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I didn't know they added Bluetooth to the newer models.

Thank you for telling me that.

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Not while I'm not at home. I have a very limited cap for my cell phone connection so I don't waste it on videos. I'll watch it now.

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I'm confused.

I thought the Xbox One controllers didn't use Bluetooth.

So how is this possible?

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I hate pineapples!!!!! Other than that game looks pretty interesting to me.

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Developer better not focus on 4k since the NEO (based on the rumored specs) isn't powerful enough for a quality 4k gaming experience.

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Hopefully developers will focus on increasing visuals at 1080P than producing a low quality 4k image.

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So that explains the break in their timeline.

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I haven't played Uncharted 4 yet but I highly recommend [email protected]

But in reference to the article [email protected] isn't a first party game.

Horizon and GOW4 now those are two first party games that many have on their radar. And they are exclusive as well.

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Nintendo should just do their own thing. Hopefully it turns out well for them.

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Oh now I get the naked man thing.

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I'll get it when I feel that the price is right.

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Having good 3rd party support would have increased their library of games by a substantial amount. The system still has some really good games though. But with 3rd party support they would have had many more.

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Gracias or la ayuda. El español mi segunda idoma. No manejo bien alguna cosas como el género por ejemplo. Siempre tengo problemas en identificar el denominación masculino del femenino. Aunque he hecho mis estudios Universitarios en España todavía tengo problemas en manejar el idioma. Por lo menos la gente me entiende cuando hablo con ellos.

Bueno por lo menos no has burlado de mi. Eso no puedo decir sobre la mayoría de los gente en este pais. ...

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"wow no one is buying one."

Your getting confused with a different system.

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Congratulations Sony.

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Señor presidente.

Por favor regresa a tu anterior trabajo como conductor de autobuses.


Mr. President

Please return to your job as a bus driver.

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"Do people really think Sony is planning to screw over their install base by tricking them into buying psvr for ps4 when they really need ps4Neo to play ?"

I've seen some idiots claim that. Truth is PSVR is designed to work with PS4. And by PS4 I mean the NEO and Standard console.

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Don't you know anything about VRs requirements?

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If I was going to do that I would play Pokemon on a Nintendo portable.

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Nice that it works well.


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