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you would of loved classic socom in it's prime

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MAG was designed from the ground up with extreme dedicated servers hosting every match. They reserved zero room on the ps3's side for any hosting processing. Lan would have required the console to process hosting a game.

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Really liking what I see from this game

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@Dark_Overlord Both BIELERIC and Pockidrive have cheated for Socom Confrontation trophies. Earning them all in the same day under 30 minutes from first trophy to platinum.

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I think they intentionally keep some things a little overpowered, like the famas in black ops. Beating someone that is using something that is obviously better then other guns without using it yourself gives you much more of a "F*** yea" moment.

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socom2 did have a run and gun style to it. One of the best ways to win on Fish Hook or Enowapi seals was to completely out rush the other teams camping tactics.

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That game is suppose to be a slow paced rainbow six/swat style game. Socom did have a run and gun style to it believe it or not.

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there is a free mobile app version.

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they mail you the game case and manual, Ive bought games from them before.

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If you knew you could release the same game year after year and LARGE amounts of people still buy it, there is absolutely no reason to make it any better then it already is.

The pc version does not make anything close to what would be needed to justify DX11. On release you see like 2 million concurrent players on 360 COD. On pc see like 50k.

I'd love to see COD do tons of new things like a new engine and every game on dedicated servers including consoles....

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You can actually download the save from the cartridge(if it hasen't died yet) for use on emulators and backup purposes. It will cost like $50 bucks for the EMS Smart Card USB and Mega Memory Card but now I should always have a copy of my childhood.

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They should just have the digital download released the same day as the disc. That would allow people to choose what they want.

Being a steam user, I'd love to just download all my games. I have a 320gb xbox hard drive and the only thing filling it is all my disc games being installed(and any DLC for those games). Plus moving all my current disc games and xbox back and forth from the university to home would be much easier if it was only the xbox(or even just the hard dr...

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you have never seen what a sale on steam can do. Gabe said something like cutting the price by 75% increased profits by some crazy figure like 1500% to 5000% compared to keeping it at the normal 49.99 or 59.99. Basically, you making less per unit, but your selling tons more then before. PC gamers wait till sales then impulse buy tons of games for really cheap.

If you want read more about it

I wish you could download full games the day their released in the stores. Any chance I have to go home from the university, I have to fumble around with my console and games. One of these days I'll probably break a disc on the train ride sooner or later. If they were all on the console, it wouldn't be much of a hassle.

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I love Razer's pc hardware, never had any issues. When the onza works it was sweet, but I've had 5 onza's since launch. Common issue was a joystick would start jittering around. They made me mail the first couple to them, then they eventually let me physically disable them by cutting the cord and sending them a picture of the serial number with the cord cut just so I could skip the part when you send them your controller.

Won't recommend, not very durable.

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I played a free mmo(silkroad) that was sweet when there was nothing you could buy in game with real money. Then the item mall eventually made it so if you don't spend money, you can't compete even against somebody of the same level, items, and skills.

They also made leveling up take absolutely forever unless you spend like 30 bucks a month for double xp ticket that last 30 days. lol

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I have 25 down 4 up and onlive is so delayed. I thought there was a server in midwest but I guess they had other plans

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just look at his trueachievement page, you will see he completes a lot of games.


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I remember doing this on socom confrontation, you would end up with black bars on 1080p.

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