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So other than you don't want them to enter a popular market that you are not a part of, what are the actual downsides? #1.1
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I don't think the game's quality is up for debate, to be fair. It'll be a great game, but there are indie titles which have similar themes and ideas, even familiar graphical styles. The more power indies get, the less fresh anything Team Ico puts out will feel.

And that's not to say they'll be in the same ballpark, but with ever-dwindling originality, I can't help but feel The Last Guardian will struggle to make its mark.

It may sell... #1.1.2
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You have a funny definition of bashing.

The point is that if the emotional investment is so high, and the financial investment is so high, how can anybody but the most die-hard fans be happy?

Which I think is a more nuanced point, and one more worthy of discussion, than "bashing" properly covers. #1.1
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It does, and there was never any reason to think it would make the jump, but some people always want what the other console has.

Nothing wrong with that I suppose, we should all want our console of choice to be the best it can be, but it leads to people grousing over functionality they may or may not actually get. #1.1
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While I'm not going to be dragged into a debate on the positives and negatives of GamerGate, I will specifically reiterate what I said in the article: there's absolutely no reason to think this short story was written for or by GamerGaters, and jumping to that conclusion is ridiculous.

The rest of that stuff, from a journalistic standpoint, definitely needs some citations. #2.4.2
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Pretty much. It's interesting how easily people jump to conclusions. From my two minutes of research on the author, it appears she's a regular writer of short adult fiction - my guess is she thought the controversy would do her good.

But everything has to be a political statement I guess. #1.1
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Who, through the power of teamwork and friendship, murder foreigners.

Maybe this isn't a good idea. #1.1
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Right - the original isn't "banned" in Germany. The uncensored version is, and you can access it, I believe, with the workaround you've just provided.

The fact that the official Sleeping Dogs twitter account is answering complaints about the Definitive edition being unplayable in Germany kind of nullifies the rest of your points, unless you have proof to the contrary (and aren't just presuming your workarounds will work the same as they always do).
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It's huge, but it's also a big internal issue within the industry where people either don't want to give it the time of day or are worried about being branded poorly if they support it.

Again, these are things that are going to contribute to it being insanely long-lasting. #3.2.2
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It's kind of a mix of a number of things, and it moves fast, which is why there's so many different takes on it.

Simply put: a certain group of gamers are upset about journalistic practises and standards across a number of the bigger sites. Not unusual. It was made worse this time because of the involvement of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian. Some journalists rallied to defend the developers against a small minority by attacking the majority of gamers.

... #3.2
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There's still some great stuff out there. Countless indies are desperate for gamers to check out their work, all of it well worth playing.

There's not really a way to change that for the vast majority of them though, sadly. You just have to be willing to check out something a little vaguer from time to time. #1.1
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I could get behind it being a Gravity Rush port. That would be great news and not especially surprising. #11.1
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"The Dynasty Warrior games havent been doing well in recent years, not bad games just not as good as they used to be."

To be fair, 7 and 8 both reviewed far better than 6 did, and the new way they handle the story has opened up the franchise for a whole group of people.

Hyrule Warriors IS just another Dynasty Warriors game though. That's what's so awesome about it, man! #1.1.2
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What's holding you back from Hyrule Warriors? #1.1
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Sportsfriends was meh. Fun for the context it was made for, absolutely mad that they've added it to Plus because nobody is going to get it and it's just going to cause drama.

Velocity 2X I can't talk specifics about, but anybody that doesn't try it because "I H8 INDIES" is going to miss out on something special. #1.1.2
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If you think Velocity 2X is mediocre, I feel sorry for you.

EDIT: The rest isn't fantastic, especially for people that buy games often. #1.1
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Effect. Affect is a verb, effect (in this context) is the noun. #9.1.1
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Different issue concerning, presumably, how certain games link to the psn, as opposed to how it checks your rights. #1.1.5
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Check Reddit. Check the Sony Support forums. Check some of the people in this very thread.

Besides why would anyone make this up... then provide a fix? #3.1.2
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It didn't work for me. I'm seeing other reports of it not working. Maybe there's something happening on their end? #3.1
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