1.21 GIGAWATTS! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!


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Thanks. Will do!

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Can you remove "fixed" option for "other" report please?
Submitter ignored my reports on anonymous source news and marked it as fixed. Thanks

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It's a beta, what else do you expect? Perfection?

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Have you fixed spam bots too? This is annoying every times it appears. i suggest in new members section, there should be a box with changing image, so new member needs to add a word or numbers what they see in the image before they proceed. This should prevent spam bots.

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That's a genius.

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Honestly I don't care. I preordered this game because I love codemaster's rally games. (loved Colin McRae rally, I met that guy at Goodwood Festival of Speed a year before he died)

Enjoy the game on whatever console you have.

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Wow, that's the dumbest comment you made there. Try working for them. It's not as easy as you think. Licensing is involved

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More free stuff, the merrier.

Still playing this awesome game, love it.
Love Evolution's ongoing support. Thank you.

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Some guy expressing his view. Meh. I'm looking forward to it.

This is the kind of game I'm interested in.

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As I said before, all technologies are not perfect.
Good time to go jogging

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i seriously agree

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Thanks for sharing the video. Honestly this new track will be great.

Cobbled streets, rows after rows after rows of houses and wet weather are perfect matches for serious racing fans and photomode fans alike. Tomorrow bring it on!

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This must be by far the best developer. They just can't stop supporting this awesome racing game.

Free track?? That's totally unexpected.

Looking forward to this update.

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Ok I accidentally opened the trailer from outside N4G the following day. Nevermind. Great trailer

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Hmmm, love marmite. Especially on toast

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Signed up! Loved the first Mirror's edge so hopefully this will be good. I haven't even watched the trailers or gameplays yet!

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nothing perfect. Enjoy playing offline or better go outside

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My verdict of this game, good fun. Lots of people still playing it and so am I.

Your "update news" is really pointless if it is just an update to improve game's stability or fix bug..

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Thanks for sharing that video. I've been trying to find a best steering wheel. This must be the best one. Cheers!

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Love following Driveclub's Twitter feeds. They retweeted some of the best photos. Love em.

Looking forward to new track and their continuous support to this awesome game.

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