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20 mins isn't enough to get an informed opinion of a game like Saints Row 3. Look at AC3, if you play that for anything less than four hours you'll go away thinking it's an entirely different type of game...

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I would like to say that so many of you are missing the bigger picture. It doesn't matter what the film is, or where else in the world it's available; in one territory MS has gone to the effort of securing the rights to a big name film before it's general release.

That could've been a game or DLC. But instead, they spent money on a film. What does that mean for the Xbox as a brand? It marks a turning point in the move towards 'entertainment' as opposed...

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I'm not exactly a Halo fan, but Halo 4's got me into the hype. Looking forward to it!

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Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault?
Dubai Financial Services Authority?
Distinguished Faculty Service Award?
Delegation of Financial Signing Authorities?

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It's awesome, trust me. ;)

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Already got it for 360 but I was thinking about getting it for Vita too. Maybe not now, I'll probably have had my fix by the time it comes out...

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Retail packages might be taking this season pass thing a bit too far...

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Agreed. All this format convergence is great - despite waht the naysayers may say, it's what gamers have wnated for a long time. Offering other services too is just the icing on the cake.

The problem is that it needs a great deal of support, and I'm not sure that I can see many people adopting Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT Tablet and Xbox quick enough for MS to keep ploughing money into it...

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There is a point ot be made here. I know it shouldn't be all 'well they do it...' but the games industry isn't the only booth babe culture around. In fact, it's the most youthful of a huge network of them.

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Whole bunch of improvements there, but you might think they're a little late really.

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GoME Hobbit details here:


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Isn't it good enought to know that you can run it for now? We'll find out how well you'll be able to run it when it's closer to being complete!

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Ha! That pretty good. I really want Let's Fish!: Hooked On now.

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Looking forward to this.

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Awful tattoo designs.

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Interesting, but is it really any better than what's already out there?

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I'm really looking forward to this game myself, and I do like the fact that you can continue to progress the same character from one set of skills to a whole new set.

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You know that was announced a couple of weeks ago, right?

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Not clicked the link then? ;)

There's an image of the new character in the article.

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Yep. Wasn't a huge fan of the first one, but I'll be giving it another go!

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