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An excellent game and absolutely gorgeous. Still have miles to go before the expansion is worth thinking about though.

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I'm waiting for another Bad Company game. Why put out generic military shooters when you have something far more unique and, dare I say it, marketable up your sleeve?

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Same. This was always going to be low priority for a lot of people for a whole host of reasons.

The enticement stage should have been months ago.

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It's looking great. Now just to finish the plats for 2 and 3.

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As always, not much of a surprise. It's close enough that people won't notice unless they go out of their way to look and most people just don't care.

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To be fair, he said his Xbox One runs games just fine, and he's not wrong.

The difference between 900p and 1080p isn't enough to say it's game-breaking by any stretch, and suggesting it needs new hardware to fix this problem seems a little extreme.

On the other hand, he had no reason to go around saying anything was moronic, so swings and roundabouts.

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Loads of great stuff I won't get to until Christmas.

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Millions? It probably will, to be fair. It's more expensive than Move, but I'm guessing if that device can ship as much as it did, the hype around VR will help it sell.

Millions is vague though. One million would be a disappointment and a surprise for everybody. 50 million would be insane and a surprise for everybody.

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The ideal situation is to own everything. Upto that there's just personal opinion. Why do people pick iOS over Android, and vice versa?

There's no wrong option when it comes to buying a console. Unless you pick an Ouya, obviously.

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It's probably pretty common to have to deal with problems like this while porting. That's the whole point. The important thing - and it seems like these devs realise this - is making sure you solve those issues BEFORE release.

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Not surprising and not a bad thing. PC should be pretty much standard at this point. Long sale life as digital prices drop, and backwards compatible indefinitely.

The positives longterm outweigh the shortterm 'exclusive' label.

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Disappointing, but I guess that's part of the risk for people who play games pre-release.

It's something you've got to expect gets fixed for the full release though.

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Value is subjective. Peoplewill buy it now if they want to, or wait for deals and offers, or a GOTY edition, after the price increase.

"Complain on the internet" is another option, but you don't get much back for it.

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They're aren't many games that were dreadful in a beta that massively improved by launch. Saving gave at this point.

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This is going to be absolutely the most important factor for them at this point. It doesn't matter how good it is or what's on offer, the market needs to be able to afford it.

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It's never good when features don't make it, but at least the concept is fairly original. Still worth keeping an eye on, I think.

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Odd that it's a stretch goal but, frankly, I can see why there'd be more important things to focus on. Shenmue was always a trailblazer, even if nobody bothered buying it. Getting what everybody else is already doing might not be top of the list.

I just hope they're making sure to build a firm base before going over the top in other areas.

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Any improvements are welcome, but it would have been nice for this to have not been an issue.

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I'm not exactly uncalm pal, but thanks for the, um, tip.

It was announced way before this year's E3. Didn't they announce they were working on something alongside Tearaway, and that was three years ago almost.

I'm not saying its bad. It's too early for that. But that's the point Im making, I would expect to know a little more at this point.

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I feel at this point the "mystery" marketing for this game has worn thin. It's gone from Mild interest in a gimmick to thinking if they have anything worth showing, they'd have shown it.

I'm waiting to be wowed, but I'm definitely more skeptical than I was at last year's E3.

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