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if it was normal circumstances i would understand, but the wii u is literally HARD TO UNDERSTAND. they never did this with the wii because everyone could pick up and play the wii very easily. the upgrade from older consoles to new consoles is usually a no brainer but i have a tough time explaining this to other people. i haven't met anyone so far who was able to really get the picture without spending an hour playing the thing first and then deciding whether they like it or not. that bein...

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yeah but unfortunately it doesnt work that way for everyone. i cant accomplish those same things you mentioned and i assume it is because of the thickness of my walls because i cant use it when i leave my living room so if they could increase the signal strength i would be very greatful

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awesome. hopefully something to extend the range of gamepad as well.

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hardly one to talk about maturity clearly

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you clearly havent played it

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if they wanted you to play as someone great in the last of us, they would make will smith the main character and call it what it really is, I am legend the game (not saying it will be a bad game cuz it looks awesome, but lets not pretend like it is an original concept because it's not). also hating on cartoony games doesnt make you a hardcore gamer. it makes you look like you are overcompensating for a need to feel mature. especially when some of those cartoony games offer plenty of depth...

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everyone on this site should read this comment

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why would you not pay and play for playability and awesome storylines? those are easily just as important if not more

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nintendo didn't lack the foresight, 3ds compatability has been in the plan the whole time. not to mention they have been doing it since gcb/gba

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entitled to your opinion. i respectfully disagree. the gamepad only play and lack of racists on the wii u makes it a winner for me

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the author should stop whining. nintendo doesnt care about the complainers so why should you? they have good games and will release new ones as they see fit. also the other people should stop complaining because for most of you even if nintendo released 20 new ips this gen you wouldnt even play them. new doesnt mean better. to me it sucks that spyro and crash no longer have any good games out

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nintendo recovers your purchases in the event of a console shutdown. this only affects people who sell consoles they dont want anymore

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not disagreeing w your main point, but ps3 does not dominate every other market

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Wow some great truths and it's not even my birthday! Well said

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No I don't. From your previous comment there is nothing that Nintendo could do to sell you this consoles other than merging with Sony and making it a Sony console. We definitely have two different gaming pallets. You seem to only be able to enjoy games from Sony while I can enjoy games for all platforms. If that works for you then more power to you. However please don't ask for purchasing advice from open minded gamers because you are not one of us.

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If we get more Megaman, Power Stone, and Viewtiful Joe. Then I will be grateful to those who take this survey.

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you clearly dont have anyone you have to share the tv with

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you're trying to hard buddy. this thing has been pretty durable, the screen looks great, and i honestly can't say i miss multitouch on it when i have two control sticks and ten buttons that perform functions just as well. This works especially well for me cuz i have giant hands and when i surf or play games on mobile devices i block half of the game of content just just by touching the screen.

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probably tried pikmin and had a major hissy cuz you weren't smart enough to get the strategy. now you swore vengence and became a member of the hateocracy (evil league of haters)

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I feel sorry for people who care enough to pass judgement on other people's purchases.

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