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Really nice conference IMO.

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I really loved playing games on it but the OS was quite slow. Thankfully the PS4s OS is alot faster

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Good job.

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The system had a good run.

Thanks for the good times.


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Nier is playable on Windows 10 which is an operating system designed by Microsoft.

Platinum games was also focused on bringing Nier to Microsoft fans on PCs.

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Seems like a really small price drop.

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Each one can decide on how they want to interpret the lists.


I'm not telling you what I think I'm just giving you the information so you can make the decision yourself. Don't feel bad if others don't agree with you especially if your a minority. That's the beauty of having a personal opinion.

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Nice that they are doing this again.

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Just use metacritic and pick the ones that are exclusive.

Don't forget to apply the same standards to Microsoft as well.

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This is what you said.

"A couple new exclusives vs 200+ multiplats running at 4k/60fps

Hmmm.....hard decision "

You just realized that you said something really stupid and now you can't edit your original comment.

Big whoop.

We all make mistakes what you should do is just accept that you made a mistake and move on.

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Denuvo shouldn't cause the game to have severe framerate issues on a computer with a 1080 though. If Denuvo really is doing that then the ones who made the anti piracy software should really fix that.

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Even the PS4 version has some issues but it isn't as bad as the other versions.

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I really hope the first episode comes out in 2018 but I have my doubts. They said that each episode will be as big as a full game so I can't imagine how long it will take them to make all three.

In my opinion they should have just kept the original intact but update everything so it looks current gen. That's something the Crash collection does and I would like to see that done with the PSX Final Fantasy.

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That over 200 multiplats will be native 4K 60FPS on Scorpio when the system launches?

That won't happen.


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"200+ multiplats running at 4k/60fps "

Thats only available on PC. There's no way Scorpio will have over 200 multiplats running at a native 4K at 60FPs when it comes out.

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It's not like they are making a spiritual successor to Underash.

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I also read the X1 version has some issues as well. I am also worried about the Switch version because there the one I'm interested in the most.

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I read about this on GAF but it's sad to see that it's actually true.

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I hope it's a stable 60FPS.

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She's adorable.


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