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"more unread PMs, the merrier :D"


Sega Megadrive (Genesis) first, PS2, PS1, PS4, PS3 and then Gamecube last #16
yes i agree. submission reported with link.. #2.2
More Halo the merrier #2
I've been missing space games since colony wars on PS1 #10
Lucasart must go mental... They wish to make Star Wars universe like this. #8.1
@tbone : you're wrong. Despite Xbox 360 infamous year headstart, PS3 was actually outselling Xbox360, worldwide even in Japan where Xbox 360 was unheard of. #1.1.9
Had issues with sending messages but I didn't go offline or had any effects playing online. #5
So you think it's a final build? O....k... #16.1
I disagree. DriveClub will not face competition from the crew or Forza Horizon 2..

Both DriveClub and Forza Horizon 2 will do fine. IMO DriveClub will be a system seller. Possibly sell more than Forza Horizon.. #15.1
If I were you, leave PS4 or any other consoles out of Xbone article.. Comparison is becoming lame #4.1
Nice flip.

Since this is still in development, it will be interesting how the final build will turn out for damages and collisions. :) #12
No I don't want Halo in playstation #11
It's never cancelled in the first place... #2
My primary console is PS4
My secondary is PS3
My third is PSV

Yep still playing the top two and not gathering dust.

If I bought Xbone, that would be gathering dust. Don't want to waste my money on it. I sold XBox360 for PS3 and never regretted it since #33
Until sony confirmed, this means nothing #24

Don't think only North American call it as soccer... #3.2
"The recordings were so accurate that BMW and Mercedes-Benz AMG requested copies to replace their existing library."

Lol that's awesome.

Great read. Really show how much effort Evolution Studios are putting into this game.

I've been watching gameplay of Canadian track over and over again lately.. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! #15
Pretty sure I heard this before. Last year, the year before, and the year before.

So not a killer blow but better performance. #2
Nobody's perfect #13
it means Microsoft took Kinect out of the box. #1
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