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Title is near-clickbait. Should have been, "Sony offering 3 months free Netflix trial with Playstation Plus subscription promotion"

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If true, I find remastered edition pointless.
I want a new game and new location. Miami, Las Vegas would be couple of ideal places.

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Can't argue with that. I have to wait till count down finishes in order to close that annoying video that covers 85% of my screen..

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Thanks for clarifying it, fenome.

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My fault. I wasn’t able to edit it. Sorry to confuse you

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I’m referring to PS4 gamers not Xbox1’s

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All veterans of Burnout Paradise I know will be getting it. It will be the same but slight improvement to graphic. They don’t care, they love it then and will love it now. How do I know? Cause I’m one of them :D

Haven’t read your review but your review score of 6/10 is like whatever..

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Definition of “bestest” according to Google: “(in children's use) the very best.” “In children’s use”

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@runningx - “bombed”? Lol. No it did not. How come online server is still active? How come so many players online? How come this game still sells? Bombed? Nope. I doubt you actually played this awesome game.

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They’re* not their

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Can’t see it happening. XBOX one still unable to outsell PS4. So what’s the point of entering portable market?

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Never heard of Playstation voice. How can you be sure that it’s from Sony themselves?

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I played both. PC2 isn’t really a simulator game although it tried to be. Didn’t like it.
Forza is a good game and has improved. However, comparing it to GT, GT is rightfully labelled as “Real Driving simulator “

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Disney’s not happy with everything. Even Walt.

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Is it time to get PSVR? Hit agree for YES or disagree for NO. I’m still contemplating.. I’m a driving gamer btw. This is appealing

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GT Sport.

Because I got a Playstation 4. I do not have Xbox One

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I forgotten to preorder it, so I did today. I didn't even know it's 4 days away! After viewing a number of gameplays, this is the Sonic we've been waiting for.

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Spotify is the best. Enjoy it Xbox owners. 👍

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Everyone jump to conclusion when Sony hasn't said anything, yes I agree with you all that Sony wouldn't take part. The way I see it, wait for Sony official comment on this matter.

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Misleading title. Discussion with Sony is still ongoing. "we are still in discussions with Sony about PlayStation and have nothing to confirm" It doesn't mean that Sony refused.

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