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Yep. As far as I can tell, MS actually made/paid for it to be made to keep it exclusive.

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We'll get to see just how badly this messes things up later today. I can see Blaine's point, but the fact that people can just go in and buy their way to the top ranks straight away is really going to piss off some gamers that start from the bottom today.

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I always thought it was a fairly good film, just not a good Star Wars film...

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I thought there was a couple of bits worth watching if nothing amazing.

And WHEN THE HELL did they make a live action version of The Tick?! We've only ever had the animated series over here in the UK, and even then it wasn't around for long...

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I'm fine with publishers throwing out as much DLC as they can possibly squeeze out of a single game, but it's the prices that are the problem.

New characters should be around £1 ( approx. $1.75) each, new costumes around £0.20. Microtransactions seem to be a thing of the past...

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For a basic platformer or something sure, but how many fighting games have you played where you get whooped to begin with? How long does it take in MMOs to get to the point where you understand every mechanic? If you see Warriors titles as 'just another hack n' slash', you're missing the point.

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Has anyone actually watched these Circus 3D videos? Never bothered myself...

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That's because they're from people who don't properly understand the Warriors franchise.

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Actually quite looking forward to this. It's that left-wing game that a lot of systems have at launch which will have very mixed reviews, but for some will be original enough to invest in.

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Yes, you can. I have nearly 100 Xbox LIVE games on my WP7 handset, including some that support cross-platform play with 360 and PC.

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Does the Xperia Play have full access to PSN? Does it use the same log in credentials? Friends List? Messaging service? No, I didn't think so...

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Mario Kart is on Wii, and Microsoft's handheld is WP7- it's got full Xbox LIVE access on a mobile.

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Medal of Honor was not my thing at all. Loved the originals, hated the reboot.

NFS will be good as long as it's the Criterion project, not another hand-me-down release like The Run...

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No, this winter. This winter we're in right now. This one, winter.


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Forget the price, I'd still want one!

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Same here. Played it at a few events and it's pretty good.

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Nah, some of the events are still going...

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It's working fine now...

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The thing is, they don't need to market it to the fans. That's 1 million sales there alone, before they start with magazine coverage, billboards and TV ads.

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For you maybe. Plenty of users still can't access it.

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