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Back again?

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Yeah it's a pretty terrible comparison. I'm sure once the game is out we will have much better ones.

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This is a pretty bad comparison.

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Fantastic game.

Congratulations NaughtyDog and Sony.

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That really doesn't make any sense here.


But I know who you are.

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That doesn't stop Sony from offering other Genres though. At the beginning of the year we have Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2, NiOH and Horizon Zero Dawn.

While shooters are the most popular it's also possible to offer other less popular genres.

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I can sort of understand where your coming from especially since the PlayStation brand is a lot more appealing to the Japanese than Xbox is. But I don't believe that's the whole story. Everytime I read about Scalebounds cancellation it doesn't appear that what your suggesting is the only reason why they cancelled it. Other factors could be the competency of Kamiyas team and the breakdown that the developer of the project had. Not to mention the team didn't agree with Microsoft...

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Are gays accepted in China? I know they are in some Asian cultures but I don't know about the Chinese.

Gays used to be the worst kind of person to be in Spain a short while ago but that all changed through public education and the establishment of marriage right for those people.

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For me it depends on the game. With a game like The Witness I don't really notice the 60FPS due to the slow nature of the game but with Doom I notice the 60FPS immediately. Plus I feel the framerate when playing as well with fast paced titles.

I'm fine with a rocksolid 30FPS but a very unstable 30FPS bothers me.

Very interesting article though.

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Congratulations NaughtyDog

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Maybe it's because he doesn't own a PS4.

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Rule out doesn't mean confirmed though.

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If you already downloaded it just try it out before coming to a verdict. You might like it better than Bloodborne.

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As developers get used to the system that is to be expected.

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Holidays 2017?

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I doubt it will be 399$ if it's supposed to be a premium real 4K VR experience.

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PS4 is starting strong. Hopefully Sony can continue the trend.

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This game is getting some really good reviews.


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It's a good thing that Naughty Dog is used to making new IPs.

1. Crash Bandicoot
2. Jak and Daxter
3. Uncharted
4. The Last of Us

I'm sure they can give us more new IPs.

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