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"1.21 GIGAWATTS! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!"


Thanks for the link. Enjoyed reading it. #1
Yup. Never stop playing this awesome game since release.
Very happy that evo still giving more supports. Looking forward to a surprise, kind of hoping a new location, possibly Swiss Alps or Australian outback? :P #10
Well done to Turn 10. You answered Xbox fans' demands finally.
Enjoy gamers, I know you will.

I love racing games especially in adverse weather conditions. #9
just won 2 DriveClub races since this "news" approved. you were saying? #11
urm? no issues today from me. still playing DriveClub

ps i'm in UK. i've been playing on and off all day today. not a single disconnection.. #8
same question asked before E3 earlier this year. Nobody should be afraid. Competition is pointless #5
Actually I agree with you there. Xbox one is slightly blurry but not too much. On and off #3.1
First time I heard of blue light of death. How can that be classed as "infamous"? #1.1.1

No words describe how awesome this gameplay is #17
No words to describe how awesome this gameplay is. #5
Mini heart attack? Sony actually congratulated them via Twitter. It's their way of saying "good job and now watch our show next" #4
Looks great. #3
Would like a remake of FF8 please? I completed that awesome game. I admit that I didn't complete FF7... But looking forward to remake. #10
No online please. It needs to be a full remake. Exactly the same storyline, same battle etc etc. only difference is the characters' look. If same as shown in teaser trailer, awesome #5
Forbes thinks so. Nice to have an opinion from them, virtually unknown here in Europe. #4
Microsoft better do the same to Sony after Sony's show.

What about Nintendo? hmmm... #2
yep. that's life #2.1.1
yep, expected.
It'll gradually increase its number of games in months to come. #2
knew it! Nissan GT-R!
nice trailer! #1
This is timed exclusive. no rush for me. #3.1
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