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The game was finished and would have been ready to ship within a few weeks of the announcement that it would be delayed. Lots of people had bought a Wii U for Rayman.

How exactly is that not getting screwed?

As lilbro said, the multiplatform release wasn't a problem. The way they went about it definitely was.

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That would be an untrue statement though. The very fact that FIFA 13 and 14 are almost identical on Vita should highlight how much other yearly franchises change, if anything.

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They're pretty open with the fact it's the exact same game. It's there in the PS Store description (picture on the site).

If you tell people you've put no effort in and they buy from you anyway, it's hard for them to complain.

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Don't you know that changing that 3 to a 4 took 1500 people trained in the latest photoshopping techniques (via Youtube) 60,000,000 man-hours to complete?

That sort of thing takes cash, man.

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Tell me more about how a simple, easy to make (and easily fixed) mistake represents my mental acuity.

Oh, it doesn't.

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Damn, caught in my own Google search. Roblox is a thing. Still, cool beans.

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But you have Facebook accounts. Lots of them. By your own admission. They might have silly names, you might not have filled in the details, but you have them. The only difference is the effort you're putting in.

I mean, if you want to put in that amount of actual effort to avoid using something that you're repeatedly using anyway, good luck to you, but it just seems like it'd be far easier to just make one real account and only use it when you need it.

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Why not just create a single real account and only use it for promo codes?

I mean, if this keeps happening and you have to keep going through the effort repeatedly, what's the downside?

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Why? It's a lazy port of a decent 3DS game. Even the original had issues, and the console version exacerbates them.

By our rating system ( ) the 3DS version would have probably been a 7-7.5.

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Huge websites have all the problems that small websites do - with a few exceptions, obviously they have easier access to developers, but since developers give out the same PR-approved crap anyway, it doesn't matter - plus they have to cover multiple full-time salaries.

If you're talking IGN, maybe Eurogamer, you're right. Anything Kotaku level and under are dealing with the same pitfalls, on different scales.

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It's inevitable though. When everybody wants your content, but doesn't want to pay for it (either actually paying for it or by blocking ads), most small sites either need people in their thousands to click across every day or they try to suck up to/show up the publishers.

If there could be a successful model based on few hits and decent writing, it'd happen more often.

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Yes. I'm spending hundreds of pounds based on my ability to play console games away from my console.

Thank god the Wii U has such a rich library, so that that feature isn't at all wasted.

By the way. I'm not a "hater." I didn't mention the Xbox One and I bought the Wii U on the day it came out. I just don't live in a dream world where the Wii U is as of now an awesome competitor to... well... anythin...

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"I just don't understand why it's having such a hard time selling."

Because it does very little that can't be had elsewhere. It's a decent piece of kit, but if you had to choose between Xbox 360/PS3 and the Wii U, you'd probably have a harder time picking between the 360/PS3 than you would the older consoles and the Wii U itself.

And that's before you even bring next-gen machines into the mix.

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All the 3D GTA games have had custom soundtrack support on PC.

"Independence FM. When you can play MP3s you've downloaded off the internet"

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Yes. It's not the biggest problem, but when you have something as great as the Miiverse, you should try and make it a little more about specific games, rather than a blanket forum system.

I don't need achievements necessarily. Just a bar that says how much of a game I've completed. So long as the competitive part of achievements is there, I think most people would be happy.

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They sell new games in terms of time. They only sell used titles though. If you saw games in the wrapper - and that's unlikely, because they pull them off if you take them in new - they were traded in.

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No one is after them. CEX don't sell new games.

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Why should they reject it? Their customers want it, want to sell it. CEX need to stock it.

The only people who you could argue are getting screwed over are Rockstar, and given that there's less than 24 hours before launch, they're going to want to know where people got their copies from in the first place before feeling bad about CEX.

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CEX are effectively a pawn shop. It's not like they're breaking the release date. They've been sold a product that people got from other places and they're reselling that product.

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You went so far as to GOOGLE ASCII art for this?

Well, you're obviously further into this whole thing than I thought.

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