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Probably early in the next generation console. It won't be for PS3 or XBOX360, methinks.

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Nice to see so many comments. I hate downloading games -- the only things I download are game demos via XBOX live, other than that, I always go physical.

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I spent more times on Baldur's Gate 2 than all of the Bethesda titles combined, and I LOVE the Bethesda games. So excited about this.

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Agreed. Flash is a good choice.

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I haven't played the original Borderlands so... maybe? Although I consider myself a feminist I think the reaction has been SLIGHTLY over the top. Sure, it's idiotic, but is it worth boycotting a game over? I don't think so, not on its own. If it is the first in a series of offenses, then yes. But it's a really little thing, in my opinion.

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