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"1.21 GIGAWATTS! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!"


Actually I agree with you there. Xbox one is slightly blurry but not too much. On and off #3.1
First time I heard of blue light of death. How can that be classed as "infamous"? #1.1.1

No words describe how awesome this gameplay is #17
No words to describe how awesome this gameplay is. #5
Mini heart attack? Sony actually congratulated them via Twitter. It's their way of saying "good job and now watch our show next" #4
Looks great. #3
Would like a remake of FF8 please? I completed that awesome game. I admit that I didn't complete FF7... But looking forward to remake. #10
No online please. It needs to be a full remake. Exactly the same storyline, same battle etc etc. only difference is the characters' look. If same as shown in teaser trailer, awesome #5
Forbes thinks so. Nice to have an opinion from them, virtually unknown here in Europe. #4
Microsoft better do the same to Sony after Sony's show.

What about Nintendo? hmmm... #2
yep. that's life #2.1.1
yep, expected.
It'll gradually increase its number of games in months to come. #2
knew it! Nissan GT-R!
nice trailer! #1
This is timed exclusive. no rush for me. #3.1
Timed exclusive. not concerned.

PS4 have another archaeology adventure game, Uncharted. the more the merrier #5
Driveclub has everything. The gameplay is what's keeps me playing.
I can't see that with project cars, I'm sure it's a good game but I don't have time for that. Might get it in 6 months time if Evolution stops releasing more awesome updates. #32
Basically you're a terrible driver.

Practice time trial and learn the track.. #7.3
It's out in PAL regions (that's Europe and Australia) . North America get theirs on Tuesday #10.1
I knew this would happen. After numerous delays, I decided to withdrew my preorder until they fix this problem.
Anyhow I'm not desperate for this game. #9
Yep, Driveclub has a better wet weather system. I seen the comparison before but no changes since then.
I'm sure project cars is a great game but still lagging behind on topping wet weather effect. #2
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