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Slim PS4.

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It's an odd game. It has plenty of issues, but it can be fun.

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How do you figure that? NX isn't at E3.

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'Skyrim Special Edition' priced $60, comparison screens show visual improvements:

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I heard plenty to suggest voice acting is in the game. Link may not speak, but other characters will.

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It's a computer error caused by the delay. I don't think anyone has had a copy ship. My Amazon US order says it'll arrive before 8pm Tuesday, April 26 and it hasn't shipped yet. There is 0% chance it arrives within the next 18hrs.

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Spring 2016 would make no sense. Twilight Princess HD is releasing in the Spring. Why release two Zelda titles on Wii U that close to each other? Zelda Wii U is a 2016 Holiday release.

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Everyone does realize that the game could sell 1.4 million and still be a flop when most of those sales came at a discounted price. If the game failed to move units at full price, and only sold well once it was heavily reduced, then the publisher didn't make a profit - thus a failure.

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It isn't being marketed as a PS device. It's a portable projector that you can use on a PS4. It isn't a PS Portable Projector or anything like that.

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One area Nintendo needs to "copy" from Sony/MS is online interface for their consoles. Programs like PS+ or Games with Gold would work well for them.

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Register on

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It's worth it for free but the multiplayer is a disaster compared to Gears of War 3.

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Avoid Gears of War Judgment. Otherwise the lineup is pretty amazing for 360.

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The true Sephiroth is in the Mako. His true body never leaves that. All battles are Jenova cells being manipulated by Sephiroth, as you said. The player never fights the actual physical form of him.

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How about the fact you never actually fight Sephiroth? The final battle takes place in Cloud's mind. The other battles are just Jenova manipulating forms of Sephiroth that the player battles.

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Bayonetta is one of the finest action games for Wii U because Bayonetta 2 is the best action game of 2014.

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It was Cult County.

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This interview quote is from AusGamers, as is noted on the bottom of the article. I agree it should be indicated at the start of the post.

Other interviews they post are usually their own if it is broken apart into many news articles.

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After having a game-less holiday, a gift card to Amazon would be amazing. *Entered*

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