes right now, yes, haven't played the Witcher, Bloodborne nor Uncharted 4.

If I ever get an upgraded system it is the PS4 because is the one delivering the games today and tomorrow

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That would be awesome! I need a kick ass Spidey game! I was always wondering why SONY owning the rights didn't produced a kick-ass AAA Spidey game. Haven't play any since the PS1 times.

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I am really enjoying my PS4 so I am just happy SONY really put lots of effort on it, they can do what they want as long as the same games plays on my PS4. I do not have a 4K TV so I could care less. Maybe can turn into a nice upgrade within a couple of years, who knows.

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My only opinion about games on disc is that they are way cheaper...price is the only I care about

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I don't recall a single article last generation that put together sales number as a whole...this gen is pretty often I see this kind of articles. I wonder why?

Reminds me of when my older brother suggested that we put our allowances together so we could split 50/50...I was younger but not stupid :-)

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Cerny took Kojima for a "technical" tour where he visited a bunch of SONY studios From US To France, GG yesterday and before that MM, Sucker Punch, etc

This is relevant if you think about it, this is not common practice, it just means SONY & Kojima are more than just partnering for a game, Kojima Productions is being welcomed in the PS family, just like Quantic Dream, Insomiac.

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He is really enjoying his freedom today, maybe Konami didn't like it how he had started visiting studios To interchange experiences...or maybe he got too bossy...or Konami just wante To Milk MGS franchise in a way he disliked or limited him To realise his visions....

one Day we will hear the truth, probably when his New game is about to release

Here comes a Link of him playing with the capture technique of TLOU and The Order(Twitted by Cerny)

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Yeah, I did that as well.
Good times!
PS. Kojima still looks the same...can't say the same about me LOL

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Yeah, I've played games all my life and only played the first AC, that's it. I had no idea there were also books and similar...

Let's give him a break, we are not talking about Pac-Man here you know (article guy) :-)

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Not really. I use remote play (which is an awesome feature by the way) via Wi-fi. In the PS4 settings there's a specific option to enable Remote Play even if you do not have a router.

I think the PS4 has more features I care than what the PS3 had, PS3 did lot of stuff, PS4 do less but do it right, I like it that is all about gaming this time although I can still, for instance play Youtube and control Spotify from my cellphone. I have a SONY TV but I like it better to run...

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I'm getting it Day one as well. I tried it and I thought it was awesome!

The fun thing was that this was at a firm party and more than one were interested in getting PSVR... People that had Zero gaming background.

VR can get people into this type of gaming just like mobiles did regarding mobile games...mobil gaming is nothing for me but I can understand it removes some barriers for many not early into any sorts of gaming

Not saying it'...

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While I agree with you I must also say among those you mention there are also great folks that might have zero real life buddies that game or they are just getting into online gaming.

Thanks to in-game chat I met great folks in Halo 2 (Yes! the online gaming wild west), some of them are still my friends today over PSN and introduced me to a great site for mature gamers enthusiasts where I met other like-minded gamers. I jumped into online from PS2 to Xbox and I was really hap...

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Not sure if they will ever make it to the market but I guess that's not what gamers want...or?

Imagine playing online and running like that...for other not that fast-paced games it could be kind of cool, exploring without worrying about don't need much...

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I played enough titles on PS2, good times but I Wonder why people is willing To put free time again in old games? why?

While everyone's suggestions list is Great I feel at the sametime that I would like too keep my memories intact, those games, even with updated graphics will never look and play as good as they did when I played them.

I want the PS4 focus in this gen and VR, that's what I purchased it...put that R&D in introducing more features pe...

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Agree, it has always been gameplay, story telling, game design, character development, immersion, etc what it makes a GREAT game...last gen PR folks started this stuff with sales numbers and graphics....for me it's about How you use each pixel instead

Game on!

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Lol yeah
I used that on PS3 for one single PS2 game during transition and no PS1 game despite of PS1 BC being there all the time

I barely have time To play current games why would I like To combine my gaming time with old titles?...they already feel old...within 1 years gameplay will feel even more awkward

I never looked back To PONG or Atari, NES, osv...why would I care today?

One touting BC as a main feature and the other going forw...

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Last TR I played was on PS2, it somehow lost its charm or I just got older.

This one looks like a good game, though

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Hope not as buggy as usual...will wait for a couple of patches

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