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Hmm... wasn't too impressed with Asura's Wrath myself.

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Call of Duty? You're kidding, right? As much as this is annoying me, I'd much rather another Pokemon title refusing to use new tech than a CoD that forces it down your throat.

I do disagree with the Elder Scrolls comment though. It may be the same basis, but each game is functioanlly different thanks to the advances in technology, not too dissimilar from Zelda.

And as for saying "fanboys without game history knoweldge..." Well, I've ...

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Use the 'Gale of Darkness' engine. This is Nintendo we're talking about, they have tech falling out of every pour. It wouldn't be hard for them to slap it onto 3DS and expand on the core features.

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I mind. I used to love Pokemon, but Nintendo have taken it too far. Give me a new, fully 3D (not necessairly stereoscopic) Pokemon RPG.

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Street Fighter is a beat-'em-up, Streets of Rage is a scrolling beat-'em-up. That's how it's been since the 80s/90s.

And I don't get what you mean about the linking thing - near every website links to their own articles when relevant...

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This is the retail release. Hit the UK today.

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She's still in NG3 mate!

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This had so much potential, but it just ended up being another Call of Duty clone. I actually preferred Frontlines - shame Kaos had to close after being a copycat.

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It looks good, but I didn't think it would get that good a score! Nice review though!

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All of those other things you mentioned? Yeah, any of them - ANY - instead of Asura's Wrath!

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Why? Surely graphics aren't really important in a game like this...

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Claire dying? Has that been covered yet? Could be interesting turn...

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Day one is today! Get your butt down to the shops!

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GOTY boys, GOTY.

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It was up in the UK when this article was submitted, is it still not available where you are?

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Just so you all know, I don't dislike Sony. I have a PSone, PS2, PSP, PS3 and have pre-ordered a PS Vita. My point was that Nintendo already delivered this connectivity years ago, but it was never truly expored because they were berated for it. I don't see why it's any different now.

And also, you can play cross-platform multiplayer between 360/PC and WP7. ;)

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That's not the point I was making.

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It's interesting, but Nintendo did do this a decade ago.

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