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8 times?

That's horrible.


Those were the ones you got at launch right?

I didn't have any problem with mine but I got them way after launch. #2.1.3
You mean insomniac. Microsoft doesn't own them. #5.1
"With it being open world, you can't really compare it to alien isolation."

I understand what you mean. All I'm saying is that the developers said that both versions would look the same and run at the same resolution. We all know that the PS4 is the most powerful system of the two so its only logical to assume that the framerate would be better on it. If both consoles were equal I would agree with you but since there not I can't agree with the two versio... #13.1.2
Let's wait until we see the PS4 version before coming to that conclusion.

Aliens is an example of a game that runs almost flawlessly on the PS4 but suffers frequent framerate drops on the Xbox One. The same could happen here.

You can read the article here in case your interested.
<... #13.1
Well at least its an improvement from Ghosts. I guess the SDK update did a lot for the developers but not enough to achieve 1080P. #1.1
This video makes the game look really fun. The other videos had really lousy players in my opinion. #4
The mechanics of the game being unique?

I'm having trouble understanding what your trying to say because the cover mechanics of GEARs have been used in many games already.

By unique what do you mean? #2.3.1

Except for simple titles like 2D indies. But I agree with you on the rest though. #1.1.2
"bloodborne not interested."

So what its just your opinion. Many people are interested in Bloodborne and they will still buy the game whether your interested in it or not. Its not like you are capable of changing the publics opinion or anything. #12.1
Some of Sonys devices sell pretty well like their high end smart phones. What Sony needs to do is reduce the amount of products that their offering. There's really no need to have 5 different midrange models at once. Once they do that their mobile division should do much better.

I do agree that while remote play is a great feature for Sonys mobile devices in no way will it cause tons of people to buy them. #14

"I fail to see how destiny is at all connected to his comment, and why you brought it up"

That's easy to explain.

Well he mentioned a message directed at reviewers which I connected it with Bungie telling reviewers to not r... #3.1.3
Minecraft is a gem of a game.

:) #1
"ps got a version of a halo game in destiny "

"ms got a version of ratchet and clank "

The only thing wrong with your statement is that Destiny is a multiplat and SSOO is an exclusive.

I think its better to say that its only fair that Sony got Bloodborne as an exclusive while Microsoft got SSO as an exclusive.

BTW im not angry at you. LOL #12.2.3
Are you talking about Destiny?

Critics didn't like that game very much.

No idea why your even suggesting that SSOO will be as bad as Destiny. I might not like the humor because it seems forced to me but I'm pretty sure the game will be fun to play. #3.1

:) #5
Dont give anyone any ideas like that or we will see a real locker simulator.

P.S I'm just making fun of rock simulator and those types of games. #2
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Well some Xbox fans do the same thing. It really isn't limited to one side. However I didn't see any Nintendo fans troll XB1 or PS4 articles. #12.2
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I loved the humor in Ratchett and Clank but for some reason I don't like the type of humor that SSOO uses. Maybe its because of the announcer who seems extremely annoying. Other than that the game looks fine to me. #17
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The announcer is a bit annoying in my opinion.

P.S Is the announcer suppose to be a parody of the announcer from Unreal Tournament? #11
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I didn't know Little Big Planet 3 was a serious game. I always found the franchise to be really wacky in my opinion. #5.1
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