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Who said it wasn’t? I surely bought it on Steam myself. Just saying for a lowly console it is impressive.

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It is very stream-able as a game type.

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No to what? It shows the frame rate right there. Barely goes under 60 and the few times it does freesync will smooth it out. Not saying it is as good as pc. Or do you just like to read things into stuff

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Yeah, I don't know either. Probably for search engines or something.

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It's true. Been trying so hard to get friends to play the Division since all the changes but nobody will bite.

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According to the video, it runs better on Xbox One X. So it would be a better experience. But yeah, we are talking consoles here.. Playing for second place.

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It's a setting in the game

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I don't really pay attention to my health bar but I do like to see the Enemy's health bar for strategic reasons. Not like the HUD is obstructive or anything.

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Pretty impressed how closely it hits 60fps. With a freesync monitor it should be almost perfect in that regard.

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Best looking maybe.

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There is no reason if this was on PC it wouldn't look even better and still run 60fps.

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I gave Sea of Thieves a 6.. I would give God of War around a 9.5 so far. But yes, keep living your delusional Sony only world..

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I never said it was unplayable. I was just pointing out that on PC it would be considered so. If this released on PC and was 30fps it would be getting trashed. But Console owners seem willing to live with this subpar gameplay experience.

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40fps without freesync is pretty trash to be honest.

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If you prefer 30fps over 60, that is your choice. Baffling, yes, but you do you.

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Never said there was stutter. Although there is some when opening areas. All I said is that on PC games at 30fps are considered unplayable. It's not like anyone who has a good PC is playing Dark Souls, Gears of War or Tomb Raider on a console. They are playing it in 60fps, because guess what... it is a much better experience.

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Xbox X couldn't run this game at 60 fps either. But a good PC could. Shame the developers weren't given that opportunity.

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No game at 30 fps is running properly. Sorry.

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I have the game, and I have a PS4. Maybe you should stop whining about valid complaints. If you are happy with 30fps. So be it. I am not.

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I see your view, but I had the opposite experience. I loved grinding the raids for those last bits of light level but I didn't enjoy the random rolls on weapons. It felt good to go into the tower at full light level because it meant something. The only way to get it at first was through the raid. If you had the highest light level it meant you earned it through the toughest activity. As far as weapon rolls I felt the opposite. It felt like a cheap way to get users to grind. Yes, I ran Omn...

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