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It launches today my friend.

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My GUESS is that the standard edition is still selling well. Most places it still sells for £25 and up (day one price was typically £35-£40).

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@Virtua_Awesome You (and a lot of other people) also seem to be ignoring that this is a revised edition. I already have Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3 and Xbox 360, for which I paid full price. There's no difference between this and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, which was also launched at a budget price.

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As much as I'm looking forward to this, it does sound like someone was standing behind the developers shouting "MONETISE! MONETISE! MONETISE!" with all that DLC nonsense...

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It's asynchronus multiplayer. Like Dark Souls or Fable II kind of thing...

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Hahaha! I'll just hunt you down in-game. That huge muscle man with a big grin wearing nothing but a g-string following you about? That's me...


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Pic or it didn't happen!

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Hella yeah! Wasn't too sure about this before but loving the look of it now!

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Left 4 Dead. We need a third one...

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Shame it's a sticker and not actually a proper console case.

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95% of them. There's only a handful that are multiplayer-only, and broadband is still in less than 70% of homes in the UK.

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There's no way of actually determining such figures as fact, by the way. Not everyone has their console hooked up to the internet all the time, so sales figures are a more accurate measure.

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Not sure about that price, especially as it doesn't have a Play & Charge kit included like the original silver pad did.

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Does anyone actually use the social apps on a Vita? I've got rid of all mine...

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Meh. No way this'll come to Europe.

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That story is a rumour based on retailer postings. This date has come from contacts within THQ.

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The core fans bought the game regardless of what anyone else said, that's what makes them 'core'. If they sat it out they weren't part of that demographic, no matter what they think.

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Read the article.

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This DLC wasn't planned from the start - it's a reaction to the reception from the fans. And it's free for early adaopters (the core fans).

You're reading this all wrong - this is one of the very few examples in which DLC is a BENEFIT to gaming.

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