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"1.21 GIGAWATTS! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!"


Ok I accidentally opened the trailer from outside N4G the following day. Nevermind. Great trailer #3.1.1
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Hmmm, love marmite. Especially on toast #1
Signed up! Loved the first Mirror's edge so hopefully this will be good. I haven't even watched the trailers or gameplays yet! #3
nothing perfect. Enjoy playing offline or better go outside #5
My verdict of this game, good fun. Lots of people still playing it and so am I.

Your "update news" is really pointless if it is just an update to improve game's stability or fix bug.. #1
Thanks for sharing that video. I've been trying to find a best steering wheel. This must be the best one. Cheers! #1.2.1
Love following Driveclub's Twitter feeds. They retweeted some of the best photos. Love em.

Looking forward to new track and their continuous support to this awesome game. #4
Submitting before reviewing. Clear sign of laziness #3.1
did anyone have a nice walk down the park during this outage? #19
I like it, beautiful graphic, nice soundtrack and overall story.
This game is not meant to be designed for everyone to enjoy. #6
Awesome racing game, awesome price.

Get it! #2
That was a pretty awesome VR 360 video.

(Best played on Android devices btw) #3
I bought this game when it launched. Still playing and loving every minute of it. I knew from the very start that Evolution Studios would keep supporting and that they did. They did just like Criteriongames did to the awesome Burnout Paradise. #5
"custume"... That's not even a word

When will people ever learn how to spell properly #2
Since driveclub released, I have been playing this game a lot. The only other games I bought after driveclub were Gone to Rapture and the Crew.

Driveclub is the only game I enjoyed playing. I didn't realise that it has been a year, not one disappointment. #46
Hmm interesting. I always wondered about bikes in DriveClub...but I didn't think it would be likely.
Well I guess we have to wait and see #3
This rocks. #17
It's a demo and the closed beta is the same. Don't expect too much of unfinished game. #6.2
Yep. Honestly despite a few bugs, I love it #4.1.1
By the look of it, it's not a beta. Just a demo. Few things missing.

I know because I'm in closed beta. #4
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