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"1.21 GIGAWATTS! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!"


"Quarter to Three" ? Never heard of them. Another one of those independent reviewer...
It's his opinion and not considered to be a major website. #6
Seems no comments. Possibly busy playing DriveClub :D #2.1
..... I have to wait until the end of this week... Grrrr

(From UK btw) #3
Already cancelled preorder. The game looks awful.
I've seen The Crew beta on PS4 and I wasn't entirely impressed.

Release date delay doesn't even bother me #9
Fantastic Four on PS1 has a good loading screen. Small race track with 4 vehicles.

I know it's the worst game ever #3
they are seriously bored. #12.2
was waiting for someone to get that shot. brill! #1.12.2
You mean COTY (Console of the Year) ;) #2.1
See how headlight reflected from car's side mirrors, in front. Perfection #3
Wow so many XBOX trolls crying. You are welcome to try it out, tissues will be on hand #10
DriveClub was the main reason why I bought PS4 since it launches. Patience is worth it.

Yes I played other games on PS4 but this is the game I really wanted my hand on.

Once again, collection of beautiful gif. It's only next week, folk! #7
"100% PS4 footage"
That's all the way through this trailer.

Awesome! #26
.... I ... Can't...bear it

Just a week left.... Aaaarrrggghhh #2
Currently more PS4 advertisements in UK than XBONE.
It's obvious that PS4 attracts customers more.

However, it's down to people to either investigate what's good or just get it. #25
Other titles on Xbox I guess. #3

My iPad couldn't handle gif well haha. Had to wait a bit before it plays.

The ones with snow, woah #1.1.3
Do me a favour, just add this to favourite:
and stay there. #2.7
Please don't stop linking to awesome gif captures.
The sense of speed is incredible.

Look at the snow track and the one through a valley with high bridge that you drive through.

That's the kind of speed/good looking racing game I'm looking for. #1.1.1
So i guess someone has to pause the game and complain of seeing that?
ok thanks for providing that. will cancel my preorder
/s #1.3.4
seen videos of FH2... i failed to see why bring this into this conversation. its nothing like DC, not even close. #11.2
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