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Maybe if they get rid of Philly Eagle Spencer, and get someone that know what the fans want to takeover, and stop putting Xbox exclusives on PC, when PC gamers don't even like Microsoft, maybe Xbox can be great again.

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He already compliment them enough.

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New year, same sick obsession with inciting flame wars. Live by the flame bait, die by the flame bait, N4G's motto.

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Announcing Phil's resignation as Xbox boss, would be nice as well. He gotta go.

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The Original Xbox was.

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The sooner Phil get fired, the better. So much got canceled with him in charge. And damn near every studio was closed. I'm surprised an Xbox developer didn't punch Phil in the face yet.

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The Original Xbox days were amazing. It had all kinds of exclusives. Blinx, Mech Assault, Dead or Alive 3, Fuzion Frenzy, Bloodwake, Tao Feng, NFL Fever, etc. Now, it's just gone downhill. Bad enough Don Mattrick dragged the brand into the ground, Phil didn't clean up the mess. He added onto it. So many studios were shut down, and several games were canceled. I remember when they formed a studio called Black Tusk, and they teased a new IP. Then they were forced to cancel it, and work ...

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They need to skip Japan, and focus on the West. The Japanese will not like Xbox, no matter what they do. They probably don't even use Microsoft Office.

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Good thing I don't have only one system. The Xbox could go out of commission by 2018, and I wouldn't even care. The Xbox boss chose to sit on several IP's and not use them, and chose not to take more risks by making more studios to make more brand new games. Damn near every time a studio was working on something, they were told to cancel it. Hell, I've wanted a brand new Banjo-Kazooie for a long time. Unfortunately, Philly Eagle Spencer thought, Gears, Halo, and Forza was far ...

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Smh, might as well sell what's left of the Xbox division.

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You're worse than every Batman fanboy.

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Phil should have been dismissed alongside Don Mattrick. If their E3 conference don't have new material, I hope they get booed harder than Roman Reigns and Vickie Guerrero combined.

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The entire Xbox division is like the Detroit Lions. Every single person need to be fired and replaced.

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Man WTF! I was looking forward to Scalebound. Phil gotta GO! So many games canceled under him, it's ridiculous.

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We don't need Kinect. We need new IP's, and studios.

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Ignore the disagrees. On N4G, it's just number of jackasses that clicked the button just to be petty.

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They should make a new game, and give Halo a break.

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