1.21 GIGAWATTS! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!


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GT Sport looks pretty good. I can see a number of flaws from Assetto Corsa clip.

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When I was young, I went outside

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@nintendo12: "I redirect it to avoid restrctions" BINGO. That proves what a nutcase you are. Redirection is NOT allowed. Gamingbad is NOT allowed here. What part do you not understand? Just don't try to post ANYTHING from gamingbad.

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I know what daily express is like. I know it's unrelated but last month, they reported that Britain would get snowstorms within a week. Truthfully, it was a fine sunny week.

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Already reported this idiot. He reposted this "news" THREE TIMES. Gamingbad is banned from this site. They stole news and treat it as their own. Plagiarism.
This story is a duplicated from the original poster, daily express.

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i given up. i gotta pre-order this game. (my last GT was GT5 not 6, never played Project CARS and the other one...)

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Exactly what I wanted to see

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It's my first time seeing this gameplay and second time heard of this sonic mania. I wasn't expecting this. I loved the original sonic 1 to 3. This gameplay is excellent! I need to find out more about sonic mania. Thanks for sharing

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Compare it with Driveclub's weather then we can confirm if what Project Cars 2 has, is indeed "incredible"

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i spotted it on Sky Sports News (UK) twitter account. I did not see it on other account. These hackers are a real jerk. Don't they have anything better to do?

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Still playing it since launch. Still my favourite racing game

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it's worth the money for me. this is the kind of game i'm interested in. still playing it and enjoying it.
the only last space game exploring/dogfights i played was colony wars on PS1.

i guess its not the kind of game for 21st century kids. carry on moaning if you want. i expected that from you kids even before this game was released.

i say good job on Hello Games small team. they worked hard on it and yes, everything is not always perfect.

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It's the best indie game I enjoyed playing. I knew comments like this would appear. This game is not for everyone.

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Hardworking team. Devoted. Kudos to them.

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Woah, that the hell of a list. Looking forward to it. (Preordered digital copy months ago)

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High five to the writer. Spot on

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"Last gen"... What else do you expect?
I knew from the very start that it wouldn't looks graphically brilliantly like Uncharted 4. Graphic is least on my mind, it's what you can do in this game and what it has achieved.
Trailers look awesome and interesting. Already preordered months ago and still looking forward to it.

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This trailer really got me interested.

It's amazing that this game was created by a team of just a few people.

Not long now

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My first handheld game was gameboy color. I remember playing Super Mario bros, Tetris to name a few. I never played or own the original NES console.

When I heard that Nintendo will be releasing Nintendo classic console, that's a smart move by them.
Now I'm like "Should I? Shouldn't I? Should I? Shouldn't I? Should I? Shouldn't I?" arrrggghhh

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I don't know who is this PewDiePew but he's nobody. Should not be allowed on here regardless of the news

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