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Konami ID and updates sucked but the game was pretty awesome, so different to any other game out there, it looked gorgeous and the nanomachines idea for teaming up was great.

I have high hopes for MGO III #1.4
It will be ok, SONY's 1st party studios just grew too large during the PS3 era due to the complexity of the HW

PS4 is all the opposite #1.18
MSFT started all this around sales figures and "hardcore" games BS... Some years ago... Difference is that Then it was them coming out every week and barging abou it, Greenberg's job was that I guess #1.1.7
UT2 had Bots if I recall right so did KZ2...not sure how old you are #1.4
That's an update! #1.1.8
This has nothing to do with be a gamer and would never happen in Europe, at the most he would get a refund of its copy #1.1.6
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Yeah, well, those details will always be an issue...who develops, who designs...I meant more the cross over stuff, both have enough iconic characters to make an awesome game and if Sony and Nintendo studios really go to work together they for sure would agree in those details and release an awesome game. #2.1.3
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Joke aside, that would be awesome...we can dream..maybe not too far fetched? Or? #2.1
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No one talks about it because ain't a problem...I wonder if that crossed his mind lol #1.1.6
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Delete all game data and saves, Delete game via XMB and redownload
Did it help? #3.2.4
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I think it should be called current gen by now.

Glad to hear that despite the large installment base of PS3 and X360 they go for current gen only.

Which makes me suspicious...another PS4 exclusive? This and SFV would be key titles to get a bunch of PS3 owners to upgrade.

We'll see if this is part of SONYs strategy #1.1.2
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Yeah well, I'm still on PS3, not much time to play anymore, I have a backlog of 3-4 games on PS3 before moving to PS4 which I want to play this X-mas.

I tried a Wii U during at a shopping hall and I thought it was a very different offering in all senses, great games and HW features, I could care less about the called "hardcore" games not present there, I was a gamer before MSFT started all the BS around "hardcore" games and sales figures so that didn&#... #1.1
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People talks as this is a strategy to get a trojan horse in every home...

The thing is that, at this point, after 2 consoles they shouldn't need to give it away but count with a core installment base, the thing is they are losing customers to the PS4, that's the only reason. #1.1.10
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This guys makes it possible, their tecnology build on existen layers rather than demanding upgrading

CISCOS nightmare in the US, NetI is penetrating the US market, the solution for all countries where broadband is difficult to upgrade due to costs or as in the US case, monopolies #1.8
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Playing HS was a classic PS3 moment, voice acting was great in general, Serkis is just too awesome, great variation in the gameplay, sixaxis used correctly and we all enjoyed playing with Kai :-)

Another game I loved was Folklore, really melancolic RPG, pretty fun battles, had its technical issues with loading times but time will turn it into one if those special memorable small games. #1.3.1
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China is the world's largest economy actually #1.3
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I just hope it's out soon and not within 4-5 years, given the more friendly PS4 architecture it should be out later 2016 #1.1.14
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PS3 plays PS One games as well, or? I played some in my fat one, haven't tried on my SLIM, though but I guess all PS3 models are PSOne compatible...large number of games at least #2.2
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I don't know about Apple...but they are still far behind Samsung in the global market so that was probably a bad example.

No company cut the prices if not needed, XB1 needed it to be sold, no one wanted that console, was over equipped, bad reputation, bulky, inferior way they could sold that when the other console offers more for a cheaper price...this weekend will show why MSFT did what they did. #1.2.9
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Wow too many amazing games!
3 best PSO ever is difficult to list, too many! Mega Man Legends, Syphon Filter. DRIVER, FF, RE, Dino Crisis, Silent Hill...impossible to list only 3...great console! #1.2
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