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"Per console X1 sells more games."

You don't have any evidence of that because Microsoft doesn't give us those numbers. I believe we do have attached rates for the PS4 with the latest figures that Sony gave us.

"Next Holiday when 4ks are more popular and X1X are cheaper things may flip."

Well the X1X is the only 4K console that Microsoft has. I don't see it outselling the Pro worldwide to be honest due to...

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Which new IPs are we talking about?

Off the top of my head I know that Super Lucky's Tale and Cuphead are the ones that you are talking about.

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Maybe people care more about new IPs on PlayStation than Xbox? Could be due to the preferences of PlayStation fans compared to Xbox fans.

I mean if you believe that Microsoft is doing a good enough job that's great but many don't feel that way.

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The majority of consumers don't care about Xbox/Xbox 360 games though just like they won't care about those remastered PSX/PS2 classics.

New games especially new IPs are more important in my opinions and it's part of the reason why PlayStation is doing so well now.

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Tell Tale games are not exclusive to PlayStation though. The David Cage ones are. However most single player games that Sony produced are not those types of games.

P.S That's why I try to avoid absolutes because most of the time they are wrong.

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They did what with terrorists now?

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Black and yellow black and yellow

Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms!!!!!

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Patapata pata Pong. PONG PONG PATAPONG

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Some of the publishers games have multiplayer like Elder Scrolls Online or Doom. But I would argue that it isn't Bethesda that's trying to push GaaS. EA and Microsoft are the two that talked about supporting the model the most.

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Than what is?

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Did that happen with Horizon?

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Not buying this game because I want it to be over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!


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And they will be because of the games like it always has been.


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Sony " We believe in our consumers and we also believe in single player games"

P.S Screw GaaS

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It appears so and?

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PS4 doesn't have an issue with obtaining Japanese games.

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Games in a library don't disappear due to not selling over a million and thats a fact. As for sales of multiplats they will be still in favor of the PS4 since most people will choose PlayStation over Xbox.

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Really impressed with BOTW on it.

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So many good games.


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The thing is most developers aim for a rates R rating instead of an AO rating so they can sell their games in regular stores. Ratings don't stop those games from being sold to minors but it can limit the stores where they are sold.

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