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My bad! Can a mod fix this?

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You clearly haven't been on N4G too long. Check the numbers in the URL, the lower the are the earlier your piece was submitted.

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No, I submitted mine hours ago. It was approved ~15 mins ago.

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Yes, Brevik. I think there's a lot of people who want you to make that.

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Haha! I'd love it if you could actually do that!

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You're right, that's where the stumbling block was (and Sony weren't too keen either, but were more willing to bend). Electronic Theatre reported on this over a year ago, but Blueside still seem passionate about creating a multi-format console version.

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Fixed. I didn't include PS3 originally as it's a video about the PC version.

Also, the game has not yet been ruled out for Xbox 360 according to the e-mail we received from Blueside directly.

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Better late than never...

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Well played, PS3. You da man.

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It's more like Commandos or Jagged Alliance - tactical rather than guns blazing.

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So it doesn't have a random assortment of letters from which you need to make words, then?

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That's probably not going to be the case. Given that UK RRP is typically £49.99 and US is $59.99, I'd guess it'll be $30 in the US.

Still, you never pay RRP these days, so you'll probably find it for less...

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US was announced last week.

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Anything who thinks this isn't going to sell faster than wet s*** off a shovel doesn't have a clue about the modern games industry.

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Looks good, but still a bit too 'action hero' for what the game will actually be like...

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20 mins isn't enough to get an informed opinion of a game like Saints Row 3. Look at AC3, if you play that for anything less than four hours you'll go away thinking it's an entirely different type of game...

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I would like to say that so many of you are missing the bigger picture. It doesn't matter what the film is, or where else in the world it's available; in one territory MS has gone to the effort of securing the rights to a big name film before it's general release.

That could've been a game or DLC. But instead, they spent money on a film. What does that mean for the Xbox as a brand? It marks a turning point in the move towards 'entertainment' as opposed...

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I'm not exactly a Halo fan, but Halo 4's got me into the hype. Looking forward to it!

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