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I've only seen the Shotgun.

:) #6.2

Your right.


Wow trolls are starting to get really desperate. #1.1.6
Well then just buy Mortal Kombat for your PC if you like it better.


I dont have a capable PC but I can buy both fighters for my PS4 if I want to. #5.2
Probably from some fanatics claiming that Azure is invincible.

But I never pay attention to those people.

Anyways it isn't down there's just some sign in issues with it. It says so on the support page. #2.3.1
If you go to the official Xbox Live support page it says that there can be issues with sign in.

I would trust Microsoft over a random Xbox Live user.

Microsoft isn't going to claim that there are issues with Xbox Live of there are none.

Anyways I'm sure its minor and will get fixed soon. #1.2.5
Was that a rifle or a shotgun? #6.1
I remember they announced this a long time ago. But I'm glad they confirmed it again. The transformations look really painful in my opinion. #3.1
Well that's what Mr.X and his followers do. And they are wrong every single time. #1.1.2
I dunno.

I guess it might be because people dont want the PS4 to have two high quality AAA exclusives in the beginning of the year. Since they can't really attack Bloodborn they attack The Order 1886 instead. Mind you I'm just talking about the ones hating on the game for no good reason. #12

By push I mean sell more. And if they sell more they can increase their Market share.

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. #2.1.2
Well they really need to do this to push Xbox Ones. Which isn't a bad thing at all for consumers because they are getting a next gen system at a much lower price point. #2.1

Well the same should happen with the XB1 as well since its GPU is a lot more powerful than its CPU.

So I don't think that's it since there's a pretty minor difference between the two where the CPU is concerned. #2.1.2
"On PlayStation 4, the frame-rate remains very stable but there are instances where performance jumps momentarily above 30fps, introducing judder. "

I remember that Ghosts had a similar issue. It seems quite strange to me. Anyone know why this happens? #2.1
Well PS4 is the best console version of the game.

However the developer did a pretty good job with the XB1 version as well.

The PC version is the best though even with the optimization issues that it has.

In conclusion the results were not surprising at all. #6
If they dropped it to 900P there would be an even bigger problem with aliasing and would require and even higher level of anti aliasing. Which the PS4 doesn't have the power to handle. Thats the main reason why they adopted "black bars" so they can maintain the same pixel density and use an inferior AA solution (4xMSAA) to obtain the best image quality possible.

I'm not making this up because the developers explained this themselves. #2.2.1
Well Sony is pretty quiet on their SDK updates which is why I wouldn't be surprised if this was in development for a while.

Remember he who announces it first isn't necessarily the one who started it first. #9.1
Well I live in Europe so something is going to get cut out.

:( #1.3
Sounds like your just bothered that the PS4 has amazing looking games. #4.2.2
I'm having a blast with Grim Fandango and will welcome more remasters like it. For 15$ the price is quite good. In my opinion some remasters are overpriced for what they are. #5
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Those are not in game anyways. I just posted concept art of the open area. #1.4.3
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