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GT Sport.

Because I got a Playstation 4. I do not have Xbox One

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I forgotten to preorder it, so I did today. I didn't even know it's 4 days away! After viewing a number of gameplays, this is the Sonic we've been waiting for.

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Spotify is the best. Enjoy it Xbox owners. 👍

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Everyone jump to conclusion when Sony hasn't said anything, yes I agree with you all that Sony wouldn't take part. The way I see it, wait for Sony official comment on this matter.

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Misleading title. Discussion with Sony is still ongoing. "we are still in discussions with Sony about PlayStation and have nothing to confirm" It doesn't mean that Sony refused.

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Hmm.. I never received a dodgy message. Possibly because I never participate in communities..

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7. I disagree
6. I disagree
5. I disagree
4. Would love to see extra levels
3. Maybe but not a good idea..
2. Never like Coco or any other playable characters. The game is called Crash Bandicoot not Coco Bandicoot. So I disagree.
1. What this one got to do with Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy. Seems to be off topic. Although I'd like to see Spyro remastered.

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Totally agree with you. I stopped playing shoot em up games years ago. I think call of duty 4 was my last game. Even though I was pretty good at it, especially online gaming, I got sick of seeing more shoot em up games. Just same old shoot that, shoot this. I missed PS1 era fun games. Since then I've been playing mostly driving games and few platform games.
Good to see Crash Bandicoot back on our screen, remastered. That was my first game on PS1.
Fantastic to hear that i...

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That Hungarian retailer already removed listing. No surprise..
Just a placeholder, so it doesn't mean that's it's true.

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"Burnout meets fast and furious"? No thanks

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@bolimekurac I played better Need for Speed games years ago. At least 13 years ago, before you were born or still in your diapers. i know what's Need for Speed games are like now.

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Sorry but that looks crap. I got fed up of Need for speed now. The last game I had, was Need for Speed Rivals. Nothing new or spectacular about it. Expect price drop after a few months

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Well that's obvious

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I'd suggest Sony to focus on delivering consoles but if they wish to release another handheld, let them be. I returned to my old PS Vita recently and it's still good as it was.

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Thanks for sharing. It's nowhere near as good as Wipeout. Nice attempt, Formula Fusion

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very impressive

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GT Sport looks pretty good. I can see a number of flaws from Assetto Corsa clip.

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When I was young, I went outside

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@nintendo12: "I redirect it to avoid restrctions" BINGO. That proves what a nutcase you are. Redirection is NOT allowed. Gamingbad is NOT allowed here. What part do you not understand? Just don't try to post ANYTHING from gamingbad.

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I know what daily express is like. I know it's unrelated but last month, they reported that Britain would get snowstorms within a week. Truthfully, it was a fine sunny week.

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