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Dark Souls is certainly one of the best games ever made, DSII is going to even better in opinion :)

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Dying for it see the light of day as well so i can play it!

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this game is looking like a day 1 purchase for me and that Abbie is cool!

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you said it best frogman! this looks like a 5000 word interview! very detailed, wargaming are awesome they are getting better and better with what they are doing and what they have planned moving forward!

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So true, not far away now! can't wait to get my hands on this game!

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This is going to be great fun. cant wait to give this a go! wakakakkakaka!

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24 inch pythons! Whatcha gonna do when hulkamania runs wild on you?

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I cant wait to get my hands on this! IF YOU SMELLLLALALALALLALALL What I'm cooking! Feed ME MORE! I HATE BULLIES! Best In the World!..... You're WELCOME!... Have a Nice Day!.... and REST IN PEACE BROTHER!

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yeah not man out there! very good preview lots of info and im excited to get this game!

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i cant wait to play this game! always been a huge fan of mario kart!

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this game looks sick! cant wait to try it out, great write up!

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Yes I agree, many people just brush it off and don't even know its out there. Quite sad it's a very well designed and implemented game.

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PES has always been a great game, i prefer playing this over Fifa anyday.

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Cant wait for this game, huge fan of Heavy Rain!

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bought it and need to play it now!

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GTA V is a game that is too over rated for what it's become. yes its good but i think it needs to be more innovative if its going to stay the leader in this kind of genre.

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Terraria,, not a bad game to take around with you on ur iPAD.

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not a bad unboxing and the contents are pretty sweet. i want this!

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great game pretty hard to get perfect runs but its really fun to play.

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i played the crap out of this game on the original Amiga 500! bought it on launch and its pretty damn impressive. not a bad remake.

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