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Other than Dragon Age what single player game from EA have been released on Xbox One?

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Spend hundreds on PC hardware to run these game, hardware that'll be obsolete next year. Or but an Xbox One or PS4.

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How about if search data for "PS4" and "Playstation 4" are combined?

Anyway, this is just Bing. Google Trends shows both PS4 and Playstation 4 beat Xbox One quite a bit in search volume.

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Why not start a site and write your own list?

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"Wii U is not underpowered compared to PS3/Xbox 360" not underpowered compared to nearly 7-year-old technology. That's not really something to boast about.

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Can we PLEASE start ignoring Pachter? PLEASE?

Also, I haven't owned a Nintendo product since the N64 and I'm already planning on buying a Wii U Day 1.

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I did download the welcom back file but it crashed before I could chose my game. Since I already downloaded the file it won't let me try again. It thinks Ive already downloaded my free game when really I haven't.

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I redeemed the 1st free game but before I could chose what one I wanted the PS Store crashed. It's not letting me try again.

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5/10 isn't bad. That is Average. An average game is not bad.

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First thing to pop into my head after reading the headline -

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Booo! Balanced = Boring.

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Can't bloody wait!

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They should really be comparing the trailer to something on consoles, Bad Company 2 or Crysis 2.

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Actually the CoD engine is even older then that. It's a heavily modified version of the Quake 3 engine that the original Call of Duty used. Instead of building a brand new engine for each CoD they've just been adding improvements to an old one.

"Infinity Ward has created its own proprietary graphics engine-based on the Quake graphics engine. The new software is heavily modified though. This "new" engine introduces cinematic quality graphics and sound.&...

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Broken vid. Here is the official trailer from Activision http://n4g.com/news/769892/...

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When its a 40+ hour game almost all reviewer only play through about 50% or so, they just don't have the decency to tell you. Im fact, many times they will play less then 50 %, not even finish the story, just so they can get the review up early. If you read Pat's review he did finish the story, the 50 % only means he didn't do all the side missions and find all the hidden collectibles. I think thats more then enough to form an opinion and right a review. Have you ever tried to 100...

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With Raven Software working on multiplayer there is still hope. While their games may not be the most unique in the world they are deffinatly some of the most polished. Singularity, their last game is amazing, multiplayer is loads of fun and incredibly well balances and glitch free.

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Spoony! I love Spoony. Not Joe, he can fuck right off, but damn I love Spoony. If any of you don't know who he is you need to check out his site - http://spoonyexperiment.com...

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Awesome! Bought and downloading now. I already have it for 360 but hey, might as well buy it again! It really is a fun game. Yeah it's not perfect, but who cares? It's bloody fun! Maybe people actually play multiplayer on PC.

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WTF?! I submitted this over 2 hrs ago! http://n4g.com/news/768124/...

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