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PlayStation 3 60G hands down...Partitioned hdd with Linux, web browser, true optical 7.1 surround sound

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The PlayStation 2 had 1080i games FYI

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No Killzone SF!? MP is superb

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I'm a 50 year old gamer sincere Odyssey days in the 70's, better graphics were at the forefront of my obsession with the new consoles. Of course games/gameplay was also at the forefront but the new graphics was what "got me excited" for the next gen. If developers stopped focusing on that I'd be very disappointed. Reminds me of the Killzone 2 arguments that gameplay trumps graphics but what was silly was Killzone 2 had both! In hindsight those that actually played and ex...

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I use most of these tactics in my Killzone online matches, especially "developing my own style"!

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Twisted Metal 2 Snitches!!

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I also feel that QB deserves a sequel, just like I felt that The Order 1887 deserves one too. I remember quite a few didn't agree with the Order getting one. I wonder if those same people feel QB should?

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I understand that it has been written before but it is not very acurate to constantly say the PS3 had a "terrible", "disastrous", "horrible" start. Yes, it was "less than expected" by Sony and Sony's investers in the small launch window that saw mediocre sales after the 360 had been out for a year plus, but it gained ground quickly thereafter and never looked back to outsell the 360 lifetime. It was never on a brink of failure like some make it out ...

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Is it "bland or blend"? It was written twice. I didn't know a "movie" was part of the game too.

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This is exactly why Sony has always been smart by taking chances with alot of big budget first-party titles. It allows other titles from other developers to benifit from the expensive engine development costs of launch titles, even IF those titles didn't sell well. They also farm out dev help to other studios to tweak their games. Everyone in the "Sony" family wins eventually. In this case, ND benefits from their own previous work. I love that Until Dawn is using the Killzone ...

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Occulus devs have already stated(sorry, no link) , that they will support ALL vr platforms with r&d and whatnot to ensure that vr is adopted by the masses, including Sony. Similar to the Elon Musk/Tesla tech share. They will be as happy as Sony would be if the PSVR sells alot. Those that understand the business side of our hobby know that if Sony's VR is widely adopted, or anyones VR for that matter, that the other companies will showcase their VR and its strengths compared to the pre...

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My first job was a state government mail sorter/deliverer, up and down elevators all day. Didn't think I could hang after my first week, my symptoms were carbon copy of the article writer. I even had bouts of vertigo on my weekend. After second week...nothing...The body adapts if you are strong enough with no health issues is my point. Eat your veggies my fellow VR adopters! And also take it easy the first couple weeks !

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Very good, imformative preview. No mention of the "Cinema" mode which sounds to be an awesome, well thought out secondary VR perk.

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Take Killzone SF off the list too. First off, you have to had played it to put it on the list. Its nit Kill Zone its Killzone and its not Shadows fall its Shadowfall! Ive caught alot of Killzone naysayers who have never touched the game.

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This gen had me at Killzone SF! Great game and severely underrated ! IMHO

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Killzone SF was my first must-have title this gen. I dont get why alot of gamers would feel like the PS4 hasn't had a must-have game till now.

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I live in Seattle, and I'm actually in the minority being a PS4/Pc only gamer being this MS's home base and all. Most of my real-life gamers friends are XB1/PC gamers. I try to tell them how cool the games are that released first on PS4 and are now on the Xbox 1. Like Warframe, DC universe, Rocket League and I'm sure I'll have to do the same if No Mans's Sky ever does too. None have really listened though! They show me and tell me they want only games that showed love to...

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I will never delete PT from my HDD !

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I disagree...Killzones only negative , to me, has been its steep curve to excell at killing. Killzone 2, with its minimal to no auto-aim turned alot away and some didnt want to adjust. It is now considered one of the best shooters of all-time. Halo,COD etc.. have heavy auto-aim and most other shooters of the like the auto-aim can never be dis-abled.

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