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can't we go one day without pissy little ps3douchebags converging on 360 articles to bash MS?

i guess not, have fun with beings so poor you can't afford the best of both worlds. too bad bestbuy doesn't take food stamps.

im fucking done with this shitty site and the kids who frequent it.

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it's too bad there isn't anymore old SKU's lying around.

whenever I had RROD's/discerrors i would swap that fucer at bestbuy and let the store deal with that bullsh*t.

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hopefully the city is bigger this time around, shit GTAIV was a bigger sandbox than infamous1.Plus it was on the "inferior" DVD medium.

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"8 years of XBL"

lol, really? the service is only 9years old at this point which started on last gen hardware. your talking about the cost of 8years of this service vs a PC that will go obsolete in 2-4 years depending on how much you like to keep up with current HW.

I built my PC's too but after a few years I said fuck it and left it to handle MMO's i wanted to play. it's not worth dumping all that money into a rig and turning around eve...

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by that logic the last(ps2) gen isn't over yet because they still sell the thing.

this generation will be over as soon as the first new console comes out. unless your a fanboy and you decide when the generation ends to suit your needs.

i.e."this gen isn't over until ps3 passes the 360/wii in sales. derp"

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you can see screen tearing in this FFXIII video, watch closely and you'll be able to see horizontal breaks in the image.

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Im not surprised the ps3 fangirls keep bringing up that XBL was hacked when in fact the service went down from too many users.

yep, overloaded servers means "Hackers". and someone guessing your password is "Hacking" too.

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wow, gotta love the two-faced pricks on this site.

anything Sony - "FUUUUUU hackers get a life!"
"goddamn, hackers are gay and marry eachother"
"I wanna punch these hacker in the face because I'm an internet toughtguy"

anything else - "LOL at Pacter getting hacked, good job hackers"
"payback! for what, i dunno but YEHAA!"

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wow look at the backlash from ps3fangirls. it's like clockwork, anything bad said about your overlord and you reply with lame comments and derogatory remarks about the site or the person in question.

I find it ironic you label XBL users immature, take a look in the mirror once. pathetic, no wonder i don't use my ps3 to play online with you goofballs.

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not me, i found the beta much better than gears 1 and 2. it has the movement speed from 1 and the control of 2. the ability to control cover cancels and wallbouncing is missing from gears1 and it feels so clunky in comparison.

the only thing gears1 had going for it was its netcode and CMS(charactermovmentspeed)

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42" sharp aquos

the game looks pretty but it plays like shit, i was in the beta and FFXI is still miles better than FFXIV.

you can't make a shitty game better with improved graphics. the game is simply ass backwards. IMO japan has lost the ability to make console games, that's why all they make these days are handheld games that mimc the last generations tech.

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lol, nice network ps3only owners. good thing you have all those QTE singleplayer games to play.

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more proof this site is full of ps3 drones.

why are uncharted3 articles not flooded with this level of bitching about gears3?

makes you wonder how immature the ps3 user base really is. don't like gears? fine, shut the fuck up about uncharted:the temple of doom and keep stroking naughty dogs nuts over in the U3 stories.

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exactly Firstkn1ghT. how many years has FFXIIIvs been on their list? oh well, looks like they get to add it to this years list again. same with Last Guardian.

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same thing with sonys early specs, just shows they didn't know what the fuc they were doing.
8 usbs
2 hdmi
5 ethernet ports(3in/2out)

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the beta proved this game is much better than gear1 and gears2 in the MP space. 4player co-op, dedi's, longest campaign so far. this game looks to be GOTY for 2011.

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those kind of store specific deals are ghey.

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gears3 will win GOTY, and it will have the sales to prove it

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now that your foot is in your mouth, you still going to claim MS is desperate? probably not, you probably think its a great deal and good tactic by sony.

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