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Well this competition is awesome! I could definitely use a PS4 for sure.

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wait...X and Y aren't colours? o.O

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we hope to eventually turn it into a video, we're putting up all the parts first and then hopefully getting a video arranged :)

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It's to do with the lore of the original games...the legend was originally to do with a princess named Zelda, who was screwed over by her brother for the triforce. He then feels terrible for it and vouches that all future princesses shall be named Zelda in her honour. This is why the games are named after her, and why Zelda is always called Zelda. :P

The original princess happens to be the one asleep in the background at the start of zelda II :D

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I agree, I have had a much worse experience playing these games than I have fighters, but then again, I mostly play fighters with my friends locally, don't really touch them online. I'm not sure how bad it gets.

I think the whole point really though is that there are small groups of gamers, who are more prodominant in certain genres, like fighters, that just become a blemish on the rest of us all. They may have lots of skill at a select game, but that doesn't make...

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...that's not the point of the article, nothing is ever mentioned about the violence being bad.

He is actually talking about how overly competitive and sexist the fighting community is. The author even talks about how he is a massive fan of fighters.

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I think you need to actually read the article, this was submitted incorrectly, and actually just focuses on poor games within a franchise. People are whining that FF XIII isn't technically a sequel, but neither was the number 1 spot on this list.

FF XIII wasn't there to draw people in, in fact, I would have imagined people to care more about the fact MGS2 was in this list over FF XIII, but that's just me. I was disappointed hugely by FF XIII, so it got put in the ...

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most people (myself included) weren't actually disappointed by it though, which is entirely the point. I wasn't hyped at all for that game, or for modern warfare 2, quite frankly as soon as the franchise decided to go back to WWII in WAW, it was pretty much a dead franchise to me. The original MW was so good, then it all went downhill from there. :/

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it wasn't the fact that they barely added new locations, it was that they opened up the gameplay completely.
They added in a massive list of tameable creatures, all with unique stats and abilities, plus they added in side quests galore...Besides, any FF game where I can have a chocobo in my party is an almost instant win for me. :P

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As I mentioned before, that's my bad, the article never actually mentions that it was a sequel. That was just the name I gave the submission. Sorry. :/

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Apologies, this shouldn't have said sequels. My bad, it was meant to be as CLOUD1983 said.

Games like Bioshock 2, Dragon Age 2 and Operation Raccoon City were all almost on this list. It was very nearly just a top 10. Oh and Final Fantasy XIII was not there for hits, it was because I loved FF games up until XIII, which was just appalling, thankfully, XIII-2 made up for it. :)

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yeh it doesn't seem that quick a time if i'm honest, i mean i got 1 min 15 on my first try at this game, so i don't think 54 seconds is that good.

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