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I'm a XL. That is all. #13
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Ohhhhhh, gimme gimme gimme. #83
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Awwww yiss. I'd love me a signed copy of TLOU. Or a PS4. You know, either's fine. #40
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@Ashunderfire86 Again, that doesn't make the least bit of difference. Fact is, Gearbox owns the IP, PERIOD, end of story. 3D Realms can think whatever they want about how GB is treating the IP, but they don't have any legal right to develop a new Duke game and, therefore, they are in the wrong here. Gearbox could have literally shipped DNF as a box with a piece of s**t in it and 3D Realms would still be in the wrong in this situation. #2.1.2
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If they want their property back, they should make an offer for the IP instead of just going ahead and making the game anyway. The development of Aliens: CM has nothing to do with this. #2.1
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Thanks, I'm glad it was helpful! #3.1
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Thanks Coolbeans!

It's definitely not for everyone. The entire ARPG genre never really interested me until I played a little Torchlight on 360, and then I was hooked. #2.1
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Thanks Moe!

I've actually heard that the console versions are just as good, if not better, than the PC version. I might pick it up when it hits PS4. #1.1
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Oh, glad to see we still think game of the year awards are objective things. Carry on. #12
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That's exactly what I was thinking. That would be awesome, I've always had tons of fun with my buddies playing Mike Myers. #8.1
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"Edit - XD the themes of the Road are EXACTLY the same as The last of us. You can look at TloU and the road on a superficail level and think they ar somewhat copying, but when you get into the real meat of the stories, the similarities are just too much that it's only inspiration."

Could you provide some examples? I read The Road this summer, and while the setting and tone are similar, I didn't feel the themes were. I'm curious to see what similarities y... #2.1.3
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"...cut scenes broken up some really fun and challenging combat challenge rooms, but all at the expense of pacing (look up ludonarrative dissonance for more on this topic)."

This is NOT ludonarrative dissonance. Ludonarrative dissonance is a conflict in themes or actions between cutscenes and gameplay, not cutscenes splitting up gameplay sections. People need to stop throwing this term around because they think it sounds intellectual. #18
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1. Best New Studio- Fullbright Company

2. Best New IP- The Last of Us

3. Best New Video Game Character- Joel

4. Game with Best Innovation- Papers, Please

5. Gaming News Story of the Year- Not a good story, but the THQ bankruptcy and the sale of their assets was probably one of the year's biggest stories (although it wasn't exactly a surprise).

6. Best In-Game Moment- Bioshock Infinite - The ending
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I'm almost postitive it will be The Division. I really doubt we'll see a new announcement, although I hope GI proves me wrong. #44
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Don't go getting my hopes up. #11.1
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Just because they have all that stuff doesn't mean that they're suceeding. Their TV sales have been low lately, for example. Those TVs cost money to develop and produce, money that they aren't necessarily recouping in sales.

Just because a company offers a lot doesn't mean that they're bringing in enough money. #21.1
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Apparently people don't realize that there's a lot more to these companies financial well being than how many consoles they've sold.

By that, I mean that a company can sell a ton but have poor financial management or just management in general. #18.1.1
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In these comments; Ridiculous damage control coming from people who don't realize that this analysis isn't from an "xbot" or "Sony hater", but from software made solely for the purpose of determining these kinds of things. #19
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I would think Aliens would be at the very top of everyone's list. All those awesome demos and pre-release videos, just for it to release as an awful, horrible, no good mess. #1
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This is a joke, right? #3.1.2
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