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I always enjoy the inevitable comments from people who seem to think their opinions are the only objective truth in the world on lists like this, personally.

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Eidolon. I don't have a problem with UC4. Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 is more my kind of game. There's a lot of games I love a lot that I can't list when I'm doing a top 10.

Otter - thanks for clarifying. I thought you were being hostile and sarcastic, as is common for the Internet. My bad.

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I know, right? I love all things Miku with a passion, but this one is at a whole other level.

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Yes, BlakHavoc, I prefer DoA to UC4.

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Lol, you don't like a game someone else does. They are your opinions, you are entitled to them. :)

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"Why Dark Souls is my favorite video game series of all time"

Because you haven't played the King's Field games.

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Except in the indie space where risks like these are happening every day.

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Please do explain how you make a game that actually needs two screens on a console that has one, Slinky.

It has nothing to do with the touch screen. It is the fact that the Etrian Odyssey mechanics require both the map and the "action" to be displayed - and interacted with - at the same time, at all times.

A map overlay, as other dungeon crawlers do on the Vita, would not work, as you wouldn't be able to draw on that while you played.

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A very good "dancing" game.

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Yep, exactly. In fact, when people start complaining about "sex" in games, I worry for them. That they are okay with the most horrific violence imaginable, but draw the line at a bikini, is a sign that they personally have a very significant problem with sex. And those are the kind of people you don't want hanging around your kids. Those are the kind of people that should never be allowed to go near a beach. Because those see "sex appeal" everywhere, and are threatened...

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Completely irrelevant to the article.

And not true anyway. Miku can be whatever age you want her to be. That's the point. She's a canvas. People draw her at all kinds of ages. Her age is fluid even in the "official" art designs for her; Miku's western (English) voice bank has a different character design, and in that one she looks like she'd be around 20.

Risette, in Persona 4 Dancing All Night, doesn't have a stated age. At the ...

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"In regards to the article its probably a bunch of indies."

... Which is a good reason to own a PlayStation 4.

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There's a good chance you'll enjoy this one, then. :-)

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Imagine a world where people actually read the reviews, rather than skipping to the score and having a knee-jerk reaction.

Thanks, Marloc. I did indeed enjoy Devil's Third. A lot. As I explained in a very lengthy and in-depth review that I wrote that apparently you read, but GrimDragon was too lazy to.

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From third parties, it did.

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Dunning-Kruger. This comment is everything my article was about.

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@MRMagoo123 the popular entertainment of the period has always been used for propaganda.

The Soviets used film to further their socialist propaganda.

The Kings of England used Shakespeare to further their propaganda. Shakespeare literally wrote some of his plays as pieces of propaganda.

So, yes, games can be used as propaganda. To suggest otherwise is to make an Ebert argument that games are not art (or popular entertainment).

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Apparently you haven't been to Japan.

I suggest people actually spend the time to develop an expertise on a culture before they start forming moral judgements on it.

That doesn't mean taking a holiday there. That means living there, learning the language, and integrating with the people.

Then - and only then - after years of experience in Japan, if you come back to the west and would like to make such a statement, then - and only t...

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I don't give a toss about AAA games. I mean, it's great you enjoy them and all, but to me indie, Arthouse, Japanese and unique games are far more important, and provide me with far more enjoyment, and it's a statement of fact that the PS4 has a good library of those games.

What is interesting is that you are so completely intolerant of anyone enjoying things that you don't that you turn to aggressive and condescending language in a bid to discredit anyone who ...

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And your expertise in localising games is... what exactly?

It's not as easy as you're making it out to be. There are entire textbooks on localising games, and chapters within those books on how localisations affect design.

Expertise counts.

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