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"Why the hell would Ubisoft or EA put their games on Plus or Games with Gold when they are competing for their own subscription based service. Our, in a way forced, payment will lower in value."

That is trurly terrifying. I wouldn't be surprised if that was EAs and Microsoft's (they will get a slice of the sub from publishers) plan all along. Imagine having to pay for additional subscription services just to gain access to "free" games from other p... #1.1.4
Doesn't the PS4 have MMOs and FTP games? #6.1

Also next time proof read your article. #5
Some sites will give it GOTY. #1.2

Edit: Whoah 94 on metacritic that makes it the highest rated game on next gen systems it even surpasses Titanfall and Mario Kart 8. That's fantastic to see. #5
That's kind of difficult to do when the remastered edition comes out a year later with additional content and superior graphics. There are some cross buy games on the PS3 and PS4 but the games are essentially the same minus the differences between framerates and resolution. #13

Nice #2
Naughtydog said that they had several teams one of them dedicated to Uncharted 4 the other were working on The Last of Us. So trying to say that Uncharted 4 will be a bad game because they dedicated resources to a remaster is false. #3.1.5
Depends if those options hinder services like games with gold or PlayStation plus. But we won't know that until the service comes out but with EA you have to be cautious. #3.3
People love to share their experiences with this game. Its not like it's a bad thing that this game has a photo mode feature. #2.2
They look really good. #4
I'm guessing that they will announce the sales at Gamescon. #5
Many indie games are better than AAA games in my opinion. We should be attacking AAA developers who produce broken games for 60€ instead of Indies who might produce a bad game for 10€. #9
With the way the PS4 is selling means that they won't have to cut the price anytime soon. With a decrease in manufacturing costs means that their profit margin on each unit will increase. This is very good news for Sony and I'm happy that it happened. #8
Glad to see Sony doing a bit better. #7
What he says is quite true. More games are coming to the PS4. Nowhere did he mention the Xbox One. Logically more games will come to the Xbox One as well. #4.1.1
There's a tranny who works at GameSpot?

That's news to me. #12.1
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Played it?

More like trolled it. #3.4
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9/10 is a great score.

I'm not complaining about it.

:) #1.1.1
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He deserves zero bubbles after saying that in my opinion.

Seriously what will it take to ban this troll? #2.1.1
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