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It will be unsurprinsingly bad #3.1
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Yeah, the game doesn't need any help To flop, it's a bad game. #1.4
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And they will never give you numbers because it's nothing for such an important console market.

This is rather damage control, SONY came out last month with an update regarding sales in Spain, 700 K PS4 with a ratio of 9:1 against XONE according to the news:
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I live in Sweden and I don't know who he is and don't care. I'm an old fashioned gamer, I have Facebook, but "only at home" and rarely log in. Use my cellphone to call and message and yeah, google stuff when needed, access my bank account, maps, and so on...only the good features of the new mobile media life is not of interest for me.

I write in forums like this one that are focused in a subject I care about rather than fighting about religi... #1.1.13
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Who say those games will be there? I think the question is relevant when it comes to business model: less investment, more revenue.

If the future is mobil gaming then my days as gamer are counted.

But honestly, I think only few companies would go 100% that way as it's a big risk since those are not dedicated gaming platforms...technique will change and so UI interaction...companies would need to keep up with new technique, rebuild engines and so on.... <... #5.1
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Well, remakes are good if well done, good for those that didn't have a PS3 in the past, those were awesome games.

I'm ok with remakes as long as we also get new games.

It's funny how the "toy" has become the central business at SONY, they have advantage over any other similar HW company due to the wide experience they have gathered in the gaming industry during 20 years

And the success has been thanks to PS has been run... #1.1.9
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I guess it's a matter of gamers noticing those...with No Man's Sky releasing soon, probably the biggest INDIE title in the coming years, it's hard to care about this article #1.1.10
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Agree #1.6.2
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This game will blow, the trailer just says it all, not really sure what people is looking at or if they don't have much to play today but the game will make more than one dissapointed.

I'm actually playing Mass Effect 3 right now on PS3 and it looks better than that world or not, there is no excuse for those poor character models for a game being in dev for so long

You can see it's a port from last gen, the grain filter they add is... #1.1.8
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I wonder if this was the real reason for SONY pushing the release of U4 to early 2016? #1.1.11
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To begin with, you need a representative installbase in the country of the developer to make that seem unfair...50K is not just enough... #1.6.1
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I love my PS2! #1.1.6
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It's not just about horror games but the fact that a only-PC studio all of the sudden releases one of their games on PS4 as well.

Why? Because PS4 is PC-port friendly, cost effective and suitable for this kind of great small devs..they are only 5 guys!

Cerny wasn't kidding when he talked about how fast you can get a graphical engine working on the PS4 when porting from a PC, PS4 was designed for developers, not for big or medium-sized companies but de... #1.2
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Konami probably threated to sue her since there is a difference between Kojima not working on MGSV anymore and still but as a contractor.

Regardless, he must have really pissed off Konami for them to remove his name from the could be normal in Japanese law and culture or maybe he really said or did something that deserved his name to be swaped from the game.

Regardless, he is indeed fired and probably still working on the game for love to series, f... #3.1
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I think the conflict must have been about Kojima wanting to go more "west" when it comes to game developing and cooperation with other studios, he expressed a while back that Japanese gaming industry has great things but also can learn a lot from western devs...otherwise it was in big trouble if continued be so closed to wenstern influences

I think Konami executives are just too conservative and Kojima got enough, This can be really postive for the industry and for... #1.3
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Good game but didn't finish it. Got tired of the last part where you go around and have to collect some parts in order to escape or something...backtracking is a turn off for me, I was pretty happy with the story and ready to finish it...why that need of trying to extend the game's length just for the sake of having it above certain average number of gameplay hours?

First Bioshock had also its backtracking, I guess that's part of the designer style....good/great g... #3
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On a side comment, I wonder how old is the author of the article? It's just april!!

As a 40+ gamer I must say it feels strange talk about x-mas this if the rest of the year didn't matter, that's how it is when you are young, how many times haven't read that someone wants to "spool forward" a whole year just to play a game...that's an scary thought!! :S

Don't take time as granted but enjo... #1.3
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Man, King Crimson is like extreme example, I had to download from internet to get their triology albums like 10 years ago...don't know today but it sounds like Spotify has a good offering nowadays #1.2.7
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Do they finally have Led, Metallica? #1.1.7
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Agree. Who cares about resolution? Let's sell tons of copies on both consoles so the Witcher desv/publisher sees console gaming as a serious plattform for next iteration.

I'm console-only gamer since last 15 years. #1.4
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