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"How can they do 100 real enemies at once on this weak Jaguar CPU? "

Days Gone has even more.

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I'm sure it will go beyond the break even point.

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As did a few others.

Shame that Xbox fans didnt give Insomniac a lot of support. Well at least [email protected] did great which is a game that I enjoyed a lot on my PS4.

Hopefully Spiderman does well.

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And how many Xbox exclusives are on PC?

Probably a lot more.

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The one with Uncharted 4 and [email protected]?

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Good thing I had that feeling since launch.

I'm pretty open minded when I comes to gaming.

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Greatness comes with games not power.

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"playstion 4 will drop price too when neo comes out "

Depends on the Neos price.

If it's 399$ then I'm pretty sure Sony will drop the PS4s price but if it's 499$ then they probably won't.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.

"When a new model of any product is announced or in the pipe line the older one gets a price drop"

Not unless Sony targets a different mar...

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"Sony changes there conferences and plans just off of what MS show."

You can't make huge changes to a press conference just hours after another.

Food for thought.

"influence your plans."

Sony isn't the master of 180s.

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"But why didnt they show it at E3?"

You people keep refusing to believe those leaks on NEO.

The leaks stated that it would be fully revealed at PGW.

"But wont ppl that just recently got a ps4 be pissed? "

Same could be said about the ones who just bought an XB1.

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There are more important battles to be fought. Like sales for example.

Besides Sony can always counter Microsofts next gen system with their own.

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You don't need a monster rig to play Xbox One games. A budget gaming PC has more than enough power to play them.

However no matter how powerful of a PC you have you can't emulate PS4 exclusives.

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Here's what you should do.

Wait until the Neo comes out.

The you will have several options.

1. Buy the latest system.
2. Buy a new ps4 cheaply
3. Buy a PS4 that was traded in for a NEO for even less.

However if money isn't a problem for you then just get the NEO.

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Sony has many developers working for them so we already knew that there would be many game announcements in the future. The only question was when those announcements would be made.

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He's not even close to do finishing his PS4 game which means his next one will probably be for next gen systems. Its a bit early to assume that the PS5 will be the most powerful one.

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Your right that games are the most important thing that sells consoles.

A true gamer will agree with me there.

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I'm playing the Witcher 3 at 60FPS now on my PS4. You should really install the update since it improves the performance in games by a huge amount.


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Some people accuse Sony of lying though. So further confirmation is needed to counter those beliefs.

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All Sony and 3rd partys need to do is keep delivering good games for PC and PS4. The industry so!l be fine if that happens. However if developers keep producing mediocre titles over and over again then the industry will be in trouble.

Just because Sony and Nintendo remain competing with each other doesn't mean the industry will be doomed. However it would be incredible if Nintendo did alot better because they always take big risks with the systems while Sony and Micros...

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Don't get your hopes up.

Shuhei just confirmed that standard PS4 owners will be able to enjoy those amazing visuals without buying a new console.

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