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what a sad one console world you live in. all of the consoles have great games, therefore as long as i have the money i will own them all. you notions of hardcore and casual are irrelevant to gamers (people who ENJOY games)

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though to me nothing beats playing with others in the same room, the next smash will most likely have a solid online multiplayer unlike brawl which will make an amazing game much more amazing

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i know miyamoto has already said he is working on a new ip. i will most likely buy it if it looks good. i know everyone complaining about not enough new ips better buy it cuz if they dont then they have no reason to wonder why nintendo plays conservatively

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yeah reggie did say there were a few surprises at hand for the launch window so seeing as how a few companies have been teasing wii u titles we may see some of those tomorrow. i always take these with a grain of salt though

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@crowtrobot im not arguing that nintendo isnt behind everything because they are, along with every other console maker. thats why those things on his list contribute to why you enjoy your wii u whether you realize it or not. im not against the other console makers because they all offer experiences that i dont want to miss out on. if nintendo tried to stay at the forefront of tech they would be wasting their time. they should stick to making fun experiences because that is what will keep them...

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you didnt even refute half of his list

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people in general are crazy. if you are surprised by that comment i have much worse on this site and others from all walks of life

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because different experience equals downgrade

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I'm assuming he was saying the online was better than the wii which would be absolutely true. Not sure about all the disagrees

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please do this!

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there is no such thing as an up to date system

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if it was normal circumstances i would understand, but the wii u is literally HARD TO UNDERSTAND. they never did this with the wii because everyone could pick up and play the wii very easily. the upgrade from older consoles to new consoles is usually a no brainer but i have a tough time explaining this to other people. i haven't met anyone so far who was able to really get the picture without spending an hour playing the thing first and then deciding whether they like it or not. that bein...

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yeah but unfortunately it doesnt work that way for everyone. i cant accomplish those same things you mentioned and i assume it is because of the thickness of my walls because i cant use it when i leave my living room so if they could increase the signal strength i would be very greatful

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awesome. hopefully something to extend the range of gamepad as well.

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hardly one to talk about maturity clearly

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you clearly havent played it

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if they wanted you to play as someone great in the last of us, they would make will smith the main character and call it what it really is, I am legend the game (not saying it will be a bad game cuz it looks awesome, but lets not pretend like it is an original concept because it's not). also hating on cartoony games doesnt make you a hardcore gamer. it makes you look like you are overcompensating for a need to feel mature. especially when some of those cartoony games offer plenty of depth...

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everyone on this site should read this comment

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why would you not pay and play for playability and awesome storylines? those are easily just as important if not more

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nintendo didn't lack the foresight, 3ds compatability has been in the plan the whole time. not to mention they have been doing it since gcb/gba

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