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...Pretty sure you used that saying incorrectly.

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While I most certainly agree with the shake-to-do-everything control scheme being awful in Donkey Kong, I actually really enjoyed Skyward Sword's very precise motion control. That's just me though

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You can almost taste the butthurt in this one

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Hi, Triforce Johnson

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I lol'd.

Good one.

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No... This was announced over a day ago and was the top news story at that time. This is the same exact thing.

Do you actually think something that came out in only 1 minute got 500 degrees with no glitch?

The proof is right there. It's been 20 minutes and now the degrees is at 510.

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It's gotta be some kind of glitch. I've never seen this, especially for something not-so-newsworthy

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Very good news. This should improve indie support. There's already "Chasing Aurora" coming to the Wii U and it looks fantastic.

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Just a joke. A lot of games now have annoying wub-wub in their trailers. I realize RE6 doesn't, but this series is drifting more and more towards games like CoD and Gears of War.

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"It's sad that the console with 1st place games is considered 3rd place"

<citation needed>

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...Where/when did he say that?

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When Iwata showed off the WiiU the day before the press conference, I just thought "DAY ONE BUY!"

Now every day that goes by I move further away from that thought. God damn.

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Jesus Christ, Nintendo. It's like you're TRYING to shake off hardcore gamers.

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Resident Duty: Call of Battlefield Dubstep 6

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I highly doubt Rayman Legends is exlusive.

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...Horribly written.

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Oh man... please don't contiue the shovelware onto the Wii U...

at least make it a downloadable title.

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You're absolutely 100% right. But you're not going to get a positive number of agrees compared to the number of disagrees. This site is just blind with fanboyism.

Calm down everyone. Just because Nintendo has influenced gaming the most DOESN'T MEAN all of a sudden everything Sony has made is bad. You can still enjoy your favorite games. I mean for fucks sake, have an objective viewpoint for once in your neckbeard lives.

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Pretty good list...

Am I the only one that likes SMG1 better than SMG2?

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...Does it make you feel good to say that? I hope you realize that Mario is the face of video games.

Every time I go on the comments on an N4G post I want to puke.

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