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Why does PS vita needs saving? Still too early... It is doing fine. It will do well in couple of years. Look at how PS3 and PSP doing... Struggled at the start, tons of games and consoles outselling years later.

Disagreers are usually Americans and hardcore Xbox owners.

Go on then disagree.

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Yes bring on another one. MS hasn't got many exclusives and never will be.

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Like every other past Halo news..

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i guess the creator of fake playstation consoles is ruined.

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So you disagreers don't believe I sold Xbox? I sold it a month before PS3 released. I saved 200 quids off...

Anyhow, I don't know why comparing forza with NFS? I rather play multiplayer games with old burnout paradise gamers again

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NFS for me. Why? Because I sold Xbox years ago

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The more icons the merrier

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There will be less traffic on PS vita. So if EA go ahead with cross buy, that will be awesome!

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See Sony wasn't the only company suffering..

Now queue the doom and gloom articles for Microsoft. Don't be afraid. More slow days coming...
Yep, I doubt there would be some...

Anyway, do I give a damn about these companies' failures? No....

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Where I live, GAME and HMV both closed down. Not a single shop sells games...

Since then I have been buying online.

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Why it always got to do with any of Sony product? Especially when negative articles comes after barely a week of release?

Some people do not have any lives whatsoever.

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PSV is doing fine. Just cut the crap

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PS3 is top seller in many countries.
PS2, PSP and PSV are still selling.

And you're saying that Sony should leave console business?

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It doesn't affect Japan or PAL regions. They are more likely to remain with Sony or Nintendo.

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slow news day...

how about excluding negative news and focus on positive?

True what tentonsoftube said, real world out there, many people i come across enjoying psp and psvita. N4G is the place of free speech. most negative news usually comes from bored writers.

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you obviously haven't played PS3 recently. Your list is pretty crap

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i guess that explained why PS3 is number 1 seller worldwide (excluding North America)

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Draw Something was confirmed couple of months ago.

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i was a closed beta tester of ps home before it opened to public. I have seen many changes over the past couple of years.

recently i have been on and off lately.. still many people used it. one of the room usually overcrowded. PS Home still popular.

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nice looking headset from sony. should i have got one but i already got a spare bluetooth headset.

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