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8 disagrees for liking games and removing bias...

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Regardless of it being a revolution or not, it is a fun control method with lots of potential. Also it is not for everyone. There is nothing wrong with that, and that is one of the reasons why there are several control options for you to use.

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Works just fine to me. The gamepad is my controller of choice and nothing fits better in my hands, but then again I have big hands. I actually compared to my 360 and I played better on Gamepad.

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Only option...pretty absurd. Don't get me wrong I am getting a PS4 for sure but to act like it is the only option is silly, and it is hard to understand how any gamer could limit themselves otherwise. There will always be fun games to play and control schemes that are not available on the PS4 and until that stops being the case I will not limit myself to one console.

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"What would have made the WiiU successful was one of 2 things. Continuing to really hammer on the casual market with simple game play mechanics that were easy to understand from a TV spot (the WiiU pad isnt casual friendly at a glance). OR creating a machine that really was going to be a technical powerhouse with what was under the hood."

Creating a technical powerhouse does not ensure success. In fact the weakest console seems to continue to be the most successful....

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if that's how you feel you better be ready to go to that country and mock their english speaking accents to their faces.

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unfortunately with g4 gone that exposure is gonna be much lower than previous years. At least spike covers some of the highlights

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Actually people who already have the system won't be the one's to be disappointed. They are still showing the same games at E3, just not at a big conference. The people who would be inspired to buy a wii u after seeing the big flashy conference would be the customers lost as a result of this decision. I personally don't care if Super Smash is announced in a big conference or just shown in a direct. As long as it is coming.

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Gaming media is a bandwagon game that is all. The media was constantly calling the 3ds a failure even after the price dropped until the sales picked up. Also he said that Nintendo and the other companies all are victimized not just Nintendo. Every company has its fanboys, but you act like Nintendo gets a free ride when you had to have seen at least three doom articles just on the page where you saw this one.


I agree but m...

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If nobody cares why write this article. Just an excuse to use the same rhetoric.

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Spider-man2 was awesome. I just hope we can get another game like the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Open world hulk is just too fun.

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It is only wasted if you don't enjoy the games. Sorry if you don't but I do. Just as much as the games on Sony and Microsoft. Also I have made more money in smash bros tournaments than I spent on my last 2 consoles so technically I'm earning money.

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Huff and puff all you want buddy. If you don't want it don't play it. I don't know why you try so hard to convince others not to play it. The two sided world you live in is sad. Those of us who can appreciate good games on all consoles have nothing to troll about like you. Also there are 6 games in the God of war series which clearly you haven't played them all. 7 if you count mobile which I don't.

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no the companies just compete and that competition is what brings good things. The war is between drama queen gamers who need something to argue about

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Both in my eyes. Though in my opinion nobody has made a game more fun than smash bros., there are too many can't miss games on all sides for me so I win and so do the companies.

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I respectfully disagree. I think a huge problem with our industry is that we want to attach the word gimmick to everything that strays away from tradition. Doing that alone is a good way to limit creativity altogether. Just because you can't see the ways we can improve the industry and change gameplay for the better, doesn't mean there isn't someone out there who can. And thanks to that mentality by a lot of vocal gamers that person probably won't ever have a chance to show it...

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wow i want more wii u games as much as the next person but if you are already thinking about selling it then you should have probably taken more time to think about buying it in the first place. nintendo has already said those games are coming

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i guess im the only one excited about finally having donkey kong country returns on the 3ds

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agreed. the funny thing is i bet some of the people who go online bashing either secretly want to play the console they are bashing, or they already are. the ambiguity people have on the internet seems to bring out the worst in people

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i have big hands and consider the gamepad to be the best fit for my hands. i played w a 360 controller yesterday and it scared me how weird it felt to have my fingers completely envelop the controller. though to each his/her own

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