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"No car customization"

Seems like a pretty weak argument that most haters of this franchise are using. Anyways there is a free version with plus so might as well try it before buying it. #2.3.5
Your words not mine. #24.1.1
Congrats Sony and Cerny.

:) #5
Several reasons

1. Most powerful next gen console
2. No DRM when they announced it.
3. It was cheaper than the Xbox One at launch.
4. Sony history of supporting their consoles.
5. No 180s which increases confidence in the product.

Just my theory on why the PS4 is selling so well. #24
Good job.

:) #12
This is getting stupid. Microsoft should just come clean and kill this confusion once and for all.

This confusion reminds me of how confused people were with their DRM policies. #28

Dang. WTF is going on?

We just want a straight answer to this. #1.1.3
I'm so confused now.

:( #17
"Speaking at the Develop 2014 conference in Brighton today, Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House said that he had re-written portions of Sony's script after reading concerns that PlayStation would eventually copy Microsoft's restrictive policies at some point - whether at the console's launch, or further down the line."
"Sony's policies did not change at any time, House stressed, but it had become clear Sony would do well to state... #13.1
The difference is that Microsoft was willing to launch their console for 500$. Which means instead of spending that extra hundred on Kinect they could have spent it on better hardware. Then the Xbox One would have been more powerful than the PS4.

But sadly they didn't.

:( #1.5.1
My wallet will suffer from it thats for sure.

:) #22
I'm just happy that Sony has very good tools for their system. Early on in the PS3s life the developer tools were an absolute mess but I'm happy that Sony managed to make them a lot more accessible. Seeing Indies praise the tools brings joy to my heart because I love playing indie games because they bring new experiences to the industry.

Just add water, I'm going to buy your game. You guys deserve it.

:) #3
I don't own an Xbox One I own a PS4.

With that said I know that some people were looking forward to this feature. I understand that there are many people who want to become developers but they don't meet the requirements of ID@Xbox. Thats why i said it sucks because those people who wanted to make games for the system won't be able to.

However I read your comment carefully and I understand that if Microsoft dropped the policy it was for a very goo... #15.1.1
Parity clause?

They should have 180d that instead of the other. #14.1
That sucks.

:( #15
Half Life 3 confirmed!!!

Oh wait........ #1
I agree with you. Nintendo needs to adopt cross buy with all their titles.

Oh and cross saves as well can't forget about those.

P,S When I mean all titles I mean titles that are exactly the same across all platforms. #4.1
Well I was talking about the ones bashing Sony because of it. As in the people who said that Sony was faking the whole thing because they didn't show the console. But in the end it was like what you said " not a big deal".

There were other things that were way worse than that last year but I won't mention them because I dont want to start a fight here.

I still stand with my original comment. People who made a huge deal about Sony not showing... #3.2.1
Didn't Yoshida say that he recorded that Video with Adam right before E3? #11
Well you did support Microsoft when they bashed Sony for not showing the console. Heck I remember that some people claimed that the console was fake when they didn't show it.

In the end showing the console at E3 benefitted Sony in a huge way.

I apologize for calling you pathetic but my comment was a general one and it wasnt directed it at you in particular.

You were one of the ones bashing Sony for not showing the console right? #3.1.2
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