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Well trolls are spreading misinformation about the competition.

So maybe it's because consumers are willing to listen to one group of trolls and not the other.

No idea why that is. #22.2.3

So what will reverse the situation? #8.2.2
I'm happy to hear that.


Well done Super Massive Games. #15
Well the blame lies on Microsoft to even attempting that.

It's not that trolls are spreading misinformation its that the average Joe doesn't bother to keep himself up to date on gaming news. That's the main reason why some people still believe that the system still has a check in feature.

Microsoft could have solved this by not even attempting it. Imagine what would have happened if the X1 never had any unfair DRM policies attatched to it? #22.2
Not at all. XB1 fans shouldn't worry about the game. #4.2.1
I disagree with 720P not being noticeable though. At least from how I game I can't really tell a difference between 900P and 1080P (although I do notice the slight drop in sharpness). However 720P doesn't look good on my monitor. I noticeace the decrease in sharpness right away and it bothers me. Which is why I never view 720P content on my screen.

However, like I said before I'm pretty sure the XB1 version is just fine. I could live with it if I wanted to but tha... #4.1.1
Even though it's worse than the PS4 version its still very good and shouldn't detract anyone from buying it.

Its mostly the resolution that's different. Everything else is about the same.

Looks like Dice did the best they could with the consoles. Well done. #4
The tech works and it seems like its easy to use and very comfortable to wear. Not only that but the games look nice for it plus they have plenty of support from drvrlopers. They also did a good job in letting the public use it which is extremely important since you don't know what its like until you use it.

However what can ultimately destroy this nice product is the price. Sony has to get it low enough so gamers will accept it but not so low that it hurts the company. I... #9.1.1
So would would suddenly reverse the X1s situation and place it ahead of the PS4?

I honestly wonder what could change the situation around for them.

I can imagine that if Sony decided to stop the PS4s production that could happen. But the chances of that are so low that it isn't even worth considering. #8.2
We know it cant.

However what he should focus on is making the Xbox a fantastic brand for gamers. If he continues to do that than maybe next generation the situation will be a lot closer between the two systems.

Just give gamers what they want and leave the corporate monopoly BS out and you will be fine. #13
Nope its also available on PS4 as well.

Talk about a major fail from you.

Don't you even know how to use Google? #104.1.1
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Buddy if your suggesting that upscaling is the same as native you are making a big mistake. The closer the native resolution gets to 1080P the better. Most people don't own 4k TVs so 4K isn't really a factor.

Call me again next gen once 4K is in everybody's homes. Heck I would love to see the majority of TV channels be 1080P but we don't even have that yet.

Like you said if your PC is powerful enough to handle it then... #95.1.2
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Because we upgraded our TVs. #95.1
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Thats just mean.



Very strange that this happened. Hopefully Activision will clear this up. #16.1
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Innocent until proven guilty.

I forgive you though. #6.3.2
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Are you talking about just the US or World Wide?


Actually according your source Battlefield sold better on the PS4. Same goes for Advanced Warfare. #2.3.4
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They need to get the price right. #9
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I don't think Microsoft needs to drop the price. #14.1
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Join Us!!!

And feel the power of PlayStation

On a serious note PlayStation is a great place to be. However the competition has some pretty nice offerings as well. #11
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Do it!!!!!! #5
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