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The PS4 Pro isn't just slightly more powerful than the Base PS4 though. They can still give it a pretty good resolution bump which is the main purpose of the system.

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"How Xbox is dying if its selling half than PS4 total sales?"

This is the US we are talking about and not global sales. But if you look at the numbers the gap used to be a lot closer in the past. I don't know how Microsoft let a 1.25x gap in sales increase to 2x gap in sales.

Maybe people are just waiting for an X1X?

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I heard that Nintendo milks their franchises. Maybe this is what they have in mind?



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Now that I have a PC that can play it I'll try it out.

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It's a gaming laptop not a desktop PC with four 1080s in SLI.

As for doing a decent job it actually does a great job at playing games and it destroys the PS4 and X1 where power is concerned.

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I won't be paying for it.

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It's CPU is alot faster than what the X1X has. It doesn't take much to beat a slightly modified Jaguar CPU.

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I own this laptop and it's pretty nice.

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I own one and its a very nice handheld. Im happy that it's doing well.

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Thank you for the correction.

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63 units for XB1


Switch and PS4 are doing very well though.

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Just keep making PS4s and games. That's all they need to do to compete.

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Hopefully it does because I really like my Switch alot. Although it's understandable if high end AAA games don't come to it due to the power of the system. I'm not expecting to play games like The Witcher 3 on it.

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Those secret exclusives are still coming.

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Didn't they cancel the reboot?

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Well in the short term we will have new consoles so I don't see how it will create a problem in the long term with the PS5 and XB2 out.

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So it bothers you because it's about British consumers.

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At the moment it shares the same metacritic as Lost Legacy so they are about the same. Still it's good to see this game so well but the really heavy hitter is Mario Odyssey.

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Does it bother you?

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Why state something that's true for all console manufacturers?

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