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I expect them to be free however I don't expect every game to be patched for 4K. After the Pro is out I can definitely see developers making games specific to its hardware. But I'm expecting most to render at a higher resolution than 1080P and to use checkerboarding to reach 4K.

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They really can't force Sony.

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"Looks like somebody jumped the gun, but we imagine a proper announcement will come in due course."

Maybe that's why?

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Same thing with FFIV. Square is working with Microsoft to bring cross platform play between consoles and PC.


I know that the game is crossplatform play between PC, PS3 and PS4. Now Xbox One will be added.

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I'm hoping that more titles will adopt this.

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There is no way that the NX will launch without this game.

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That's good news.


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Please no. I don't want to watch a boring video with developers calling the system a monster and a teraflop number at the end.

I want to see a proper unveiling of the PS5 similar to how the PS4 was unveiled.


"but the ps4 was unvieled the same way in feb 2013 I thought lol"

Not it wasn't.

I saw the event live so I know first hand what they did.

Basically th...

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Eurogamer keeps saying that it's a pretty good method of upscaling. In addition the PS4 Pros GPU has been customized for it. I would really love a detailed video from Eurogamer explaining the upscaling method.

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I'm actually not surprised at the results.

While the PS4 Pro and Scorpio are just seen as souped up current gen systems the NX will probably be the one to offer a very different gaming experience.

As for me while the Pro is a no brainer especially with the exclusives I have to see what NX is before even considering it.

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In the end it will be down to the games.

If the PS4 Pro sells more then that just means that most people's gaming preferences are with Sony.

But like you said buy the one that offers you the games that you want to play. Hardware specs is secondary to that.

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I believe it was Panello who tweeted that.

He said something along the line that he found it strange that Sony would announce the PS4 without showing the console.


Yeah which makes it ironic.

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Congratulations Microsoft

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"As with Horizon: Zero Dawn and other titles seen at the PlayStation Meeting, this renders out a 2x 1080p pixel count in a 2x2 checkerboard format, extrapolated out to get perceptibly close to the real deal. This can also manifest as a subtle stippling pattern on high-contrast edges in motion, difficult to pick out unless you ogle the screen closely."

I really would love to see them explain checker boarding in great detail. It sounds like a very interesting and ef...

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Looks very interesting.

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I'm really hoping for that.

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Or who needs the biggest discount to get their systems to sell.

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I'm looking forward to this.

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That seems realistic to me. I'm guessing the unveiling would be at PSX the year before.

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I don't believe people want more live action.

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