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entitled to your opinion. i respectfully disagree. the gamepad only play and lack of racists on the wii u makes it a winner for me #4.1
the author should stop whining. nintendo doesnt care about the complainers so why should you? they have good games and will release new ones as they see fit. also the other people should stop complaining because for most of you even if nintendo released 20 new ips this gen you wouldnt even play them. new doesnt mean better. to me it sucks that spyro and crash no longer have any good games out #12
nintendo recovers your purchases in the event of a console shutdown. this only affects people who sell consoles they dont want anymore #7.1
not disagreeing w your main point, but ps3 does not dominate every other market #1.4.2
Wow some great truths and it's not even my birthday! Well said #10.1.1
No I don't. From your previous comment there is nothing that Nintendo could do to sell you this consoles other than merging with Sony and making it a Sony console. We definitely have two different gaming pallets. You seem to only be able to enjoy games from Sony while I can enjoy games for all platforms. If that works for you then more power to you. However please don't ask for purchasing advice from open minded gamers because you are not one of us. #3.3.5
If we get more Megaman, Power Stone, and Viewtiful Joe. Then I will be grateful to those who take this survey. #23
you clearly dont have anyone you have to share the tv with #11.7
you're trying to hard buddy. this thing has been pretty durable, the screen looks great, and i honestly can't say i miss multitouch on it when i have two control sticks and ten buttons that perform functions just as well. This works especially well for me cuz i have giant hands and when i surf or play games on mobile devices i block half of the game of content just just by touching the screen. #3.1.6
probably tried pikmin and had a major hissy cuz you weren't smart enough to get the strategy. now you swore vengence and became a member of the hateocracy (evil league of haters) #3.2.3
I feel sorry for people who care enough to pass judgement on other people's purchases. #24.1.3
I don't think you have grown up. I don't know who you are trying to impress with your "grown up" take on consoles but it is you who needs to get their gaming priorities straight. Age doesn't change the fact that there is something to appreciate about all types of games. Don't blame your close minded philosophy on your age or Nintendo. #8.5
so what games did you play on it? #63.1
I agree. That's why I am waiting for Madden 14. 13 on Wii U has some gamepad uses that are good but can be refined and is missing the new physics that make it worth buying on other consoles. I'm sure the next one will be a better example. #18.3
Do this, but also for pokemon #25
If their predictions are as crappy as Google Translate, then this will be pretty far off. Probably is anyway but I will have both so no matter to me. #86
Oh don't worry I will wait as long as I need to for some smash action. I would never rush the new entry of my favorite game series ever. Though I will be anxious. #13

yeah because when they made call of duty MW2 they were thinking of making it as easy as possible for kids to gun down dozens of innocent people on the terminal level.

/s #6.1.2
"Not only is this game far too hardcore, but it is also way too dark and gritty for Nintendo's base."

File this under things that are wrong with some consumers in this industry #1.2.13
If the gimmick is not good enough then by definition it is not a gimmick #38.1
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