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I thought it was fantastic too. more gut wrenching moves and less flashy tap dancing. and not to mention a real good action camera, very good sound effects too.

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played the demo and it beats DMC4 and 3. not what i was expecting, very impressive. never judge a book by it's cover...or in this case hair. :)

well done, they should still tweak some things like difficulty and fps for everything else, it rocks!! the sword and guns sound effects are way more stronger and greatly impact the experience.

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regardless of graphics, The console is still going to sell out over the ps3 and possibly over the 360.

I'm still Ify on getting one but i know It's going to get numbers that sony could only dream of. and it's because the Wii has a tremendous user base; a user base that out numbers n4g's 1,000 to 1 in particular.

i know there will at least be 80% of wii gamers that are ready to switch over to the next console......the same can not be said...

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being open minded i was thinking of a gta chinatown wars sequel or a gta game on the British or french mafia...

does any have proof to say otherwise on why this would be impossible?

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A GTA game on the platform is possible.

they could even buy rights to a new story within the same world, just to show off their hardware.

with the likes of bayonetta 2, i wouldn't be surprised if they shed more money on existing ideas, in the years to come.

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