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People speak out to Nintendo all the time and they know they can be better. But we have all seen your dumbass suggestions and glass half empty criticisms and we know that if they listened to people like you and ThePCZ they wouldn't be around anymore.

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You are the idiot who supported their decision to do so by buying one so the best thing you can now is find a console that is giving what you want. Unless you just like being miserable and complaining. Sell it and move on because you sound crazy.

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Probably get downvoted for this even though I am happy for sony know...I'm a gamer, but didn't this sell so well because Sony shipped way more units to meet more demand than on previous launches? Again not trying to knock, but I would figure a lot of previous consoles would do this well if they weren't sold out before they could reach these numbers day one. If I am wrong then my bad dumb question.

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In that case I am assuming you will be excusing yourself from PSN as well. Be part of the solution not the problem

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"Consoles need to be powerful in order to be supported. Why do you think then, that the Wii U is not getting support from third parties?"

So I guess when gamecube was more powerful than PS2 and the PS2 got more 3rd parties, it was just a mistake...

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yes it does since Sony is the main company expected to follow up on this with devs since they do cross platform with PC.

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So gaming is still so black and white that we still use casual and core to define gamers? Gaming still has a long way to go as an industry. I guess elitists need something to keep their entitlement.

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Haha wow. Nintendo makes plenty of mistakes, but reading your comments in this section makes you look as though you have some weird vengeful obsession with Nintendo. You do realize if Nintendo exists, PS4 and X1 can coexist just fine right?

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lol cmon harryb you can do better than that. Where is the talk of babies and soccer moms? Where is the atari comparison? I mean how are we going to get a solid grasp of all of your psychological issues if you don't troll harder? Amateurs man...

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Though I liked tlou better (duh), quality is still subjective. That includes game reviews. Sales are not. You can't win a debate with subjectivity over objectivity. Just sayin

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clearly you since you wasted a bubble on that comment

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It's funny you say that cuz I think Nintendo is being screwed both by fans, but also mixed messaging. They released the gamecube which was powerful, had a good number of third party games(was playing incredible hulk ultimate destruction just yesterday) and high attachment rates for first party games. Yet it didn't sell well (though still a success in my book). So naturally Nintendo sees this and goes "well gamers don't care about us regardless of pow...

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So do they pay this guy to say the same thing about Nintendo that other people have been saying for a while? I sure hope not, because there are people with legitimate skills looking for jobs right now...

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Though I agree with you, game quality is subjective even when considering review scores so they are not a plausible criteria for victory. Sales are quantitative and concrete.

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I doubt that they will dominate. The release of Pikmin 3 in Japan shows a nice increase of sales after only 2 days out so I think anyone who says the Wii U is dead is wrong. It really just shows that when the games start rolling out the Wii U will do better. Especially by the time smash comes out. I don't think it will outsell the PS4 or Xbox1 necessarily, but I do think it will do just fine by making its money back for a profit in the long run. Though if they do drop the price a little a...

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That doesn't make Brucis's point less valid. Though the higher specs of the PS4 are fact, the value you place on them is based on opinion. Some people value miiverse over the social services on PS4. Some people value off-tv play without having to buy a handheld more that the PSVita combo. So it remains the same that if you don't value the software enough to find value in the hardware, then it is your problem. It is a problem I don't have cuz I own them all.

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Why are there a million articles about EA not making stuff for Nintendo? Honestly it is not worth reporting or blogging about anymore. There are other pieces of news that haven't been repeated several times to talk about.

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Super smash bros. not complex? Go on youtube and see what these players can do. That is the great thing about nintendo games. There is a layer of complexity hidden under the simplicity that makes their games good for everyone. Sad gamers like you can't even make it to the complex part cuz you are simply not good enough. Think I'm wrong? Challenge me to a game of Smash and I will show you so much complexity it will change your life.

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Or you could cut out the middle-man and find your new thing to whine about.

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Maybe you should get really good at a game then hold local tourneys and collect the winnings? Then price wouldn't be a concern for you. That's how Smash Bros. basically funded my Wii U and future PS4.

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