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I bought TMNT TF for genesis for $3 at a flea market. It was in better condition than the one he's selling.

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The games that he had was nowhere near the condition to even be considered charging the prices that you mentioned. If they were clean and dusted and labels restored to at least something close to glossy, than I would consider his prices resonable. This guy's place was dirty and disorganized. I believe that the only reason that this store is even still standing is because he has an area for kids to come in and play LAN games like halo or CF. That or his store is a front.

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I was joking to the guy, so you can imagine my jaw dropping as he confirmed my joke as a reality.

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It's not rare; it's one of a kind. However you're right by saying it's not worth 1mil. I used that as a starting point mainly to getpeople to not haggle so low. Realisticly I'm expecting 100 G's.

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What really kills it for me in regards of the 2DS design is the fact Nintendo had another opportunity to add a second thumbstick; something that I really wanted since the original 3DS. Nintendo has had many emails, letters, and what not sent to them regarding the lack of secondary thumbsticks that they choose to ignore for God knows why. Question: If it's called a 2DS, shouldn't it just be called a DS?

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This game is not going to appeal to everyone. I just wanted people like yourself to understand its references so you can understand its true target audience.

As a child of the 80's I'm calling "Blood Dragon" this generation's "Vice City"

Someone like yourself may not be interested in this game and that's quite alright. IT'S NOT FOR YOU!

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That's a good question. Unfortunately the series ended before Jason could find him :(

I think "Spiral Zone" would make a great game.

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