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What I love about this is that is shows how completely stupid people are. I'm referring to the ones in this comment section. First off, that blog post and transcript of the video is completely false. Go watch the video, it never happens. Thats why its not linked in that post. Second, the video games are never blamed as the reason in regards to this one case. I don't even know where this "most schools shootings and racism in america". Its simply mentioned by the legal analyst...

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Well when I say "we" I really refer to the many people on here that scoffed at the idea when people complained about the Kinect being always on. I sent numerous messages to MS and Xbox reps and even signed a petition that I wouldn't even consider buying the One if the Kinect had to be plugged in to work. These kind of things were met with responses that lumped me in with the tin foil hat crowd.

I think we agree, the more people let every little thing slide it w...

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Reading the article, this is all about Yahoo. Then later in the article it mentions the potential for this to happen to Xbox because of the Kinect.

The real truth is you have to potential for this with any connected device. Chats, texts, email, Skype, webcams, cell phone cameras. Any info you send can be intercepted and stored, no matter how secure you think it is, no matter how legal or illegal it is. People need to wake up. With every new bit of technology that enhances our...

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Even before they announced the sizes, when everyone started to push for digital downloads, I thought anything less than 1TB would be a problem. Now weather the extra space was already internal, an aftermarket internal replacement, or an external drive all add cost to the consumer somewhere.

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Pardon my typos. Insert "go home you're drunk" joke here.

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I can't tell you how many times I've seen these "games are the problem" bits from all the networks. A liberal blogger will make a big deal if Fox does it. I conservative blogger will make a big deal if MSNBC does. All the networks and news agencies do it. Even our President has done it.

Now I think we would be fooling ourselves if we think the content of our games do not have any effect on our minds. Everything does. All the content we see on tv, in movies,...

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There was a study a few months back that found CNN and Fox danced around having and even split of new and commentary. MSNBC was almost all commentary, little


I don't think you can say Fox promotes a more biased agenda anymore than MSNBC. Both opposite ends of the spectrum and the others fall in t...

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Love the Yakuza games. I just wish they sold better here so they could get more support.

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I bought the PS4 at launch, then picked a Xbox One up later. I own both horses in the race so I don't have kid myself that one is winning by a mile when in reality they are neck and neck. Enjoying both is much better than constantly hating one. I dont care which side of the fence it comes from, the petty biased fanboy nonsense is a drag on gaming.

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I don't see the Master Chief going away. He's a mascot for the Xbox brand. But I do like having other Spartans around.

As for the multiplayer, Halo 3 was the peak of enjoyment for me. 4v4 slayer is the perfect Halo gametype. I didn't like Reach...but I did enjoy a lot of things about Halo 4. It could use some improvement. Bring back the split xp rank/ skill ranking system of Halo 3. Get rid of jetpacks and ditch the DMR or tone it down. I could probably make a li...

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Some of the images I thought the PS4 looked better, some the Xbox One. This is just like last gen all over. The differences between the two are so insignificant that it just highlights how stupid these fanboy console wars are.

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Does MariaHelFutura do anything else in life besides search the depths of the internet for every no name blog with a negative Xbox article? If only people spent more time enjoying the things they like instead of hating on the things they don't we would all be better off.

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I don't think it would be a game changer for Battlefield. For a police themed Battlefield you would lose tanks, fighter jets, and the whole wide scale battle field experience. I could one map pack being police themed. I always thought COD would be a better fit for going with a police theme since most of the combat would be urban, and close quarters with little use of vehicles.

I would prefer a revival of the SWAT franchise instead of trying fit the theme into one of the m...

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I've said this for a long time. It doesn't matter who sells more, as long as they both sell well.

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My thoughts exactly. Anyone who follows gaming can come of with what these "insiders" come up with. Months down the road when the real information comes out people will forget all the wrong information they put out there. But if they get one or two guesses everyone will remember that and believe they are a credible inside source.

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Microsoft selling or dropping Xbox articles go right along with Nintendo becoming a third party software company, and Sony is going out of business. These things are entirely possible in reality, but also not likely to happen.

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This comment section man. Gamers need to stop being so insecure.

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These types of articles are a joke. Wait until the game comes out and gets played before making decisions like this. Its just ridiculous now how the game "journalists" and fans proclaim games as successes of failures with very little info or any actual playtime.

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Funny, earlier this week everyone on here was killing Pachter and saying he is out of touch and doesn't know what he's talking about.

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People really read too much into things here. A company offering some sort of incentive to switch over from their competitor is a old and basic concept in sales and marketing. Spend more time enjoying what you like instead of hating on what you don't like. You might just enjoy life a little more.

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