Xbox division can burn in Hell with Christopher Columbus


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26 uninterrupted seconds, of using the N word. If he took a time machine trip to Mississippi 1937, he would fit right in.

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A waste of an article. Xbox stands no chance, because that stupid American company refuses to invest in new talent, studios, and new IP's. They keep relying on those stupid games, Halo, Gears, and Forza. Those games need a goddamn final ending already! It's time for some new material Microsoft! Maybe if Microsoft was Canadian, the Xbox division would be in better condition.

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Xbox don't even have an exclusive release date that I know of. I swear, what's left of Xbox, can flood and I wouldn't even care. Good thing I sold my Xbox, after learning that Scalebound was canceled. Phil Spencer alone could fall and break something, and I would just laugh. The entire Xbox division can burn in Hell with Christopher Columbus.

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It's not even out yet, and it's already a failure? Talk about jumping to crazy conclusions. You people are worse than Richard Moore from Case Closed.

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That stupid American company, need to invest in games and studios.

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Halo need a break. 343 should be given a chance to make a new IP.

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Cable and cell phone companies >>>> video game industry, when it come to firing shots at their competition.

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They better reveal upcoming games as well.

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Did anyone even ask for Halo Wars 2? I'm starting to wish that stupid franchise known as Halo, didn't exist. THEY NEED TO MAKE SOME NEW VIDEO GAMES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! The original Xbox had all kinds of games. The 360 as well. I swear to God, I hope they get booed loud and hard at their next E3 conference. It's bad enough they're like a vampire when exposed to garlic, when it come to making new IP's, they're sitting on all kinds of video games and won't use them. ...

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Every person that approved this article, is going to Hell with a full scholarship.

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It needs games, and young blood that love video games, running the brand. Those old folks running the brand, clearly don't know what the hell they're doing. Canceled games, closed studios, lack of new IP's, and creative freedom, the list goes on. They're so scared to take risks, it's ridiculous. Oh, and they need to stop putting their games on PC. It defeats the entire purpose of owning an Xbox.

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DC have no faith in their other characters.

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Maybe Xbox would be a better brand, if it was owned by Samsung. American companies are stupid.

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Scratch off SFV, and add Nioh, much better list.

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I doubt anyone would trust Microsoft now. To hell with encouragement. Their track record is worse than Adam Sandler's recent films. The entire 8th generation, all they did was praise Sony, cancel games, barely allowing development of new games, and close studios. I wouldn't be surprised, if they got booed harder than Roman Reigns and Vickie Guerrero, combined at their next E3 conference, with chants like "Leave the industry ".

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More flame bait I see. Like war, N4G will never change.

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Oh great. Instead of trying to make Xbox first party better, they're still trying to get the Japanese, that don't even like them, to like their console. Notice how they're so damn desperate, to get the Japanese to like them, but can't put that same effort into making the Xbox first party, not a bigger laughing stock than every NFL team located in the Midwest. I swear to God, American companies are stupid. Xbox would probably be a better console, if it was owned by Samsung.

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Phil just need to be fired. All he did was kiss Sony's ass, and cancel games and close studios all 8th generation.

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Wow, PlayStation fans are calling people retards now? What a wonderful community /s.

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They could start, by sweeping the entire Xbox division, and getting new people.

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