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@The_Sage and we have dolls people have sex with so I guess we're all weird

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I feel like you should include the fact that the YTY figure for switch only includes a little less than 10 months of sales. It's pretty plausible for it to pass that PS4 YTY sales number by the time it's a year old. Though it should be mentioned of course that the PS4 has the benefit of the doubt in this case since it has been out much longer.

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lol I love when people try to use portability as a slam. The distinction doesn't make any difference really, yet you segment it off to try to make it look inferior and make yourself feel better when comparing it to other boxes. It being one or the other doesn't make any difference to Nintendo when they look at the money it makes. You should get some accomplishment in your own life so you won't have to cling so desperately to the successes and failures of these companies that don&#...

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lol sorry it's just funny whenever I see someone say they cancelled a pre-order and got something else instead. Must be sad having to choose between one or the other.

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an alternate reality where that game doesn't exist

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my game library is bigger...

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lol and guess what? pointing out to him/her that cursing at people won't change anything, also won't change anything making your post just as pointless. Thus begins the infinite loop of mediocrity that we are all a part of

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Let's hope all 3 do. The best of them are just poser PC's anyway. If people actually cared about resolutions and fps they would want a PC only or even a one upgradable console future where none of the current companies are making the hardware, but offering software services which is where the competition should be.

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People speak out to Nintendo all the time and they know they can be better. But we have all seen your dumbass suggestions and glass half empty criticisms and we know that if they listened to people like you and ThePCZ they wouldn't be around anymore.

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You are the idiot who supported their decision to do so by buying one so the best thing you can now is find a console that is giving what you want. Unless you just like being miserable and complaining. Sell it and move on because you sound crazy.

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Probably get downvoted for this even though I am happy for sony know...I'm a gamer, but didn't this sell so well because Sony shipped way more units to meet more demand than on previous launches? Again not trying to knock, but I would figure a lot of previous consoles would do this well if they weren't sold out before they could reach these numbers day one. If I am wrong then my bad dumb question.

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In that case I am assuming you will be excusing yourself from PSN as well. Be part of the solution not the problem

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"Consoles need to be powerful in order to be supported. Why do you think then, that the Wii U is not getting support from third parties?"

So I guess when gamecube was more powerful than PS2 and the PS2 got more 3rd parties, it was just a mistake...

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yes it does since Sony is the main company expected to follow up on this with devs since they do cross platform with PC.

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So gaming is still so black and white that we still use casual and core to define gamers? Gaming still has a long way to go as an industry. I guess elitists need something to keep their entitlement.

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Haha wow. Nintendo makes plenty of mistakes, but reading your comments in this section makes you look as though you have some weird vengeful obsession with Nintendo. You do realize if Nintendo exists, PS4 and X1 can coexist just fine right?

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lol cmon harryb you can do better than that. Where is the talk of babies and soccer moms? Where is the atari comparison? I mean how are we going to get a solid grasp of all of your psychological issues if you don't troll harder? Amateurs man...

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Though I liked tlou better (duh), quality is still subjective. That includes game reviews. Sales are not. You can't win a debate with subjectivity over objectivity. Just sayin

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clearly you since you wasted a bubble on that comment

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