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""killzone 2 is a masterpiece" "


Very well made video! Cannot wait for the game! #5
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Only thing I don't like about destiny is crucible. Very much a "twitch" shooter, I like more shooters that lean toward tactical.
When I spawn in crucible, I always go the opposite direction that it puts me and my game has improved greatly! The default spawn always put you in the enemys line of fire, and frustrated me to no end! now I have
come in first place several times after being last place forever! "hint", when you spawn, do a 360, and you will... #5
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Killzone 2 was hated greatly before relese, now its regarded as a "top ten of all time" FPS. Let the game speak for itself. I feel it will also shine! #1.13.1
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All the pre-negativity placed on a game that I am personally anticipating reminds me of another Playstation exclusive that I went through the same media wonderment. I couldn't wait to play Killzone 2, and so many in the media were saying how bad it was going to be. I got it, played it, and my impression of it was that it was amazing. I felt it should go down as a top FPS in history. Let the media(and alot of fan-boy gamers)tell it, it was a hot mess. Now years later, the game is excatly a... #9
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I love the visuals in Killzone sf! The MP has also improved as well as a ton of free maps! Great game! #1
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I got a Hand Cannon... I dont use them.... gave it a try.....SWEET! #5
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Sony had very adult avatars in "playstation home", they were great! #19.1
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The avatars were juvenile, the sounds of the 360 button pushes were also toy-like and kid friendly. Xbox has always leaned toward the kid in all of us campaign. Sony has always leaned toward the electronic adult entertainment front. Not saying one is worse, just different approaches to gaming. I am almost 50, and I prefer Sonys approach to gaming. I loved the Sony avatars in "home"! mine looked just like me! Very adult imho. #9.2
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I haven't been a very "social" gamer at all. But, my son is. As I watch him play with all his "friends" in various fire teams and whatnot, and talk incessantly on the mic, and defeat the vault of glass countless times and cross game chat with others, I realize that his level 28 and my level 28 are two entirely different beasts! He has at least 7 exotics, I have two, and they are armor! No guns! I Have never beat the vault of glass, but I have 3 characters ubove level 2... #9
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Welp..Seahawks won, and now my psn is on! Kids are going nuts! Game share, destiny partys, headphone mic's, messages popping up, camera on, downloading stuff, where is Xur? Killzone SF online for me next! Good times! #46
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Watching san diego chargers game. Tried psn on half-time....still down! Will check after the Seahawks win! #41.1
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How do you know Sony has "crumbled". Sony could be securing data, securing future breaches ms isn't, or under advisment from their attorneys to delay. There could be a hundred reasons behind the scenes that us gamers Don't have a clue to as why xbl is up and psn is still down. Bottom line is Lizard squad did this bs! We need to stop blaming those not responsible. The U.S. govt. Data Has been compromised in the past. Many others too. Major banks data compromised by people jus... #65.1.2
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Still down for me! Lizard squad should be arrested and heavily fined for this! #35
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Lizard sqaud is to blame for this. I hope they get arrested and fined heavily! #64
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Market share obviously is critical to console manufacturers, xb1's discounts and combined bundles are clearly monetary losses to MS, but market share in hardware trumps profit on hardware. Sony,on the other hand has the edge in hardware sales as well as not selling for a loss to compete in market share,Sony is still in a better position in this generation of hardware. I'm wondering how long MS will continue to sell there box at a loss to gain market share? The ads do still state "... #19
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Finally online after almost day 4...not cool.... #55
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I'm on day 3 with no psn at all. This is getting ugly now! #18
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I have said the exact things about the "Killzone" titles, i.e. I find most gamers who don't "get into" them as much as I do, usually haven't invested nearly enough time for them to "shine". As for Halo, I still play my "halo edition" original xbox and most Halo games on my 360, but they are slow to me... #5.1.1
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Graghics Don't matter, gameplay does, and I find a lot of Halo games very boring and dull. But, overall, I do like some of the Halo games. #5
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There is still people playing Killzone 2 mp! Killzone mp is where Killzone titles shine. Shadow fall mp is a blast too! #3.1.2
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